Notice of Assignment (December 2022)

Customer FAQs

I received a Notice of Assignment, what’s going on?

Unity is changing the Create selling entity from Denmark to the US, meaning that products and services being offered by Unity’s Create business, currently sold by Unity Technologies ApS (Unity ApS) will now be sold out from another affiliate, Unity Technologies SF (Unity SF). In the case of customers that use SpeedTree or products related to Ziva (Ziva VFX, ZivaRT, FaceTrainer, namely Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. and Unity Technologies Canada Company, successor to Ziva Dynamics, Inc. (the SpeedTree and Ziva Entities) will also change to Unity Technologies SF. This is an internal change to streamline our business and will not impact your day to day business operations, other than changing the bank account where you send payments. As such, Unity ApS and the SpeedTree and Ziva Entities are assigning all agreements to Unity SF.

What is an assignment?

This is the process through which Unity SF will assume the responsibility for the performance of your contract with Unity ApS and the SpeedTree and Ziva Entities.

What will change?

Your payment towards your invoices will be submitted to Unity SF, not Unity ApS, going forward. Furthermore, Unity SF, will now be the organization responsible for collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information, if applicable.

There may also be tax implications resulting from this change, as any payments or receipts from Unity may be subject to various jurisdictions’ indirect tax regulations. This means you may begin to see sales tax, VAT, GST, and other applicable indirect taxes added to your invoice in the coming months. Please provide us with your tax exempt certificates and VAT IDs at no later than December 15, 2022 if you believe that your entity should be exempt from these taxes. If you have any further questions on the tax implications of this change for your business, please consult with your tax advisor.

Do I have to take any action?

You will receive information necessary for you to change Unity’s banking information for payment on your next invoice following January 1, 2023. We request that you make the required changes to Unity’s banking information in a timely manner. Any questions regarding payments and invoices should be directed to

When is the change happening?

The assignment to Unity SF will be effective as of January 1, 2023

What is the relationship between Unity ApS and Unity SF?

Both Unity ApS and Unity SF are 100% owned subsidiaries (directly or indirectly) of Unity Software Inc.

What is the relationship between the SpeedTree and Ziva Entities and Unity SF?

The SpeedTree (IDV, Inc) and Ziva Entities and Unity SF are 100% owned subsidiaries (directly or indirectly) of Unity Software Inc.

Where is Unity SF registered?

Unity Technologies SF is a company registered in the State of California (registered number C3183233). The headquarters is located at:


30 Third Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

United States

What benefits will you have when our selling entity moves to Unity SF?

In changing our selling entity from Unity ApS or the SpeedTree and Ziva Entities to Unity SF, you will be able to more easily purchase multiple products, and you can transact in USD. It will also streamline how Unity reviews deals and executes contracts resulting in a more effective and timely process for our customers.

Who can I contact for more information or if I have questions?

Should you have any questions, please contact on the assignment, on payments and invoicing, or, if applicable, your account manager.