Robotics simulation

Model, program and simulate robots with Unity.

Robotics simulation before solution execution

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) evolve, we expect robots to execute increasingly complex tasks with complete autonomy to sense the environment, respond to it and to execute actions within it. Robots are common in industrial and commercial settings – for complex assembly picking and packing, last-mile delivery, and more. 

To verify solutions before implementing them in a robot, roboticists and developers need an experimentation platform that accurately mimics the real-world environment as well as the robot’s physical interactions with that environment. Through simulation, they can evaluate robot performance in terms of localization, motion planning and control. 

Why use Unity?

Create and model highly customizable real-world situations for robot design and simulations.

Accelerate prototyping

More than a million assets on the Asset Store, a user-friendly design and access to content-creation tools help you to speed up your prototyping.

High-fidelity physics

Unity now has PhysX SDK 4 support and features such as TGS solver and a new articulation joint system.

Create complex and realistic environments

Unity offers high visual and sensor fidelity, real-time rendering and ray tracing – all of which are vital for creating photorealistic replicas of the real world.

Customer projects

Making robots more accessible

Learn how READY Robotics used Unity to build a robot simulator that lets anyone easily learn robot programming skills.

Digital twin testing in a virtual environment

Learn how Siemens uses Unity’s software and open-source robotics tools to test autonomous systems virtually before they are built and turn new applications into reality quickly.

The power of Unity for AI robotics

Since 2018, AI company Cross Compass has integrated Unity into the pipeline of several of its consulting services for the manufacturing field to train and validate AI algorithms safely before deployment.

Robots are hard, game engines are not

Formant gives robot companies the ability to observe, operate, and analyze robots at scale. Discover how Formant used Unity to build a simulator that provides a malleable, iterative environment.

Training and deploying AI for industrial robotics

Skip time-consuming data collection by training your AI for robotics entirely in Unity. In this Unite Now video session, learn about domain randomization from Cross Compass and hear from Accenture how this is shaping the future of robotics.

Explore our ecosystem

Check out Unity’s AI, machine learning and simulation products and learn how they can help you solve diverse problems. You can also become an early tester for future product releases – sign up here.

Unity Computer Vision

Get perfectly labeled, high-quality data for computer vision training at a fraction of the cost.

Unity Simulation Pro

This simulation-optimized runtime build makes it simpler, faster and more cost-effective to test and train powerful simulations at scale, on premises or in a private cloud.

Unity Machine Learning Agents (ML-Agents)

Create intelligent, responsive agents with a toolkit leveraging deep learning technology.

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