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Known Issues in 2022.1.19f1

  • AI Navigation Core: NavMesh::Raycast freezes the whole editor in an infinite loop on Application.UpdateScene (UUM-2496)

  • Asset - Database: Folder name is truncated when dot is used in the name (UUM-7046)

  • Asset Bundles: AssetBundle indeterminism caused by mesh streaming info (UUM-12721)

  • Optimization: [Mac] Editor performance drops on macOS when clicking and dragging on Position, Rotation and Scale values in Transform component (UUM-7457)

  • Physics: [2022.1] Crash on SetupAxes when duplicating two or more GameObjects at a time (UUM-13136)

  • Shader System: Shader variant build preparation does not scale (UUM-3711)

  • uGUI: Canvas is still receiving input after the canvas was disabled (UUM-15518)

  • Universal RP: Ambient Occlusion with Forward Rendering Path shader does not have effect if value is larger than 1 (UUM-9859)

  • Universal RP: Materials scale incorrectly when changing the render scale in UniversalRenderPipelineAsset (UUM-9865)

  • XR SRP: Meta Quest performance loss between URP versions when built (UUM-15608)

2022.1.19f1 Release Notes


  • Core: Added Transform.SetLocalPositionAndRotation(). This allows you to set both the localPosition and localRotation of a transform in a single call, which is more efficient than assigning to localPosition and localRotation separately. (Thank you to @DevDunk on the forum for the request!).

  • Shadergraph: Reduced time taken by code generation when a shader graph asset is imported.

  • VFX Graph: Reduced time taken by code generation when a VFX asset is imported.


  • Burst: Entry point functions weren't always included in crash callstacks; now they are.


  • Android: Fixed overflow of MotionEvent global references. (UUM-8438)

  • Bug Reporter: Fixed the crash reporter text button truncated when screen is scaled. (UUM-4017)

  • Burst: ;'s in paths would cause burst to fail. Note - Also requires a fix in the Editor, so if your project has ;'s in its path, the workaround is to remove the ; from the folder name for now.

  • Burst: An Internal Compiler Error that could occur if a function that requires a struct ret (due to ABI) has been discarded by other logic.

  • Burst: Corrupted binary could be produced on M1 if there was not enough space for UUID+codesign injection.

  • Burst: Disabling Burst from the command line via --burst-disable-compilation no longer results in Burst errors when building a player for Android.

  • Burst: Fixed a bug in Burst player builds where sufficiently complicated Bursted code could cause a deadlock deep within LLVM.

  • Burst: Fixed a bug where static fields in generic types could in some situations be initialized with the incorrect value.

  • Burst: Fixed a bug with locally declared array variables in functions where storing null into them could cause invalid codegen.

  • Burst: Fixed a safety check bug with Span/ReadOnlySpan and Slice(start, length) where if start + length was equal to the Length of the original span, the safety check would incorrectly report an out-of-bounds access.

  • Burst: Fixed access violation race condition bug.

  • Burst: Fixed error that occurs with a specific formulation of IL, using xx with an early out escape and unbalanced calculation stack. (Object reference not set to an instance of ... in CollectBlock.ToVisitOrder).

  • Burst: Fixed error when compiling assemblies with spaces in their names.

  • Burst: Fixed that UWP builds wouldn't respect the specified "Target SDK Version" and "Visual Studio Version" settings.

  • Burst: Interface methods where not being hashed correctly for constrained types, which would result in burst failing to recompile code that had changed in an implementation class.

  • Burst: Linking issue when exports differ only by module.

  • Editor: Corrected the build of a Mac Standalone player with an exported Xcode project when script debugging is enabled. (UUM-11352)

  • Editor: Fixed crash in standalone profiler during shutdown. (UUM-13932)

  • Editor: Fixed the "Auto-hide gizmos" preference in the Scene View page to persist value when reopening the editor. (UUM-7848)

  • Editor: Fixed the selection when the root game object has a SelectionBase component and the child is a prefab. (UUM-7831)

  • Editor: Game/Scene view window now no longer flickers on resizing when Graphics API is set to OpenGL. (UUM-1682)

  • GI: Fixed failing assert by relaxing precision requirement in Ray's IsNormalized check. (UUM-2787)

  • Graphics: Added error message for indirect compute buffers incorrectly flagged on DX11. (UUM-899)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash when loading a specific window layout on the Mac editor. (UUM-11907)

  • HDRP: Clamp negative absorption distance. (UUM-6746)

  • HDRP: Clarify the error message saying the HDRP is not supported on a certain platform. (UUM-7419)

  • HDRP: Clear custom pass color and depth buffers when the fullscreen debug modes are enabled. (UUM-8397)

  • HDRP: Fixed a null ref exception when destroying a used decal material. (UUM-4353)

  • HDRP: Fixed bad undo behaviour with light layers and shadows. (UUM-5701)

  • HDRP: Fixed broken denoiser for ray traced shadows in HDRP. (UUM-2140)

  • HDRP: Fixed color grading issue when multiple cameras have same volume properties but different frame settings. (UUM-3314)

  • HDRP: Fixed custom pass UI not refreshed when changing the injection point. (UUM-8410)

  • HDRP: Fixed Depth Of Field compute shader warnings on metal. (UUM-7783)

  • HDRP: Fixed discrepency in the fog in RT reflections and RTGI between perf and quality. (UUM-7434)

  • HDRP: Fixed Geometric AA tooltip. (UUM-2294)

  • HDRP: Fixed HDR Output behaviour when platform doesn't give back properly detected data. (UUM-6400)

  • HDRP: Fixed history transform management not being properly handeled for ray traced area shadows. (UUM-2150)

  • HDRP: Fixed scalarization not scalarizing properly. (UUM-6360)

  • HDRP: Fixed shadow dimmer not affecting screen space shadows. (UUM-6512)

  • HDRP: Fixed sky rendering in the first frame of path tracing. This also fixes issues with auto-exposure. (UUM-2427)

  • HDRP: Fixed SpeedTree importer when shader has no diffusion profile. (UUM-1875)

  • HDRP: Fixed tessellation in XR. (UUM-3338)

  • HDRP: Fixed the material rendering pass not correctly changed with multi-selection. (UUM-2236)

  • HDRP: Fixed the new ray tracing quality nodes not working.

  • HDRP: Fixed the ray traced ambient occlusion not rejecting the history when it should leading to severe ghosting. (UUM-3225)

  • HDRP: Fixed tonemapping not being applied when using the Show Cascades debug view. (UUM-3942)

  • HDRP: Fixed upperHemisphereLuxValue when changing HDRI Sky. (UUM-3326)

  • HDRP: Fixed volumetric clouds fog history issue that leads to severe ghosting. (UUM-4801)

  • HDRP: Initialize DLSS at loading of HDRP asset. Previously intialization was too late (ad HDRP pipeline constructor). Moved initialization to OnEnable of SRP asset. (UUM-5928)

  • HDRP: Removed "Sprite Mask" from scene view draw modes as it is not supported by HDRP. (UUM-3320)

  • HDRP: RTHandle sampling out of bounds on previous frame pyramid color. This causes sometimes bad pixel values to be reflected. (UUM-2331)

  • iOS: Stopped Touch.rawPosition changing position when touch is dragged. (UUM-7581)

  • Linux: Fixed package manager dropdown position and GUIDepth error message on linux. (UUM-11291)

  • Package Manager: Package extensions should now appear directly after package is added. (UUM-2183)

  • Profiler: Fixed issue on Metal where an error message about texture binding may appear in some situations. (UUM-907)

  • Scripting: When using ObjectFactory.CreateInstance with a custom type deriving directly from UnityEngine.Object, a clearer exception message is thrown. (UUM-7896)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed arc glitches at certain angles when using the vector API. (UUM-7734)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed background-image-tint not working with sliced VectorImages. (UUM-5076)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed BezierCurveTo() glitch when the control points are very close together. (UUM-9846)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed EventSystem error logged in Editor when entering and leaving Play mode if there's a UIDocument in the scene. (UUM-10360)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed for 2022.1.X: [UI Builder] @import is stripped from the associated .uss file when saving .uxml. (UUM-14414)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed VectorImage glitching when changing the size of the GameView window. (UUM-4158)

  • Universal RP: Fixed error when viewing camera preview in editor window when using a feature AfterRenderingPostProcessing. (UUM-11947)

  • URP: Fixed memory leak issue in URP deferred when resizing preview camera window. (UUM-2385)

  • WebGL: Fixed a bug where losing focus on the player would cause buttons to become stuck. (UUM-3230)

  • WebGL: Fixed a bug where pressing the CMD key on Safari would cause buttons to become stuck. (UUM-12013)

  • WebGL: Fixed a bug where WebGL would run in low power mode in some browsers. (UUM-7962)

  • Windows: Fixed mouse buttons do not get switched when the primary mouse button is changed. (UUM-3959)

Package changes in 2022.1.19f1

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