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Known Issues in 2021.3.38f1

  • Asset - Database: Crash on GetAssetCachedInfoV2 when opening a project (UUM-14959)

  • Asset Importers: Unity crashes on strtol_l when importing a specific .obj file (UUM-42697)

  • Graphics Optimization: Crash on PrepareDrawShadowsCommandStep1 when selecting a camera while the Occlusion Culling window is open (UUM-506)

  • IAP: [Android] The Player crashes with a "JNI ERROR (app bug)" error when the global reference table gets overflowed by BillingClientStateListener (UUM-55105)

  • IL2CPP: [Android] Crash on Android when AndroidJavaProxy is calling from multiple threads (UUM-49357)

  • Platform Audio: Crash on FMOD::CodecMPEG::setPositionInternal when a mobile platform is selected and a specific audio clip is played (UUM-62086)

  • Universal RP: Objects are invisible in Scene view when using Wireframe Shading Mode (UUM-36914)

  • WebRequest: UnityWebRequest crashes if invoked when player is quitting (UUM-63150)

2021.3.38f1 Release Notes


  • Documentation: Documentation fixes for the Animation and Math API. (UUM-67920)

  • Graphics: Improved error messages in the Console Window when building a RayTracingAccelerationStructure and using invalid Mesh data.

  • iOS: ProjectCapabilityManager.AddInAppPurchase() now also adds the required StoreKit.framework. (UUM-66002)


  • Build System: Avoid empty lines and always use unix newlines in script compilation rsp files to simplify build logs.

  • Build System: Upgraded unity-unpacker and bsdtar binaries to use libarchive 3.7.3.

  • Package: Updated Cinemachine package to 2.10.0.

  • Web: Disabled experimental WebGL multithreading support. (UUM-33612)


  • 2D: Fixed unable to create Sprite in Sprite Editor Window in certain cases. (UUM-67197)

  • Android: Added android target API level 32, 33 and 34.

  • Android: Bump Android Logcat Package to 1.4.1.

  • Android: Compass timestamp as time elapsed in seconds since the device was last turned on. (UUM-64955)

  • Android: Fixed back gesture invoking UI elements. (UUM-48818)

  • Android: Fixed issue where Unity during application quit would unchain from different signals via sigaction, than the one chained at the application start. (UUM-68176)

  • Animation: Fixed AnimatorController m_Controller field inconsistency when changing parameter and layer order. (UUM-63803)

  • Animation: Fixed crash when deleting states in some state machines. If a state machine contained a state machine transition with a null source state (which should not happen under normal circumstances), unity would crash when deleting any state within the same state machine. It does not crash anymore. (UUM-66549)

  • Apple TV: Fixed Unity editor not finding Xcode application when only tvOS module is installed. (UUM-65168)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed performance regression when clearing bundle cache folders. (UUM-60063)

  • Asset Pipeline: Users are now allowed to save assets in any valid assets folder, which is not read-only. (UUM-65305)

  • Audio: Fixed an issue that would cause Unity to crash when you manually destroy a streamed audio clip. (UUM-14330)

  • Documentation: Fixed EditorUtility.OpenFilePanelWithFilters documentation. (UUM-44679)

  • Documentation: Fixed EditorUtility.SetDialogOptOutDecision documentation. (UUM-43878)

  • Editor: Default assets should not be uploaded to the Accelerator. (UUM-66975)

  • Editor: Errors related to the sqlite dll when using the Windows ARM64 Editor.

  • Editor: Favourites are now kept when entering Play Mode. (UVSB-2519)

  • Editor: Fixed a bug where IMGUI TreeViews that don't allow dragging also did not allow items to be deselected via CTRL + Left click. (UUM-9236)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where interacting with some Overlays did not stop mouse events from propagating further. (UUM-68629)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when entering and leaving play mode while UnityWebRequest is downloading texture using DownloadHandlerTexture. (UUM-68555)

  • Editor: Fixed touch state always stay as moved on Linux Runtime. (UUM-61865)

  • Editor: Move file hashing to using the job system to prevent intermittent locking during import. (UUM-53379)

  • Editor: Removed "Autofill" menu item from the "Edit" menu. (UUM-62774)

  • Editor: Removed "Close All" menu item from the "File" menu. (UUM-65192)

  • GI: Fixed slowdown in lighting settings UI. (UUM-62034)

  • Graphics: Fixed ReadPixels() using different Y positions. (UUM-58287)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an IL2CPP conversion crash when CreateMarshalInfoWriter encounters a type with a function pointer element type. (UUM-67750)

  • iOS: Fixed ProjectCapabilityManager.AddHealthKit API not adding HealthKit capability to PBXProject correctly. (UUM-65393)

  • iOS: IOS: [Privacy Manifests] Fixed duplicates elements filtering when merging multiple manifests if the children elements of the duplicates are in different order. (UUM-59885)

  • License: Don't exit play-mode when another project is being created (using Unity Hub 3.8.0-beta.1). (UUM-68141)

  • Linux: Fixed Multi-touch events not recognizing on Linux Player. (UUM-49191)

  • Linux: In our Linux Pulse audio driver, make sure to select the correct default output device. Previously, on some systems and some versions of Linux, we could end up with no audio output or audio output being routed to an unexpected device. (UUM-53143)

  • macOS: Fixed custom cursor not used if mouse leaves the window. (UUM-67592)

  • Package Manager: Fixed a small issue with Window.Open() not selecting a package after creation. (UUM-67571)

  • Physics 2D: Fixed a crash when sending TriggerEnter2D/Exit2D callbacks. (UUM-64913)

  • Security: Updated MbedTLS to 2.28.7 to address some security vulnerabilities. (UUM-63880)

  • Shadergraph: Added issues where shaders generated for iOS or Android may not compile correctly due to precision. (UUM-64863)

  • Shaders: Fixed UsePass shader to update its state whenever the pass owner shader is being modified. (UUM-5582)

  • SRP Core: Fixed PackFloat2To8 in packing.hlsl. (UUM-62724)

  • Text: Fixed un-detected sprite asset changes after adding new sprites. (UUM-55614)

  • uGUI: Fixed bug where renderer layer properties reset to default in prefab mode. (UUM-62507)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed dimensions of a parent element did not include padding when calculating the top/left/right/bottom values of an absolute element. (UUM-25738)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed rendering of UI Toolkit when using LLVMpipe. (UUM-68128)

  • UI Toolkit: Nested PropertyDrawer didn't work when there's both an Attribute drawer and a Drawer for the type. (UUM-66687)

  • UI Toolkit: When in Runtime on mobile, a ScrollView will no longer scroll if the touch interaction needs to be treated by a child element first (ex: a menu from a DropdownField). (UUM-39969)

  • UI Toolkit: [UI Builder] Fixed an issue where typing an invalid selector string would sometimes use a banner to display the error and sometimes use the console. The banner will now be used. (UUM-63589)

  • UI Toolkit: [UI Builder] Fixed an issue where UXML assets could not be opened from the Library pane using the call to action icon. (UUM-63541)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where using the "Accurate G-buffer Normals" feature for deferred rendering on mobile platforms would cause a large amount of artifacts. (UUM-62216)

  • Universal RP: Fixed Deferred renderer on Apple Silicon devices when Native Render Pass is enabled. (UUM-21744)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Syncing capabilities to update the manifest is only necessary if the manifest already exists. (UUM-68424)

  • URP: Pass name when the pass is "LightMode" = "Universal2D". (UUM-36358)

  • Version Control: Supported Perforce response during the login when it warns of an expiring license. (UUM-64620)

  • XR: Fixed for a distorted viewport when using no intermediate texture in XR rendering while using dynamic resolution. (UUM-66846)

  • XR: Updated XR Hands package to 1.4.0 and set 1.5.0-pre.1 as available next version.

  • XR: Updated XR Interaction Toolkit package to 2.5.4.

Package changes in 2021.3.38f1

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