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GDC 2024
Dev Summit On Demand
Explore sessions for game developers – whenever and wherever you want. Level up your skills with technical deep dives, feature previews, dev tips, demos, and more from GDC 2024.

Bringing the biggest dev events to you

Even if you can’t make it to industry conferences and events like GDC in person, we want to give you access to the latest content. We’ve gathered post-event recordings of the most in-demand Dev Summit technical sessions for you to take in on your time.
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See what’s in store in Unity 6

Discover the latest Unity Engine developments and how they’re supported by tools and services to help you maximize your creative freedom and efficiency while producing gorgeous, immersive games that will wow players over and over.

Accelerate creativity

Discover Unity’s powerful tools to create, iterate, and scale performant graphics for your game.
Improve performance with DOTS baking

Bake in performance with data-oriented design

Learn how to maximize your game’s performance with Unity’s Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS), including baking to convert scene data into entities and components.
Rendering customization and performance in Unity 6

Scale graphics in Unity 6

Discover Unity 6 advancements in rendering, lighting, and VFX technologies, including artist tooling for materials and shaders, plus scaling illumination across platforms.
Unity Muse: Accelerate prototyping with AI

Iterate faster with AI-powered Unity Muse

In this session, learn how Unity Muse – a collection of AI-powered capabilities – helps make creating in the Unity Editor faster, less complex, and more flexible.

More players, more platforms

Get insights into best practices for multiplatform reach, the latest devices, and publishing games directly to the web.
High-fidelity graphics across platforms

Boost graphics performance across platforms

Learn how Unity 6 enhances graphics performance while getting the most out of hardware capabilities on mobile, VR, PC, and consoles.
Dive in with Apple Vision Pro and Unity

Take your game to Apple Vision Pro

Learn how to build or port spatial games and apps for Apple Vision Pro using familiar Unity authoring tools and workflows.
Best practices for successful web games

Reach players directly with web games

Get time-saving tips, optimization tricks, and strategic insights for web platform games, plus a sneak peek at Unity’s web runtime investments coming to Unity 6.
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From big idea to big success

Create and iterate quickly with industry-leading tools that help you realize your vision and reach more players across platforms and devices.