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Case studies
How Eyewind used ironSource’s solution for Custom Product Pages to boost CVR 21% and IPM 51% over Halloween
Dec 22, 2022

Chinese mobile game developer Eyewind, best known for their hyper-casual puzzle and art games, were looking to capitalize on the surge in traffic ahead of the holidays. The ironSource team approached them with their solution for custom product pages. This solution would allow Eyewind to match their seasonal creatives with a corresponding custom product page, keeping the user journey intact and supplying their campaigns with a holiday lift.

Hear from the UA team at Eyewind how ironSource’s solution for custom product pages boosted their conversion rates, raising IPM, and lowering eCPI.

Staying on top in a competitive market

The hyper-casual space is a highly saturated market, so staying competitive means keeping user acquisition a top priority. The team at ironSource recommended a new strategy for increasing performance - their solution for custom product pages. With Halloween around the corner, the timing was perfect. They suggested we try the solution with the seasonal creatives we were rolling out.


Improving the user journey

ironSource’s solution for custom product pages enabled us to link each creative running on the ironSource network with a corresponding App Store product page. This way, we could better keep the user journey intact, from ad to install. This strategy is particularly useful during holiday seasons, ensuring that users who click on themed creatives are taken to matching themed product pages. By meeting the expectations of users, we’re able to keep them engaged all the way through, raising our CVR.


Maximizing CVR with effective UA

We applied the solution in time for Halloween to one of our most successful titles, Find Out, as a trial for our entire iOS portfolio. The results beat our expectations, enabling us to maximize our CVR and overall IPM, raising them by 21.5% and 51% respectively. On top of that, our eCPI dropped by 3.2%, increasing our eCPM by 46% - making our campaigns more competitive.


A solution that works

ironSource’s solution for custom product pages helped us get an edge in a highly competitive hyper-casual market, ensuring that we could make the most of our seasonal creatives and substantially boost our CVR. We’re looking forward to applying the solution to the rest of our iOS portfolio and continuing our partnership with ironSource in the future.