Unity 2018.1.6

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  • (None) - Android: Fixed crash when running on Android 8 in instant app mode.
  • (1046738(785610)) - Android: Fix for graphical corruption when screen resolution is changed.
  • (1026812(1018967)) - Android: Fix internal android build to include only required abi from aar files.
  • (1032929) - Editor: Reduced enter play mode and recompile time by optimizing EditorCompilationInterface.GetTargetAssembly and EditorCompilationInterface.GetTargetAssembliesWithScripts. Has a high impact on projects with lots of scripts and lots of .asmdef files.
  • (None) - Editor: Editor Skin becomes grey when a Collab project is opened for the first time.
  • (1008728) - Editor: Fix commandline filtering for running Tests.
  • (1035068) - GI: Fix HDR lightmaps encoding in Gamma Color Space.
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect not supporting 32-bit indices.
  • (1043225) - IL2CPP: Fixes an issue that occurs when constrained calls are made on pointer types in unsafe contexts.
  • (1040777) - IL2CPP: Corrects low level IL behavior when storing values to small local integer variables. This can affect the conversion between pointers and integers in unsafe contexts.
  • (1036866) - IL2CPP: Changing stack behavior of store-indirect instructions to fix unintended side effects caused by a previous optimization to prevent too many local variables.
  • (1017515) - IL2CPP: Fix deadlock on exit when using OnAudioFilterRead.
  • (984547) - Physics: Fix Root Motion slowdown introduced in 2017.2.
  • (1028321) - Package Manager: Projects created from a template would have the wrong version in ProjectVersion.txt.
  • (1039037) - Scripting Upgrade: Support Debugger.Break when using new scripting runtime.
  • (976639) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed GI folders getting picked up as language resources by Visual Studio.
  • (1043563) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed subscribing to Windows Runtime events on IL2CPP scripting backend with .NET Standard 2.0 profile.
  • (1017288) - Windows: Fixed an exception in RecreateDisplayList when there are no monitors attached.
  • (951118) - XR: Resolved issue with the OS minimizing the Editor when playing a Mixed Reality application on Windows RS4.
  • (954950) - XR: Resolved issues with User-Presence not working properly in the Editor for Windows Mixed Reality applications.

Revision: 57cc34175ccf


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