GameTune (beta)

Learn how GameTune adjusts your game in real-time to deliver the optimal experience to your players.

How Futureplay used GameTune to improve revenue and retention

Studios of any size can leverage machine learning to optimize their game

GameTune leverages Unity’s machine learning to automatically optimize and improve elements like game progression speed or In-App Purchase (IAP) bundles. GameTune continuously learns, adjusts, and iterates to deliver a better gameplay experience. 

See how Futureplay used GameTune to improve revenue per download by over 8%.


How it works

You use GameTune by determining your target KPI for each optimization point in your game. Next, you create different alternatives for GameTune to choose.

For example, you can optimize your first-time user experience to improve player retention. Players can  receive a short, medium or long tutorial, depending on their skill level and past behavior. GameTune then assigns each player the alternative that maximizes your target KPI.


Why GameTune is right for you

Harness the power of Unity’s machine learning

Large or small, every studio can use the power of Unity machine learning to work faster and smarter.

Personalize your game

Unlike A/B testing, which delivers one tested experience across your entire playerbase, GameTune provides each individual user in your game with a customized experience that drives toward your goals.

Full flexibility, easy to use

Anything in your game can be tested, from IAP offers and ad frequency to tutorial progression speeds. You can define your own goal, whether it’s revenue, retention, or anything other KPI you’d like to test.


“Before GameTune, we ran a dozen A/B tests for Off-Road Travel and saw little or negative impact. Partnership with GameTune allowed us to optimize our game and achieve the expected performance. We’re now working on implementing GameTune across more games in our portfolio.”


“With the help of GameTune, we are able to release our new features with intelligence because we don’t have to manually identify the right player segments for each gameplay experience. GameTune does this automatically for us.”

Twim Studios

“Only big players can do machine learning, so we’re happy to be able to have Unity offering this type of service.”

Twim Studios

“The time we save on testing now gets put into developing and optimizing new features. Thanks to GameTune, we have the power of a large machine learning team to deliver the best experience to our players.”

Prime Peaks

We used GameTune to increased day 30 ARPU by 15% by optimizing interstitial ad frequency.

Prime Peaks

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