Unity 2022.3.26

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Known Issues in 2022.3.26f1

  • Asset - Database: Crash in CollectManagedImportDependencyGetters inside OpenScene in batch mode (UUM-57742)

  • Asset - Database: Crash on UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:OpenAsset because assertion fails on prefabInstance.GetRootGameObject().IsValid() expression while opening a specific Scene (UUM-66207)

  • Asset Importers: Crash on StackAllocator<0>::GetOverheadSize when importing the “POLYGON City - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty“ asset pack (UUM-55981)

  • Graphics Optimization: Crash on PrepareDrawShadowsCommandStep1 when selecting a camera while the Occlusion Culling window is open (UUM-506)

  • IAP: [Android] The Player crashes with a "JNI ERROR (app bug)" error when the global reference table gets overflowed by BillingClientStateListener (UUM-55105)

  • IL2CPP: [Android] Crash on Android when AndroidJavaProxy is calling from multiple threads (UUM-49357)

  • Metal: Player hangs when re-focusing the Player window after switching to a window that covers the Player window (UUM-67400)

  • Platform Audio: Crash on FMOD::CodecMPEG::setPositionInternal when a mobile platform is selected and a specific audio clip is played (UUM-62086)

  • UI Toolkit Framework: The "StackOverflowException" error is thrown in the console and the Editor freezes when Spacebar is pressed after selecting the last element of a list (UUM-69616)

  • WebRequest: UnityWebRequest crashes if invoked when player is quitting (UUM-63150)

2022.3.26f1 Release Notes


  • Build System: Serialise concurrent overlapping bee standalone driver processes to avoid build failures.


  • Build System: Upgraded unity-unpacker and bsdtar binaries to use libarchive 3.7.3.

  • Package: Updated Cinemachine package to 2.10.0.


  • 2D: Fixed unable to create Sprite in Sprite Editor Window in certain cases. (UUM-67197)

  • Android: Bump Android Logcat Package to 1.4.1.

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed performance regression when clearing bundle cache folders. (UUM-60063)

  • Core: Fixed floating point issue in APV sampling. (UUM-47714)

  • Documentation: Fixed EditorUtility.OpenFilePanelWithFilters documentation. (UUM-44679)

  • Documentation: Fixed EditorUtility.SetDialogOptOutDecision documentation. (UUM-43878)

  • Editor: Default assets should not be uploaded to the Accelerator. (UUM-66975)

  • Editor: Errors related to the sqlite dll when using the Windows ARM64 Editor.

  • Editor: Fixed crash when entering and leaving play mode while UnityWebRequest is downloading texture using DownloadHandlerTexture. (UUM-68555)

  • Editor: Fixed flickering when using baked gi node and TAA. (UUM-65682)

  • Editor: Fixed how SearchPRoviders are enabled and setup/disabled in search window. (UUM-62165)

  • Editor: Fixed how tags and labels thumbnails are displayed in Search Propositions. (UUM-62795)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where dialog box with a progress bar can cause a crash when entering play mode on macOS. (UUM-66854)

  • Editor: Fixed performance regression introduced by SO Library detection change. (UUM-25880)

  • Editor: Fixed temp memory leak inside Memory Profiler GUI element. (UUM-62793)

  • Editor: HDRP: Fixed out-of-range errors that can happen when using decals with multiple cameras. (UUM-66021)

  • Editor: Removed "Autofill" menu item from the "Edit" menu. (UUM-62774)

  • Editor: Removed "Close All" menu item from the "File" menu. (UUM-65192)

  • HDRP: Banding in IES importer. (UUM-68033)

  • HDRP: Fixed cinematic eye shader lighting from directional lights. (UUM-65500)

  • HDRP: Fixed realloc of history buffer when XR is enabled. (UUM-41386)

  • HDRP: Fixed TAA post sharpen in XR. (UUM-32872)

  • HDRP: Fixed underwater applied when water is disabled. (UUM-61413)

  • iOS: Fixed ProjectCapabilityManager.AddHealthKit API not adding HealthKit capability to PBXProject correctly. (UUM-65393)

  • iOS: UnityWebRequest URLs with unescaped symbols [ and ] in query and containing other spec characters like space will now fail on iOS 17 instead of sending request to improperly escaped (and as such - wrong) url. URLs that are properly percent-escaped are recommended and will work correctly. (UUM-66942)

  • Linux: Fixed Multi-touch events not recognizing on Linux Player. (UUM-49191)

  • Linux: Prevent crash when shader compiler steals focus from preview texture window. (UUM-59278)

  • macOS: Fixed custom cursor not used if mouse leaves the window. (UUM-67592)

  • Prefabs: Crash on PhysicsManager::SetBodyTransformChangeInterest when opening a scene. (UUM-56057)

  • Shadergraph: Added issues where shaders generated for iOS or Android may not compile correctly due to precision. (UUM-64863)

  • Shaders: Fixed shaders marked incompatible with the SRP Batcher when shaders with a lot of similar properties were loaded. (UUM-69238)

  • SRP Core: Fixed PackFloat2To8 in packing.hlsl. (UUM-62724)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed large memory allocation sometimes happening when processing style variables. (UUM-69741)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed UIDocument component not showing on some Inspector windows when multiple inspectors are open. (UUM-67033)

  • Undo System: Fixed crash when undoing an action in a graph using Undo.RecordObject. (UUM-58380)

  • Universal RP: Removed duplicated code in UniversalRenderer.cs. (UUM-69481)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Syncing capabilities to update the manifest is only necessary if the manifest already exists. (UUM-68424)

  • Video: Fixed the Video Player to play the video after seeking back to frame 0 when Loop and Skip On Drop are enabled and the video has looped once. (UUM-66728)

  • Video: Video repeats the first frame on Android when it is played via Unity's Video Player component. (UUM-45914)

  • VisionOS: Fixed the Pause/Resume callbacks from being invoked twice when resuming from pause, causing a crash.

  • XR: Updated XR Hands package to 1.4.0 and set 1.5.0-pre.1 as available next version.

  • XR: Updated XR Interaction Toolkit package to 2.5.4.

Package changes in 2022.3.26f1

Packages updated

Packages added


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