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Say hello to the new Starter Asset packages
Jun 10, 2021|4:0 Min
Say hello to the new Starter Asset packages

As part of our dedication to empowering creators, our dev team has released the new Starter Asset packages. Find out what this means for your workflow below.

What are Starter Assets?

Starter Assets are Unity-created free and lightweight first- and third-person character base controllers for the latest Unity 2020 LTS and above, using Cinemachine and the Input System packages. Older versions of Unity may also work with Starter Assets, in some cases with slight modifications. They are designed to give you a quick start into prototyping and building character controllers for various game genres,through systems and methods that allow you to easily build and expand on just about any type of project.

The Starter Assets are split into two separate Asset Store packages: A first-person character controller and a third-person character controller. You can quickly download and import the controller you need for your project directly from the Asset Store. Both controllers are built in the same modular way and based on the same scripts and logic.

The project uses the built-in render pipeline, but the default materials can be upgraded to either URP or HDRP through the standard upgrade paths.

What's inside the new Starter Asset packages?

  • Character controllers: At the core of the new Starter Assets is a set of two lightweight character base controllers, adapted for third-person and first-person control.
  • Input System: Starter Assets utilize the Input System. This way, you can modify controller input for various input methods, such as a gamepad, mouse, and keyboard setup, or a touchscreen mobile device (supporting both joysticks and touch zones). If your project is using the old Input Manager, you can enable simultaneous support for both systems in the Project Settings.
  • Cinemachine: With the help of Cinemachine, the camera settings are customizable so they can be tailored to your project's needs. The character prefabs have several exposed values that are easy to adjust to your liking, so you can speedily customize the character’s movement and Cinemachine camera settings to suit your project.
  • Visual assets: The Starter Asset packages are supplied with a humanoid-rigged armature that can support various animations, as well as an environment for testing character movement, and a basic joystick set for touchscreen controls.
  • Compatibility: Both packages are separate and highly modular, which makes them adaptable to a large variety of use cases. The packages also include ready-to-use prefabs for more efficient integration.

How are the packages used?

Whether you’re completely new to Unity and want to add a player character into your scene, or you’re an experienced game developer looking to quickly test your own features and functionality, the Starter Assets can get you up and running before you know it!

The Third Person Controller package includes an original armature, fully rigged with custom animations that use a humanoid character rig. This simplifies replacing the armature with another character that uses a humanoid avatar. Even more, animations can be changed and adjusted to create an original character for your own project.

How does this change improve the user experience?

The Starter Asset packages allow you to jump right into Unity 2020 LTS – no matter your previous experience or expertise. These starter packages provide a solid base to practice using Cinemachine and the Input System in a character controller with the built-in CharacterController component.

Be sure to check out the package documentation located in the download package to learn how to leverage Starter Assets for your next project. We aim to ensure that these assets remain readily available and up to date for your use. Stay tuned for more announcements as we expand our support for Starter Assets.

First Person Character Controller

Third Person Character Controller

We hope that you find value in the new Starter Asset packages and look forward to hearing your feedback. Head on over to our forum discussion with any questions or comments that you want to share with us!