Unity Pro

Unlock your team’s potential with professional tools to create across game devices and platforms.

R$ 11,791
/yr per seat
Annual plan, prepaid yearly
  • Annual plan, prepaid yearly
  • Annual plan, paid monthly
Get free access to On-Demand Training with your Unity Pro subscription, including an exclusive 8-part visionOS course ($600 value). Get the bundle


Bring your team’s vision to life regardless of platform, genre, or visual art style.

Unity real-time development platform

Create and optimize high-end games and interactive experiences. Build once and deploy to reach more users with Unity’s industry-leading multiplatform support.

Deploy to game consoles

Build and deploy to closed platforms such as Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®, and Xbox®. An active Unity Pro subscription is required to access these build modules via developer platform forums.

Splash screen customization

Fully customize or completely remove the splash screen.

Unity Mars authoring tools for AR/MR

Simplify the AR/MR app creation process and reduce iteration time with in-Editor simulation features and no-code authoring parameters, and use the AR Companion app to capture data on mobile devices.

Havok Physics for Unity

Havok Physics adds robust collision detection and physical simulation to ambitious projects.

Build Server license capacity (add-on)

Unlock access to Build Server, a floating licensing solution to offload project builds to on-prem network hardware, to iterate faster.

Support and learning

Position your teams for success with direct, prioritized support.

Priority queue for Customer Service

Skip the line and get priority help from our Customer Service team for help with issues like licenses, ID accounts, Organizations, and the Asset Store.

Access expert services (add-on)

Unlock access to add-on services including premium technical support, consultancy, and strategic guidance that ensures your project runs smoothly.

Unity Cloud

This connected ecosystem of products and services makes work on real-time 3D experiences more creator-focused, accessible, and connected.

Unity Asset Manager

An extensible, cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution specializing in robust 3D asset management to increase discoverability, reuse, and ROI of content across your studio. Unity Pro includes 50 GB of storage per seat, pooled for a team to share.

Team Administration

Unity Cloud centralizes powerful admin tools, like role-based permissioning and product usage tracking, directly in the Unity Dashboard. Get visibility on every part of your development pipeline. Unity Pro includes tools to manage access, including administrator roles, and license management.

Unity DevOps

Access powerful, flexible source code management, and automate multiplatform builds in the cloud with Unity DevOps CI/CD solutions: Unity Version Control and Unity Build Automation. Unity Pro includes one DevOps seat per plan seat, 200 Windows build minutes per month, and 5 GB of storage for your project data, free.*

*During the Cloud early access period, new DevOps users are invited to try Unity DevOps with no fees for storage or build minutes beyond the free tier. You’ll have the option to continue on as a paid user in early 2024.

Crash and error reporting

Identify and resolve errors impacting your game’s stability.

Cloud Diagnostics

Collect crashes and exception reports as well as user feedback to better diagnose issues with Unity-built games. Get extra reporting capacity, longer data retention, and more detailed reports.

Integration with collaboration tools

Receive notifications when a new issue is detected by setting up notifications in email, Slack, Discord, Webhook, or Jira from Unity Cloud Diagnostics.


Grow your mobile game and acquire new players.

Unity Ads

Implement the Unity Ads SDK to incorporate ads into gameplay, earn revenue, and increase player retention.

In-App Purchase plug-in

Simplify in-app purchase setup across multiple stores. Integrate in-app purchases into games to save engineering hours while generating more revenue.

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Starter Success

The most budget-friendly technical support package to help you efficiently solve development issues. Get direct assistance from Unity engineers and keep your project on-track.

Unity Cloud

Bring order to development chaos. Unity Cloud is a connected ecosystem of products and services that makes work on real-time 3D experiences more creator-focused, accessible, and connected.

Unity DevOps

Automate workflows, release more often, and deliver higher-quality games with a modular DevOps CI/CD solution that’s tailored for the rigors of game development.

On-Demand Training

Access hundreds of hours of professional training developed by expert-level Unity educators, whenever you need it. Discover practice projects, course assessments, and much more today.

Why creators choose Unity

Take an idea from prototype to launch with the leading real-time development platform.

Jump-start your ideation
Jump-start your ideation

Build faster when inspiration strikes using rapid prototyping tools and third-party solutions from the Asset Store.

Build once, reach billions
Build once, reach billions

With support for 20+ platforms, reach a wider audience and feel confident that your IP is ready for the future.

Tap into a massive community
Tap into a massive community

Access a tremendous talent pool, passionate community, education resources, and expert Unity services to accelerate your development.

Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

Do I and/or my team own the content I/we create with Unity Pro?

Yes. You fully own the content you create with Unity, even if you cancel your subscription.

Is there a revenue or funding limit for Unity Pro customers?

If you are a nongames, nonentertainment customer in sectors including, but not limited to, automotive, architecture, engineering, construction, aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail, then you may only use Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise if your total finances do not exceed $1,000,000 USD. If you are in those sectors and above this threshold, Unity Industry is the right solution for you.

Can I use Havok Physics for Unity on Unity version 2022.1 or older?

Prior to Unity 2022.2, Havok Physics for Unity was an experimental package offered via the Unity Asset Store. The production-ready version for Havok Physics for Unity is now available along with DOTS 1.0 in Unity 2022.2 and not backported to earlier versions. The experimental package will no longer be available for users on version 2022.1 or older.

Can I cancel my subscription?

There is no cancellation policy or reimbursement for a subscription. Once you commit to a subscription plan, you are obligated to pay all monthly payments owing. Even if you stop your monthly payments and your license is shut down, you are still obligated to pay the outstanding payment(s) for your subscription period. Please see the extended Subscription FAQ for more details.

If I have a long-term deal with Unity, using a version of Unity older than 2022.2, can I still use Havok Physics for Unity?

The development focus for both Unity Physics and Havok Physics for Unity is built on top of the DOTS framework, which was only available in experimental versions prior to Unity 2022.2. Although there are versions of Havok Physics for Unity that work on older versions, these are unsupported and not recommended for use.

How do I know if Unity Pro or Unity Industry is the right plan for me?

If you create applications outside of games or entertainment and your company’s total finances exceed $1,000,000, Unity Industry is the right solution for you. It includes many features, add-ons, onboarding, and support options tailored to your needs.

How do I upgrade from Unity Pro to Unity Industry?

If you purchased Unity Pro online, you can upgrade to Unity Industry through your Unity ID. For more information, please see the article, How do I upgrade from Unity Pro to Unity Industry?

If you purchased Unity Pro through your client partner, please contact Sales to upgrade to Unity Industry.

I have other questions about Unity. Where can I find more info?

Support benefits FAQs

How do I access Learn Premium and other learning resources?

All Learn Premium content and live offerings are available to all users on the Unity Learn platform for free. Simply head over the website and start learning. Additionally, for more advanced training content, our Professional Training offerings provide courses geared towards working professionals.

How can I purchase technical support, source code access, or other custom solutions?

Please contact a Unity sales representative or check out our Success Plans for an overview of our technical support offerings.

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