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Unity Industry
Get the creation tools and enterprise-level support you need to transform your CAD and 3D data into immersive apps and experiences available on any device, anywhere.
Unity presents XR and visionOS tools at AWE 2024, hosting a workshop on app development for Apple Vision Pro.
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What is Unity Industry?

Unity Industry enables developers, artists, and engineers across industries like automotive, manufacturing, government, architecture, energy, and retail to build and deliver custom real-time 3D experiences for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mobile, desktop, and web.

What is included?

Unity Industry – the exclusive path for industry customers – combines the power of Unity Enterprise, Pixyz’s CAD and 3D data ingestion pipelines, Unity Mars, Enterprise access to Unity Cloud’s ecosystem of products and services, and dedicated customer success resources. It provides developers with everything they need to ideate, build, and scale multiplatform industry applications.

✓ Everything in Unity Enterprise

✓ Pixyz Plugin

✓ Industry Success

✓ Unity Cloud

  • Unity Asset Manager
  • Centralized administration
  • Unity DevOps
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Exclusive industry support

Industry Success helps you solve critical onboarding challenges and accelerate your time to market. With the help of a dedicated Partner Advisor, on-demand training for every team member, and rapid-response technical support, you have what you need to upskill your team and scale your next project.

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Easy data optimization

The Pixyz Plugin lets you better prepare your 3D and CAD data with flexible data ingestion pipelines. It supports the import of more than 40 different CAD and 3D file types, preserving critical hierarchy and metadata for your application, while letting you configure your data to perform on any target device.

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Streamlined AR workflows

Tackle the biggest challenges of creating AR experiences with Unity Mars. It accelerates content development with plain-language authoring tools, easy-to-use templates, and a variety of testing environments within the Unity Editor. Then you can easily release cross-platform experiences with support for iOS, Android, and HoloLens.

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Experiences built to last

Manage complex builds across a growing business with Build Server, a floating licensing model to help you scale QA with on-prem build capacity. Source code access lets you dive deeper into project customization, and Extended Long Term Support (LTS) means your creations are supported with bug fixes and updates for up to three years without the need to upgrade.

Unity Cloud

Now included with Unity Industry, Unity Cloud centralizes content and streamlines workflows with vital connections between Unity Asset Manager, Unity Version Control, and the Unity Editor, helping your team create better games faster. Leverage cloud-connected APIs to stream large models from the cloud at runtime, integrate voice chat and collaboration, and manage access to your experiences and assets.

Asset Manager
Unity Asset Manager

Our extensible, cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution provides robust 3D asset management to increase discoverability, reuse, and ROI of content across your studio.

Unity DevOps

Automate your 3D asset pipeline with Build Automation and smooth collaboration between all roles with Unity Version Control. Create, test, and iterate on new ideas with agility.

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