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Unity Asset Manager
Our extensible, cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution lets you increase discoverability, reuse, and ROI of content across your organization.
Unity Asset Manager is included in Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise plans.
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Asset Entry

Regain control of your content

Easily ingest and organize content with auto-generated tags and thumbnails to improve discoverability. You can discover existing assets by browsing project-based collections, quickly search across projects, and even surface content from the DAM directly in creative applications.

Asset Manager

Intuitive asset management

Use the Unity Asset Manager’s powerful but simple interface to group users, assets, and their permissions and roles for maximum efficiency and content ROI. You can also intuitively browse content in collections or find it based on keywords and license types.

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Increase creative velocity

Ensure content is where you need it, when you need it, with a searchable window directly within the Unity Editor for easy download into Unity projects. You can also index assets from Unity Version Control to provide the most complete picture of your studio’s content, regardless of where it lives.

Asset Manager

Custom-fit to your workflows

Unity Asset Manager seamlessly integrates into your organization’s workflows. You can access via the Cloud Dashboard, APIs or SDKs, and maintain comprehensive control over your content security.

Key features
Better asset management

Unify 3D content across your studio. Get manual and automated metadata tagging combined with intuitive collection control, version history, drag-and-drop ingestion, in-app preview of large CAD files, and integrations with Version Control.

Intuitive browsing and discovery

Search for assets with keywords or browse collections and projects using auto-generated thumbnails. Assets can be organized into collections and nested to reflect familiar organizational folder structures for intuitive browsing.

Essential integrations with creative tools

Projects and content are exactly where you need them. Browse content from Unity Asset Manager in the Editor to bring it into projects. For versioning, automatically link Unity Version Control repos with every new project you launch from Unity Hub.

Lifecycle management

Stay in control of your licensed assets with the ability to import license details on ingest, and benefit from smart categorization of license types when filtering content in discovery workflows.

Role-based permissions

Maintain control over who can access your content at a project level with role-based access controls. You can assign project admin, contributor, consumer, and viewer roles to keep access to your IP organized and secure.

Flexibility and extensibility

Tailor your workflow to your needs. With a simple well-documented API, and an SDK that makes it easy for your developers to edit and manage assets at runtime, Unity Asset Manager seamlessly integrates with other apps in your pipeline.

Asset Manager
Unity Cloud

Unity Asset Manager is available as part of Unity Cloud. Centralize content and streamline workflows with vital connections between Unity Asset Manager, Unity Version Control, and the Unity Editor, helping your team create better games faster.

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