How to break into the video game industry

Who wouldn’t love to be a part of the best entertainment in the modern world? If you read, practice, and talk to the gamedev community, you’ll be following the steps that landed them their first gig.

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Why get into the game biz?

Getting a job in the video game industry. It’s one of those enduring childhood dreams that one never dares to entertain. Surely, the chances must be incredibly unlikely. 

After all, the business of video games is absurdly successful. Video games are already handily outstripping the music and film industries combined in terms of popularity and revenue growth, and from the looks of it, there’s no sign of it letting up. In fact, some sources expect the entire industry to grow at an exponential rate.

Here are some facts to truly impress:

  • Music industry net worth, 2018: US $19.1 billion
  • Film industry net worth, 2018: US $41.7 billion
  • Games industry net worth, 2018: $135 billion

Conclusion: The gaming industry is worth more than the music and film industry. Combined. Times 2. Plus $13.4 billion.

So, how exactly does one find their way into the most exciting, most rapidly growing entertainment business in the world? While it takes some time and it involves some risk, most people have started where you are right now, and you can get in like they did.

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Start small

When we say small, we really mean small. Almost no one working in the gaming industry got their start by getting hired into a major company directly out of school. Most started on a small team or designed a small project of their own.

A lot of people also learned what they could through visits to websites, local workshops or indie game events. From there, they zeroed in on one or two skills and gained enough experience to start in an entry-level role. They did this either directly through a gaming company or a field that used similar skill sets.

You may have noticed a keyword here: experience. You will find that this is what game companies are looking for more than anything: actual experience in game creation, quality assurance, or business development. So get started learning, doing, and building up your resume. It takes some time, but not nearly as much as you may think.

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Most game industry professionals got their start by having the right conversation, with the right person, at the right time. How do we know this? We know many people who, after learning a few things and working on a few cool projects, reached out to Unity, and they landed their first job in the gaming industry with us!

Networking is an important step for getting into any desirable field, no matter what it may be. The more people you know in the industry that you’re determined to be a part of, the more connections you’ll have to that industry. If your skills fit a need at a gaming company, and you have a friend who’s willing to give you a referral, there’s your opportunity!

Because we’re eager to see you start building those connections, here’s a more in-depth resource to help you find people to connect with in the game industry. Check out this excellent Game Dev subreddit too.

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Show off

If you’re still wondering how to get into the game industry after you’ve created a few fun projects and started networking with people, it’s time to show off the work you’ve done. Bringing attention to your work is a great way to gain recognition and visibility for your skills.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of sharing your work with others in the industry is the feedback you will receive from your peers. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help you hone your craft and become more equipped to work in this incredible business.

Getting into the game industry is a challenge that requires a unique solution: you. Game makers and other gaming industry pros aren’t created overnight. All of them come from the same place you currently find yourself: curious, eager to learn, and looking for people to ask questions and receive feedback. Now that you’re on this path into the game-making world, know that it’s people like you who go on to help create games people love.

Be the next industry expert

Download the Unity Editor, keep checking out our beginner resources, and continue your journey into game development.

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