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Unleash full creative control in grooming hair and fur.
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Create without compromise

Used for over 12 years in some of Hollywood’s highest-grossing films, Wig empowers artists with advanced hair generation and grooming capabilities.

From applying attributes to individual hair strands in real-time to generating simulation curves, Wig streamlines the creative process for better quality, faster.

Key benefits
Accelerated workflows

Speed up the creation of hero grooms from weeks to days with the power of procedural workflows, greater runtime performance, and higher-quality outputs – without compromising on quality.

Greater creative control

Generate procedural simulation curves based on hair clumps for full artistic control across grooming and simulation. Adjust growth patterns and apply attributes to individual hair strands in real-time.

Match artistic direction

Generate and manage hundreds and thousands of single hair strands for any hair or fur type that also responds to environmental physics. Grooming tools include scissors, brushes, and blowdryers, as well as tools for bending, clumping, and frizzing.

Hair types
Coily short hair
Coily long hair
Long coily hair
Coily short hair
Coily short stub hair
Coily short stub hair
Curly long hair
Curly long hair
Curly short hair
Curly short hair
Wavy long hair
Wavy long hair
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The Heretic protagonist
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Hair strand shown in Enemies demo
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