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Grow your career at Unity
LAUREN ALLEN / Senior Program Manager
Jan 26, 2022|8 Min
Grow your career at Unity

Unity is growing quickly and we want our employees to grow with us. One way we promote this is by offering an Internal Mobility program.

We launched a formal program in mid-2019 to support more internal movement. We also opened an internal job board to create a place where opportunities are discoverable for all employees.

Since the program launched just over two and a half years ago, we’ve had over 500 employees use internal mobility to find new roles within Unity.

Those employees have shown us that career journeys are full of twists and turns, and that the path forward is not always linear. We’ve seen employees deepen their core experience and grow into leadership roles, while others have expanded the breadth of their experience by taking on similar roles in entirely new functions. Some have completely shifted their career focus to something new.

Internally, we run a career journey series to highlight the different ways employees are growing their careers at Unity and the advice they have for others. Here are three of those stories.

Elizabeth’s career journey
Image of Elizabeth Guzman

Career journey: AEC Field Evangelist → Industrial Lead, Customer Success

Office: Montreal

My journey at Unity started in October 2019 as the first Field Evangelist outside of Games, specifically for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC). As an architect, this opportunity allowed me to share my passion for AEC with our Unity community. My role as a Unity evangelist encompassed my client-centric experience and subject matter expertise in a significant way, and involved traveling to meet and interact with our users. The position changed over time, and unfortunately we couldn't travel during the pandemic. With the support of the recruitment team and both my former and current managers, I started to explore internal roles related to my passion and experience in customer success. After almost two years as an evangelist, I transitioned to the Customer Success team as an Industrial Lead. Now, I can work even more closely with our customers in a new and exciting capacity.

What motivates me:

I am passionate about providing the best service and experience to our users. This new role allows me to grow in my career path and go back to what I did for many years in helping customers achieve their goals.

Career transition advice:

You truly never know where life will take you. I started as an architect before taking this new path in my career. It's never too late to try something new and see where your skills, knowledge, and experience can take you. As frightening as it can be, get out there, keep learning, and connect with people you never thought you had something in common with before. You’ll be surprised by what can happen when you don't put yourself in a box and explore the different opportunities life has waiting for you.

Rasmus’ career journey
Image of Rasmus Moller Selsmark

Career journey: QA Lead → Infrastructure Tooling Lead → DevOps Lead → Senior Software Engineer

Office: Copenhagen

Unity is a fast-growing and ever-changing company. I have been with Unity since 2013 and held multiple positions throughout my career here. I started in Copenhagen and Berlin as a QA Lead before transitioning to lead the Infrastructure Team in Copenhagen, working on installers for the Unity Editor among other things. In the spring of 2015, I got an opportunity to relocate to the Helsinki office as part of the acquired Unity Ads team, leading the Quality Assurance (QA) team. After we successfully transitioned all QA engineers into their respective development teams, I got a new opportunity to build and lead the Unity Ads DevOps team across the Helsinki and San Francisco offices. After four years in Helsinki, I moved back to Denmark in the summer of 2019. Then, at the beginning of 2021, I joined the DOTS Production Engineering team in Copenhagen as Senior Software Engineer, working on build and release tooling for the Unity DOTS product.

What motivates me:

Unity is growing, so it’s important for me to find opportunities to learn new things. Rather than getting fixated on a job, I aim to focus on what is best for my career goals and how I can use my skills to be an asset to Unity.

Career transition advice:

Think about what positions you are interested in that Unity will need down the line and focus on strengthening those connections. That can mean developing a skill or attribute, or simply enhancing your network with other incredible friends and colleagues at Unity. There are opportunities for you here!

Yejin’s career journey
Image of Yejin Moon

Career journey: Recruitment Coordinator → HR Operations Specialist

Office: Seoul

I started my career at Unity as a Recruitment Coordinator in the Global Recruitment Operations team. I was hired as a contractor for a year and then had the opportunity to become a full-time employee. Around that time, a new role opened up in the Seoul office as an HR Operations Specialist. I felt that it would be a perfect opportunity for me to explore other fields in HR at a company that I truly felt happy and proud to work at. Two main reasons that excited me to continue building my career at Unity were that I could work in a global setting with colleagues all over the world, and Unity is a company that does not fear failures to achieve growth in an ever-changing environment. It’s a place that carries core values and allows us to grow both professionally and personally.

What motivates me:

My main motivation for applying through the Internal Mobility program was that I wanted to explore more of the employee-facing side of the HR field. My experience in the Talent Acquisition team focused on external stakeholders (candidates), and through that, I naturally became interested in the HR roles that operate within the office, such as designing processes and policies to make work at Unity easy and efficient.

Career transition advice:

One piece of advice I would give is to openly discuss your interests in the field that you want to grow in with your manager. Even though the opportunities might not be there immediately, they may well be eventually as Unity keeps scaling. During the process, the company was supportive and said they would rather help me grow here than leave and do that somewhere else. So I think it’s a win-win!

Take your next step at Unity

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