Speedtree for film

From preproduction concept art to final render, build captivating environments for immersive worlds with SpeedTree ®.

SpeedTree vegetation background

The ultimate vegetation software for filmmakers

Meet artistic direction, increase vegetation complexity, and accelerate the creation process with SpeedTree Modeler and Library. Discover a streamlined VFX workflow for creating all types of 3D vegetation – stylized or realistic – including design, modeling, shading, and animation.

Кадр из Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Автор фото: Lucas Film / ILM: Star Wars Rise of Skywalker


From concept art to VFX asset

Explore SpeedTree for film in our latest demo. Discover how to use procedural generation to create any style of VFX vegetation, with no limit to your imagination. From matching concept art to delivering dynamic final creative, SpeedTree can help level up your asset production.

Key features

Discover the ultimate vegetation software for filmmakers, and see how SpeedTree can bring your vision to life for any style of production.

Enjoy full creative control

Use a non-destructive workflow to efficiently modify and iterate on designs at any time – without starting from scratch. Combine manual and procedural pipelines to sculpt, paint, draw, and fine-tune vertices for production-ready assets.

Сценический кадр башни из фильма «Черная пантера: Ваканда навеки»

Автор фото: ILM/Marvel – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Credit: Zünc Studio / SPACE10: Carbon Banks

Match concept art

Turn real-life references into hyperrealistic foreground shots. Build high-performance models using a photogrammetry workflow and procedural approach for an additional level of realism in complex animations like wind.

Get assets where you need them

Export assets to any DCC or real-time engine during any step in the creation process. You can export in the formats you need – even custom ones like USD and Alembic.

SpeedTree object in interior in SPACE10: Carbon Banks

Credit: Zünc Studio / SPACE10: Carbon Banks

SpeedTree Apple Tree

Save creation time

Access the SpeedTree Library of dynamic VFX vegetation assets, each equipped with infinite randomization, seasonal changes, and wind animations.

Other solutions

Artistry tools

Discover workflows for characters, environment, and compositing – for game and film.

Animation tools

Harness the power of real-time rendering to accelerate production and overcome workflow hurdles.

Accelerate Solutions

Work with the Accelerate Solutions team to design and develop custom solutions for your production.


Build, share, and understand ideas with synchronized, real-time collaboration tools. Work together, from anywhere.

James Miller, Environments Supervisor - Industrial Light & Magic

For our work in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, SpeedTree allowed our artists to create a custom library of trees that were accurate to the locations in Africa we were aiming for, easily generating custom variants and wind animations. Building on the Wakandan environments we had established over the last decade, SpeedTree also gave us the flexibility to introduce new styles and species which provided the variety we needed to portray a diverse and thriving natural environment.

James Miller, Environments Supervisor - Industrial Light & Magic

Bring your creative vision to life

SpeedTree can help you build immersive worlds and discover new possibilities for your episodic and feature content.

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