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How Origin Mood increased installs by 40% with ironSource’s ROAS optimizer
Apr 12, 2022

Origin Mood is a top game publisher serving players in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. They recently celebrated the second anniversary of their game 花舞宫廷 and were looking to generate more buzz around it - specifically they wanted to increase installs while maintaining profitability. So the team at ironSource recommended trying out the ROAS optimizer.

Vincent Deng, CEO of Origin Mood, describes how activating the ROAS optimizer through ironSource LevelPlay helped to increase app installs by 40% and paying users by 45%.

Testing out the ROAS optimizer

With the anniversary of our game 花舞宫廷 coming up, we were looking to make a big splash and generate a lot of excitement. We set a KPI to increase 花舞宫廷’s installs with high quality users that would go on to generate profit for us. However, we struggled with manually optimizing our user acquisition campaigns, and as a result saw fluctuating user quality.

To help us meet our goal, ironSource recommended the ROAS optimizer, which automatically scales campaigns and improves user quality.

Establishing strategic growth goals

Once we went live with the ROAS optimizer, we made two strategic moves with the help of the ironSource team: focusing on a day 7 goal and setting different goals per geo.

Setting a different goal per region (specifically Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau) allowed us to get much more out of the ROAS optimizer. Because each region has a different LTV, setting a unique ROAS goal for each meant we were paying the best price according to that region's user value - helping us maximize our spend.

Evaluating the ROAS optimizer’s impact

Going live with the ROAS optimizer dramatically improved this campaign’s performance. Specifically, installs increased by 40%, unique payers increased by 45%, and our revenue boomed. Thanks to ironSource, we got to celebrate both the anniversary of 花舞宫廷 and the campaign’s tremendous growth.


Not only did our D7 ROAS increase, but so did our D14 and D30 ROAS. We were happily surprised to see long-term ROAS increase so much – clearly the optimizer wasn't just improving scale but also the quality of the users we were acquiring. In fact, the amount of unique purchasers also increased by 45%. We got the best of both worlds: we acquired high quality users who were generating more revenue than we bought them for - all at a new and improved scale.


Continuing to expand with ironSource

Following our ROAS optimizer success, we're now in the process of using the tool to scale up campaigns for our other games. To take our user acquisition strategy even further, we're also excited to start testing Luna for creative management as well as CPE campaigns for our other titles. ironSource’s full suite of user acquisition products play a key role in our growth strategy.

"ironSource’s full suite of user acquisition products play a key role in our growth strategy"

We’re grateful for our continued collaboration with ironSource and their recommendation to utilize the ROAS optimizer tool. Their targeted strategies have proven valuable and we’re excited to continue to grow together.