Unity MARS

Create augmented reality (AR) apps with better workflows and purpose built authoring tools.

Specialized tools for AR creators

Unity MARS helps solve the hard problems of AR app development:

  • Overcome the challenges of authoring for dynamic physical environments
  • Reduce iteration time and build dynamic content for AR apps
  • Release cross-platform experiences with support for iOS, Android, Hololens, and Magic Leap
AR Experience from mobile device

Faster workflows for AR development

Faster workflows for AR development

Accelerate content workflows with intuitive content creation features: 

  • Author AR apps visually 
  • Test in the Unity Editor
  • Work with unknown elements using fuzzy authoring and proxies
Unity MARS demo on a mobile device

Use your mobile device for AR authoring

The AR Companion app enhances MARS and Unity AR workflows by:

  • Capturing real-world data
  • Scanning objects (Mac required)
  • Light AR Scene editing on device

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Key MARS features

Unity MARS simulation with Post
WYSIWYG Simulation View

Visualize your content as your audience will experience it in-context. Instead of coding, drag your content directly into the viewer, and Unity MARS creates the appropriate proxies and conditions.

Proxy-based workflow

Build your app with proxies that represent real-world objects. With a framework in place, you set conditions and actions on your proxies to tell the app how to respond to them.

AR Furniture scene
Fuzzy authoring

With visual aids for “fuzzy” authoring, you define minimum and maximum measurements for real-world objects rather than coding precise values.

Customizable building blocks

Get started with templates that cover popular AR use cases, including a training tutorial application that works with all MARS indoor and outdoor environment templates.

Learn more

Intro to Unity MARS

Get an overview of Unity’s advanced AR authoring tool, why we built it, what problems it solves, and how to get started.

MARS for enterprise studios

Mixed and augmented reality offer myriad possibilities for many industries. Join us for an expert-led walkthrough of industrial applications for Unity MARS.

AR Foundation and MARS

Learn how to use Unity’s AR stack to build immersive games. You’ll also hear tips and tricks from the developers of Krikey, an AR gaming app.

MARS 101

Get familiar with Unity MARS with this free step-by-step course on our learning platform, Unity Learn.

Will Humphrey, Lead Creative & Studio Manager, Sugar Creative

“We don’t see ourselves creating AR applications without [Unity] MARS going forward.”

Will Humphrey, Lead Creative & Studio Manager, Sugar Creative
Jamie Innes, Creative Product Lead, Fictioneers

“Using the [Unity] MARS simulation view we’re able to quickly iterate content while testing it in a variety of unique environments, all without making a single build.”

Jamie Innes, Creative Product Lead, Fictioneers


Try Unity MARS free for 45 days

Trial details:

  • 45-day free trial
  • Cancel any time before the end of the free trial period
  • You’re automatically subscribed for one year after your trial ends
Buy Unity MARS
  • $50/month per license on an annual commitment (or $600/year)
  • Works with Unity PE, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise

Frequently asked questions

Pricing, subscriptions and trials

Do you need Unity to purchase Unity MARS?

Yes, Unity is required to use Unity MARS. Every subscription tier, including PE, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise, are supported.

Which Unity plans offer Unity MARS?

Every Unity plan supports Unity MARS. However, regardless of your plan, access to Unity MARS is by paid subscription.

How much does a Unity MARS license cost?

Unity MARS includes a free trial period of 45 days, after which access to Unity MARS is by annual subscription, billed at either $50/month or $600/year.

Are floating licenses available?

No, floating licenses are not available at this time.

How can I manage my subscription?

To manage, view, or disable your Unity MARS subscription, visit > My Account > My Seats.

How can I cancel my free trial?

To cancel your free trial or turn off automatic renewal, follow these steps.


How does Unity MARS work with AR Foundation?

Unity MARS is built on top of the Unity Editor and works in coordination with AR Foundation. It exists as an additional layer that takes advantage of the data from AR Foundation or other custom data providers to allow creators to build for multiple platforms in a more streamlined and intuitive way. Read more.

Which devices and operating systems does MARS support?

Unity MARS supports iOS, Android, Hololens, and Magic Leap.

Which Unity versions are compatible with Unity MARS?

Unity 2019.4 LTS and above currently offer support for Unity MARS.

Getting Started

Where can I find documentation?

Unity MARS documentation can be found here.

Is there a Unity MARS community?

Connect with our engineering, product team, and MARS users on the Unity MARS forums here.

Where can I find content about MARS?

We’ve gathered all our blog posts about Unity MARS on this useful reading list.

Are there templates for Unity MARS?

Yes, you can access three Unity MARS templates on Github:

Popular features

What is AR simulation in Unity MARS?

The simulation system reduces testing time for AR app development. Learn about this system and how creators can use it to rapidly iterate on context-adaptable AR experiences.

What is the plain-language approach to AR authoring (Rules)?

Rules is an UI view and method for describing AR layout and behavior concisely and in plain language. Rules provide you with a clear starting point for creating your AR experiences. Learn more in this blog post.

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