Granite SDK: For ultra high-resolution texture detail

Granite SDK, the leading texture streaming middleware, was recently terminated as a standalone product. It is now exclusively available as part of Unity. Learn more below.

What is Granite SDK?

Granite SDK is the fastest texture streaming middleware available to date. Initially designed to integrate into any 3D engine, Granite breaks down texture mipmaps into small tiles, automatically detects visible tiles for each frame, and then loads those tiles into memory.

Thanks to this approach, Granite uses minimal video storage and main memory – without having to depend on the resolution of textures or the number of assets in your scenes.

Granite was previously sold as a standalone SDK, and as a plug-in for the Unity and Unreal game engines. It is now terminated as a standalone product and no longer available outside of Unity.

The first version of Granite SDK was developed by the Ghent University spin-off, Graphine in 2013, and showcased during Microsoft’s //Build conference when Windows 8 was announced in June of that same year. Graphine was then acquired by Unity Technologies in 2019.

Presentation on the history of Graphine, Granite SDK, the integration of the middleware in Unity, and its new Streaming Virtual Texturing feature.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still buy the standalone middleware, Granite SDK?

No. Granite SDK and the engine plug-ins based on the SDK are no longer available outside of Unity. That said, Granite is now a core part of the Unity engine and powers the Streaming Virtual Texturing feature.

I already have a seat or project license for Granite SDK. Can I continue using the middleware?

Yes, you can continue using the middleware so long as you comply with the license terms and conditions.

Are you still maintaining the standalone middleware and plug-ins?

Granite for Unity is only available for Unity 2019, and is not maintained further. Granite for Unreal is available for UE4.24, and is similarly not maintained any further. Standalone Granite SDK will be maintained for users with an active maintenance and support agreement until the termination of those agreements, with all maintenance and support agreements terminating on or before June 1, 2022.

Can I still access the standalone documentation?

Yes – the online documentation is still available for existing users here until June 2022.

Can I still download the SDK tools or plug-ins?

Yes, you can find the latest files within the pages of the online documentation, or through the github link you received when first buying a seat: These links will be available until June 2022.

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