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Unity Certified Instructors
Validate your Unity skills by joining our global training network. Applications are closed for the current cycle. Please check back in early 2025 for the opening of the next application cycle.
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What is a Unity Certified Instructor?

Unity Certified Instructors (UCIs) are trainers who have a passion for teaching and have demonstrated expertise with Unity tools and features that we recognize and certify through our program.

Get exclusive benefits
Gain recognition

Validate your experience by becoming a recognized member of our expanded team of training leaders. Reinforce your Unity expertise by adding a UCI designation to your list of accreditations.

Generate influence

Help us improve our Professional Training offering by evaluating and providing input on our curriculum and processes. Contribute your ideas to help inform new courses, practice materials, and assessments.

Expand your network

Join an exclusive global community of experts. Collaborate with fellow instructors, developers, and industry experts to share knowledge, hone your teaching methods, and discuss emerging technologies.

Access perks

Get access to paid training opportunities and Unity resources for free, such as certification vouchers, professional licenses, and our on-demand training platform.

A diverse global team

With more than 60 UCIs, our network extends across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our trainers are incredibly knowledgeable – having anywhere from two to 10 years of experience, and are well-versed in multiple real-time 3D fields across games, XR, AI, and industrial use cases.

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How do I become a UCI?

The Unity Certified Instructor Program recognizes individuals who have taken the lead in helping creators achieve success. The program accepts trainers who have demonstrated unparalleled proficiency with Unity as well as strong training and delivery capabilities. In order to be eligible, UCIs must have:

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Application Process

In order to be fully accepted into the program and receive the Unity Certified Instructor Certification, candidates must take our in-house training course and pass an evaluation where they teach a mock 20-minute class.

Once you complete the application and submit validation of your credentials, Unity will review your application for membership and contact you within two weeks.

Make an Impact on Unity Creators
“Becoming a UCI has led to tremendous professional and personal growth for me. I’ve had the opportunity to provide training to exciting clients, and built my network with industry veterans. The variety of workshops and learners has led me to broadly improve my Unity skills, as well as acquiring in-depth knowledge of specific technical facets. I can’t recommend it enough!”
“The UCI Program is one of a kind. Since becoming a UCI, I have learned and grown so much and I now have a much more grounded understanding of Unity. Through the UCI program, I continue to have many opportunities to teach and provide training to diverse clients. The UCI community is very supportive and I am so grateful to be working alongside top Unity developers from all around the world!”
Join our team
Join our team

Demonstrate your experience and gain global recognition by joining a vast and diverse network of professional trainers.

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