Unity 2022.3.11

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Known Issues in 2022.3.11f1

  • Audio Authoring: Wrong tooltip when hovering over the "Load In Background" property of an audio clip (UUM-27581)

  • DOTS: [Android] [Entities] Build fails with the error “Asset has disappeared while building player to 'globalgamemanagers.assets' - path '', instancedID '-xxxxxx'“ when building (UUM-41830)

  • GLES: [Linux][URP] Crash on GfxFramebufferGLES::Clear when entering the Play Mode when all Renderer Features are disabled, Native RenderPass and MainCamera's Depth Texture is enabled (UUM-49240)

  • Packman: [Linux] Package Manager window disappears when adding a package from git URL (UUM-52706)

  • RP Foundation: Fix for 2022.3.X: Depth pass is rendered with an incorrect matrix in the animation preview when using Universal RP (UUM-52626)

  • Scene Management: Crash on MergePrefabChanges when attempting to assign missing GameObject in Inspector (UUM-42461)

  • Serialization: Crash and or slow update when List items are reordered in the Inspector Window (UUM-46703)

2022.3.11f1 Release Notes


  • Particles: Added BakeTexture and BakeTrailsTexture scripting methods.

  • Particles: Added the Custom Vertex Streams feature for particle trails.

  • XR: Unity's integrated support for tone-mapping and outputting to HDR Displays in URP, HDRP and the built-in render pipeline has been extended to allow support for XR devices that have a HDR display.


  • Editor: Improved performance when fetching artifacts that are missing (e.g link to an artifact deleted from the project). (UUM-22002)

  • Editor: Moving files in the Project window now takes less memory and is faster. (UUM-44466)

  • Graphics: Added three new UNITY_DOTS_INSTANCED_PROP variants to give users more control over DOTS instanced property loading performances.

  • Graphics: Optimize DOTS instanced properties loading code for URP and HDRP stock shaders.

  • Kernel: Added "-timestamps" command line argument to the player, which makes it prepend timestamps at the beginning of each log line. This setting was previously only available to the editor.

  • Shadergraph: Improved performance of undo/redo in large graphs. (UUM-52220)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Improved performance of repeated checks whether accelerometer and gyrometer are supported.

API Changes

  • SRP Core: Added: ObjectID Render Request that provides a render texture with the ObjectId of each pixel.


  • Editor: Accessing Transform data from 'OnDestroy' during an Undo operation is no longer allowed and an error message is logged. (UUM-31100)

  • Editor: Added command to support Hub creating a new project, and connecting a project to Unity Version Control.

  • Editor: Don't write cloudProjectId in ProjectSettings.asset anymore since it should only be managed by Services.

  • Version Control: Moved the button to invite users to the organization from the submenu to the toolbar.

  • Version Control: Show a message with a link to invite users to the organization after the first checkin.

  • XR: Changed reported Screen.width and Screen.height when using MagicLeap device.

  • XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 4.1.1.


  • 2D: Fixed bug where a GameObject instantiated by a Tile is recreated on the player when the user refreshes the Tile without changing the Tile. (UUM-45589)

  • 2D: Fixed FullScreenRenderPass when using with Pixel Perfect Camera. (UUM-34852)

  • 2D: Fixed Post Processing and Anti-aliasing during camera stacking when using Renderer2D. (UUM-40770)

  • Android: Fixed a bug related to the "Mute Other Audio Sources" player setting on Android. There were two cases where another app's audio might not get muted when it should be. This could happen if the other app was started before the Unity app or if the other app was played via the Android "quick panel" after the Unity app was started. (UUM-37753)

  • Android: Fixed a potential race condition during pause routine, which would cause application to accidentally quit instead of pausing. (UUM-30732)

  • Android: Fixed background color when rendering over native UI. (UUM-32877)

  • Android: Fixed URP FinalBlit on Adreno 3XX GPUs. (UUM-41795)

  • Android: Screen.brigthness will correctly return values on phones like Oppo or Xiaomi, previously the value was sometimes bigger than 1.0. (UUM-48141)

  • Android: Setting Screen.brightness will now work correctly, it will be applied via https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/WindowManager.LayoutParams#screenBrightness, thus system setting 'display brightness' will remain unaffected, thus not affecting other applications. (UUM-47926)

  • Animation: Fixed bug where animation rigging constraints and AnimationScriptPlayable could not set translation on the hips of a humanoid, even if its root motion was disabled. (UUM-51103)

  • Animation: Fixed incorrect display of the event markers in the FBX importer Animation tab. (UUM-49717)

  • Apple TV: Fixed build of generated xcode project with xcode beta. (UUM-44352)

  • Asset Pipeline: Prevent folders hidden in Project Browser causing new empty folders. (UUM-33443)

  • Audio: Fixed AudioSource.Play() not starting from time=0 after manually seeking with AudioSource.time and then calling AudioSource.Stop(). (UUM-48572)

  • Build System: Fixed an issue where building a player could fail because of file paths being longer than 260 characters on Windows. (UUM-49428)

  • Build System: Implemented DISABLE_PLATFORM_{PLATFORM} to UserOverride.jam.

  • Editor: Backport motion vector fix for ShaderGraph. (UUM-49158)

  • Editor: Do not show UnityWebRquest timeout error from curl to Editor console. (UUM-47110)

  • Editor: Fixed a misleading error message when renaming a shortcut profile to a long string. (UUM-48040)

  • Editor: Fixed a rare case where the editor would repeatedly ask to reset user layouts on startup. (UUM-48800)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where pdb files could be kept open by the Shortcut Manager. (UUM-20712)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the project browser lock icon would ping for items that could not actually be framed. (UUM-47122)

  • Editor: Fixed ArgumentException errors are thrown when selecting a Lens Flare (SRP) asset. (UUM-44061)

  • Editor: Fixed bug where reserved GLSL words couldn't be used as buffer variable names in compute shaders targeting Vulkan. (UUM-41272)

  • Editor: Fixed Crash on ContainerWindow::ToggleMaximize when EditorWindow is closed during Undo. (UUM-48402)

  • Editor: Fixed Display.RelativeMouseAt() reporting invalid values when using multiple displays that have been resized or moved (Display C# API) on Windows. (UUM-44474)

  • Editor: Fixed Domain Reload editor crash when invalid assemblies are present in the project. (UUM-47920)

  • Editor: Fixed hangs in GC and crash when Content Files unload. (UUM-51951)

  • Editor: Fixed Input.mousePosition reporting invalid values when using multiple displays (Display C# API) on Windows. (UUM-44474)

  • Editor: Fixed multiline error/warning compiler messages getting igonred. (UUM-40887)

  • Editor: Fixed OnMouseDown not working when using multiple displays that have been resized or moved (Display C# API) on Windows. (UUM-44474)

  • Editor: Fixed the ExposedReference property drawer ObjectField not updating when undo/redo is performed. (UUM-25157)

  • Editor: Fixed the Object Selector window title so it used nice names to match the ObjectField label. (UUM-49089)

  • Editor: Fixed the styling of the shortcut manager prompt window when the active shortcut profile has a long name. (UUM-35758)

  • Editor: GameObject shadows could be broken when entities positions are very far away. (UUM-46339)

  • Editor: Improved temp atomic safety handle by temp allocator owns the safety nodes. (UUM-41241)

  • Editor: Linux crash related to MenuItem Validate() calling Menu.SetChecked(). (UUM-49439)

  • Editor: Removing CacheServer (used by V1 asset database), long deprecated.

  • Editor: Removing NodeJS from Editor release, but upgrading for internal use. (UUM-49099)

  • Editor: Reverted a breaking change related to IGraphEventListener.

  • Editor: Reverted a breaking change where LudiqScriptableObject._data was marked as private.

  • Editor: Shader is still SRP Batcher compatible when using array in UnityPerMaterial cbuffer. (UUM-52178)

  • Editor: [Android][2022.3] Modify DeleteAsset function to check whether file path already begins with "Assets" folder to avoid adding the folder twice. (UUM-48497)

  • GI: Added code signing for the unity denoising DLLs.

  • Graphics: Fixed 'The transcoded bitstream was invalid' error being shown when streaming using SVT. (UUM-41518)

  • Graphics: Fixed on-the-fly decompression of ASTC-compressed textures in Editor when width or height is smaller than 4 pixels. (UUM-41708)

  • Graphics: Fixed rendering regressions in cube maps that are copied GLESTextures. (UUM-45754)

  • Graphics: Fixed Vulkan rendering when viewport or scissor rectangle has negative offset. (UUM-39970)

  • Graphics: Graphics: Lens Flare does not perform Occlusion with a certain Occlusion Offset value when the Camera is facing Light. (UUM-3984)

  • Graphics: Hide legacy probe debugging when APV is enabled. (UUM-33050)

  • HDRP: Fixed error when assigning non water material to water. (UUM-46256)

  • HDRP: Fixed missing shadergraph include on HDRP. (UUM-51851)

  • HDRP: New checkbox in surface options to allow materials to be excluded from temporal anti aliasing. The checkbox name is "RemoveFromTUAndAA". This checkbox is ideal for surfaces that contain texture scrolling that has to be neat and does not have velocity information.<br> For now, this checkbox is only exposed to transparent materials since they are the only ones that can fit a stencil bit for such operation. (UUM-37206)

  • IL2CPP: Added DivideByZeroChecks to modulo/remainder operator. (UUM-45551)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a crash in some cases where a generic type was being used. (UUM-42694)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed ExceptionSupportStack overflow with exception filters in loops. (UUM-42937)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed get_base_method() to behave as mono does, preventing a crash when the method slot is outside of the vtable. (UUM-44323)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed LoadIndirectNativeInteger to use a temp variable. (UUM-43502)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed UnsafeUtililty.IsUnmanaged/UnsafeUtililty.IsBlittable returning incorrect results. (UUM-43422)

  • IL2CPP: Prevent the debugger from incorrectly resetting the value of static fields in some cases. (UUM-35358)

  • Input System: Fixed an issue causing older DualShock 4 models (CUH-ZCT1x) appearing as both a DualShock 4 (via HID) and an Xinput device. (UUM-48992)

  • Input System: Invalid input data errors for 0 byte input downgraded to warning instead. (UUM-16523)

  • iOS: Fixed PlayerSettings.iOS.hideHomeButton not reading/modifying actual PlayerSettings. (UUM-31884)

  • iOS: Fixed safe area not reporting correctly when changing orientation. (UUM-41818)

  • Kernel: Synchronize implicit dependencies when using RunReadOnly on IJobParallelForTransform (causing "In-place job must not have dependencies" assert).

  • Linux: Fixed Editor progress window labels doesn't updating. (UUM-51402)

  • Linux: Fixed Progress modal window stays on top of every other window and cannot be moved. (UUM-51429)

  • macOS: Lock camera configuration when Unity is using it. (UUM-45255)

  • Mono: Fixed crash in Rider when hovering a symbol to view it's value. (UUM-43492)

  • Mono: Fixed deadlock on taking a memory profiler snapshot. (UUM-40688)

  • Mono: Fixed Editor crash when mini_get_method fails. (UUM-45293)

  • Mono: Fixed issue where a fixed buffer within a valuetype struct would not be passed by value correctly. (UUM-30210)

  • Mono: Fixed min alignment of structures with explicit layout. (UUM-46084)

  • Mono: Produce crash dump when g_assertion_message is called. (UUM-43015)

  • Particles: Improved batching performance of Particle Systems that use Sprites. (UUM-52114)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed drag and drop action of Skybox material in the SceneView not added to the Undo stack and not dirtying the scene. (UUM-29041)

  • Serialization: Fixed a condition that can cause long or near-infinite loop after insertion from BaseListView. (UUM-41478)

  • Serialization: Fixed calling JsonUtility.FromJson&lt;T&gt;(json) in parallel task. (UUM-46590)

  • Serialization: This fix makes sure that a rebuild is performed after the rename of the scriptable object and the scriptable object is updated accordingly, so that the editor doesn't crash. (UUM-41704)

  • Shaders: Fixed HLSL to Metal codegen when loading a specific sample index from a Texture2DMSArray. (UUM-46480)

  • Shaders: Fixed \#include_with_pragmas directives deleting other lines of code during raytracing and compute shader compilation. (UUM-35030)

  • SpeedTree: Meshes don't calculate UV distribution metrics on import. (UUM-27636)

  • Terrain: Fixed a player crash when a terrain tile completely made of holes was viewed from a distance. (UUM-45970)

  • UI Toolkit: Added a workaround for a Intel Graphics 3000 driver bug that would cause textures rendered by UI Toolkit to show incorrectly. (UUM-13134)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed editor failing to load layout preset when it includes the UI Builder. (UUM-48802)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed invalid elements tessellation when NaN values are set in the style transform values. (UUM-48759)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed issue where you cannot set sortColumnDescriptions property after columns property in multi-column controls. (UIT-2124)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed new default runtime theme being created after an existing default runtime theme was renamed. (UUM-48266)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ObjectField showing the wrong label when the asset was missing. (UUM-40335)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed sorting change events being sent during reapplication of view data state. (UUM-36302)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed Vector3Field SetValueWithoutNotify triggers RegisterValueChangedCallback. (UUM-43504)

  • Universal RP: Added Shader Keywords for Soft Shadow quality levels and disable per-light quality level on untethered XR platforms. (UUM-33025)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where selecting a stacked camera caused the editor to freeze and sometimes crash. (UUM-49234)

  • Universal RP: Fixed FullScreenPassRendererFeature only using the material of the last full screen feature in a frame (now multiple passes work correctly in one frame). (UUM-30970)

  • Universal RP: Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException error when using Native RenderPass on Deferred. (UUM-47178)

  • Universal RP: Fixed missing "_BlitScaleBias" upload for text shaders using the CoreRP Blit.hlsl header. (UUM-35591)

  • Universal RP: Fixed TAA Very High option flicker. (UUM-37582)

  • Universal RP: Fixed transparent materials getting marked as dirty during material UI updates and project saving. (UUM-45752)

  • Universal RP: Make FullScreenPassRendererFeature work with depth and stencil operations (users can still opt-out of depth-stencil being bound per feature in the "Additional Properties" section). (UUM-26399)

  • Version Control: Fixed Add to ignored/hidden changes list from the Project window creating a negative rule.

  • Version Control: Fixed Switch to changeset not working on Gluon partial workspace.

  • VFX Graph: Crash while sampling combined or deleted mesh with SampleMesh. (UUM-36588)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed an error in the console when clicking on the [+] button in the blackboard in the "No Asset" window. (UUM-28528)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed exception while removing clip event in timeline inspector. (UUM-33276)

  • VFX Graph: Prevent unexpected border highlight after clicking on VFX toolbar button. (UUM-34988)

  • VFX Graph: Take search window mode user's preference into account for object fields in VFX Graph (classic / advanced). (UUM-26418)

  • VFX Graph: Unexpected behavior with material setup in case of multimesh output. (UUM-35755)

  • VFX Graph: Unexpected NaN in direction with zero scaled position primitive. (UUM-41463)

  • Video: Fixed crash when editor using ShareX [screen-capture-recorder-to-video](https://github.com/rdp/screen-capture-recorder-to-video-windows-free) webcam. (UUM-44750)

  • Video: Video Player Component has irregular playback speed in Player when using WebGL. (UUM-33747)

  • Web: Fixed typo in the Decompression Fallback player setting. (UUM-46118)

  • WebGL: Fixed rendering issues on Apple M1 GPUs when Depth Priming is enabled for URP. (UUM-40225)

  • WebGL: Move compression tests out of weekly suite, and add missing test cases. (UUM-36761)

  • XR: Updated XR Interaction Toolkit to version 2.5.1.

Package changes in 2022.3.11f1

Packages updated

Packages added

Packages no longer available

  • com.unity.services.push-notifications

  • com.unity.services.vivox


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