Unity 2017.4.5

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  • iOS: Disabled builtin cache in iOS UnityWebRequest backend for consistency with other platforms.


  • (1032692(1021238)) - Android: Fixed reading files with hieroglyphs in their names from StreamingAssets using UnityWebRequest.
  • (1013704(984292)) - Android: Fixed black screen on Adreno GPU when using postprocessing stack and GLES2 graphics API.
  • (1011085) - Android: Fixed android video player not reporting error when hardware decoder fails.
  • (989005) - Android: Fixed shader unsigned int casting to signed int failure on android 4.*.
  • (969473) - Android: Fixed Android bottom navigation bar is shown when using Handheld.StartActivityIndicator.
  • (972235) - Android: Fixed android video playback of rotated video files.
  • (1035719(1028371)) - Android: Reduced spam to logcat on UnityWebRequest error.
  • (963211) - Animation: Fixed an issue where Timeline playback of humans with translation DoF would be erroneous.
  • (1005576) - Asset Import: Fixed random animation corruption when importing the animation multiple times.
  • (987608) - Editor: Fixed a performance issue when running tests, related to file cleanup verification.
  • (None) - Editor: Optimised version control icon overlay drawing in the Project Window Jake Turner.
  • (988019) - Graphics: Fixed depth buffer when using cube map array.
  • (1011557) - Graphics: Fixed SRP crash.
  • (1024561(1014022)) - iOS: Disabled builtin cache in iOS UnityWebRequest backend for consistency with other platforms.
  • (1025683(1020451)) - iOS: Fixed race condition in UnityWebRequest backend.
  • (1024559(1011741)) - iOS: Fixed UnityWebRequest.Abort() not completing the request.
  • (1019662) - iOS: Fixed launching via Universal Link.
  • (1039553) - iOS: Fixed crash in Animator Controller destructor with DeallocateResources
  • (985457) - OpenGL: Graphics Fixed GLCore API crash when using indirect buffer as rw buffer.
  • (936668) - Scripting: Fixed crash when List.DefaultCapacity field is stripped.
  • (1001595) - Timeline: Fixed memory leak from Animation Tracks when loaded from an Asset Bundle.

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