Unity Education Accelerator

Fast-track teaching real-time 3D skills for high-growth jobs with a complete solution that includes instructor training, an industry-aligned curriculum, and certification.
Introductory offer: Get free professional development for one additional educator, valued at $2,000 USD. Learn more

Empower faculty to learn and teach real-time 3D skills

Provide instructors with synchronous and asynchronous professional development training that includes support resources, best practices, and certification. Ensure faculty have everything they need to deliver engaging learning experiences in game design and XR development. 
Prepare students for jobs in the immersive economy

Prepare students for jobs in the immersive economy

Unity proficiency is in high demand – beyond gaming and entertainment, countless other industries require real-time 3D skills for a diverse range of uses. Equip learners with the game design and XR development skills they need to get certified and excel in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

Offer innovative programs to stay relevant

Capture students’ attention with an industry-aligned curriculum covering the latest in-demand skills for game design, XR development, and more. Plus, quickly build and expand educational programs with immersive experiences that engage and retain students. 

Person viewing a 3D model of a car using an Oculus


Instructor professional development

Join expert-led courses that blend self-paced, live, and small-group learning for best practices in teaching Unity. Network, find support, get certified, and teach with confidence. Learn more.

Industry-aligned curriculum

Get unlimited access to comprehensive teaching resources, including sample projects, assets, tutorials, assignments, instructor guides, and certification prep.

Certification credits

Receive 30 certification credits worth up to $12,600 USD, plus exams, practice tests, and courseware to prepare students to showcase Unity proficiency and impress future employers.

Unity program recognition

Become an official Unity Education Accelerator institution to be recognized on the website and gain access to marketing materials for promotional leverage.

Course development resources

Access comprehensive frameworks with objectives and resources for XR, AI, and Machine Learning & Simulation, plus a video library of industry and career insights from professionals.

Explore plans for education

Integrate Unity’s real-time 3D creation and learning solutions into your institution. Education discounts available. 

For small workgroups and departments
  • Latest version of the Unity platform
  • No educational watermark
  • Splash screen customization
  • Priority customer service
  • Guidance from a Partner Advisor
  • Unity Mars tools for AR/MR
  • Unity Havok Physics
Education Enterprise
For broad institutional access and computer labs
  • Everything in Unity Pro 
  • Flexible license management with SSO
  • Read-only source code access
  • Customer support
Ready to try Unity in the classroom?

Partner institutions

Join the growing community of institutions and organizations embracing Unity’s technology to propel real-time 3D learning around the world. 

Frequently asked questions

What is included in Unity Education Accelerator?

Unity Education Accelerator includes instructor professional development, an industry-aligned curriculum, comprehensive teaching resources, program recognition, and certification.

What type of institutions qualify?

The solution is available for global post-secondary institutions, excluding those located in Japan and Korea. Unity Academic Alliance is available for Korean and Japanese institutions.

What technology is required to implement the program?

To be successful in your Unity Education Accelerator implementation, your institution will need access to the Unity Editor through one of the following Education plans: Unity Pro, Unity Education Enterprise, or the Unity Education Grant License. Learn more.

Can instructors of any skill level use the program?

Yes. Unity Education Accelerator offers comprehensive support for beginners as well as enrichment for experienced instructors. With various courses on offer throughout the year, participants can gain fundamental skills or go further in game development, programming, VR/AR, and more to effectively build programs, prepare for certification, and teach confidently. 

What is real-time 3D?

Real-time 3D technology makes it possible to create three-dimensional models and worlds that can be rendered instantly. Unlike traditional formats like film and television, RT3D content is both immersive and interactive, giving users immediate control over their experience. When content is created, it can be deployed to mobile devices, computers, consoles, AR/VR headsets, and other platforms. 

How do I redeem my subscription?

You will receive an email within a week of completing your purchase containing instructions on how to claim your subscription and assign seats to your educator resources, professional development, and student curricula. Additionally, you can review the redemption guide here.

When is the professional development training?

The first professional development training cohort will commence in February 2024. If your institution subscribes after this date, educators can join additional training opportunities in the spring, summer, and fall. Spring and fall cohorts span 13 weeks with three hours of instruction per week. Summer courses span six weeks with six hours of instruction per week. Your professional development access lasts for the duration of your subscription; however, schools subscribing before February 2024 will have extended access through February 2025.

What are the terms of the introductory offer?

The introductory offer of one free additional professional development seat starts on August 10, 2023 and expires on December 31, 2023. This offer is valued at $2,000 USD and is available globally, excluding Japan and Korea. A year-long Unity Education Accelerator subscription is required.

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