Unity 2021.3.32

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Known Issues in 2021.3.32f1

  • Culling: kShadowCastingShadowsOnly objects are rendered by Projectors (built-in renderer) (UUM-35705)

  • Culling: [Mobile] Player freezes on "UnityClassic::Baselib_SystemFutex_Wait" or silently crashes (UUM-41806)

  • IL2CPP: [Android] Crash on Android when AndroidJavaProxy is calling from multiple threads (UUM-49357)

  • Platform Audio: [Linux] No audio output when playing audio (UUM-53143)

  • UI Toolkit Controls: CustomPropertyDrawer throws an "Assertion failed on expression" error when adding the first element to the list (UUM-34033)

  • UnityTLS: UnityWebRequest performance drop when running multiple requests at once (UUM-49389)

  • Universal RP: Meshes are not rendered when building WindowsStandalonePlayer builds from the command line with "batchmode", "nographics" flags (UUM-47782)

  • Windows: Sometimes the wrong image is displayed when using Cursor.SetCursor in software mode (UUM-46718)

2021.3.32f1 Release Notes


  • HDRP: Added a warning to the HDRP Wizard if a users project contains materials that cant be upgraded. (UUM-46394)

  • HDRP: Improved skyContext caching when the sky renderer changes. (UUM-43697)

  • Kernel: Added "-timestamps" command line argument to the player, which makes it prepend timestamps at the beginning of each log line. This setting was previously only available to the editor.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Improved performance of repeated checks whether accelerometer and gyrometer are supported.


  • Graphics: D3D11 will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to disable anti aliasing. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: D3D12 will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to disable anti aliasing. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: GLES will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to upgrade to x4. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: IOS will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to upgrade to x4. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: Mac will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to upgrade to x4. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: RenderTexture will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to disable anti aliasing. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: TvOS will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to upgrade to x4. (UUM-741)

  • Graphics: Vulkan will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to upgrade to x4. (UUM-741)

  • Services: In the In-App Purchasing Settings page of the Editor's Project Settings, we have changed the endpoint from which the Google Play Key is obtained. Also, instead of setting the key directly in the editor, there is now a dashboard link to set it directly on the backend to avoid future errors.

  • UI: Added "Unsupported MSAA Fallback" in player settings to specify how to handle cases with unsupported sample counts. (UUM-741)

  • URP: Vulkan URP will use MSAA samples count fallback from player settings. Prior to this x2 fallback would have been to upgrade to x4. (UUM-741)

  • Version Control: Added button for organization owner/admins to upgrade to DevOps subscription.

  • Version Control: Included new decorators for retained & locked files.

  • Version Control: Updated description in the package.json, including an updated link to get started.

  • XR: Updated com.unity.xr.management package version to 4.4.0.

  • XR: Updated com.unity.xr.openxr package version to 1.9.1.


  • 2D: Allows SortingGroups to ignore SortingGroups and Renderers under GameObject which are inactive, and does not count them in the limit for SortingGroups. (UUM-53520)

  • 2D: Fixed issue where the RendererColor property from the SpriteShapeRenderer persists over to the next TilemapRenderer. (UUM-53124)

  • Android: Fixed an issue where the preserved screen was displayed when using swipe for pop-up view. (UUM-48173)

  • Android: Fixed build failure when custom manifest with custom activity is used with windowed mode enabled in the manifest. (UUM-48998)

  • Android: Screen.brigthness will correctly return values on phones like Oppo or Xiaomi, previously the value was sometimes bigger than 1.0.<br> Android: Screen.brigthness getter will adjust logarithmic scale for Android Pie or higher. (UUM-48141)

  • Android: Setting Screen.brightness will now work correctly, it will be applied via https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/WindowManager.LayoutParams#screenBrightness, thus system setting 'display brightness' will remain unaffected, thus not affecting other applications.<br> Android: Further fix Screen.brightness setter on Xiaomi phones with Android 11 or higher. The minimum screen brightness value will be capped at 0.04, since setting this value lower would default to system brightness setting. (UUM-47926)

  • Animation: Fixed incorrect display of the event markers in the FBX importer Animation tab. (UUM-49717)

  • Asset Import: Fixed a regression where an fbx with missing materials would cause a crash during import. (UUM-53167)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed issue where an infinite import error is thrown when modifying the contents of a "folder plugin". (UUM-47972)

  • Asset Pipeline: Prevent folders hidden in Project Browser causing new empty folders. (UUM-33443)

  • Audio: Fixed crash when resetting AudioSettings during async object loading. (UUM-10237)

  • Audio: Fixed exposed parameters in audio mixers not being applied in standalone builds. (UUM-52523)

  • Build Pipeline: Log error in editor rather than closing the editor if building a player failed due to invalid inputs. (UUM-40764)

  • Documentation: Fixed UUM-36369 for 2021.3: ScriptReference/UIElements.PopupWindow. (UUM-36369)

  • Documentation: Fixed UUM-43427 for 2021.3: ScriptReference/UIElements.ListView. (UUM-43427)

  • Documentation: Fixed UUM-46270 for 2021.3: ScriptReference/UIElements.EventBase. (UUM-46270)

  • Documentation: Fixed UUM-46272 for 2021.3: ScriptReference/UIElements.TwoPaneSplitView. (UUM-46272)

  • DX12: Removed unnecessary barrier transition when using DrawMeshInstancedIndirect. (UUM-6102)

  • Editor: Added IDisposable support for both decorators and property drawers. Now, when the Editor is destroyed, the IDisposable feature allows for automated cleanup, making it easier to safely remove the drawer from editor event subscriptions and efficiently manage resources. (UUM-44220)

  • Editor: Custom bindings should be preserved when converting subgraph properties into subgraphs. (UUM-46780)

  • Editor: Do not show UnityWebRquest timeout error from curl to Editor console. (UUM-47110)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where pdb files could be kept open by the Shortcut Manager. (UUM-20712)

  • Editor: Fixed crash in audio mixer when loading assets that are corrupted. (UUM-43714)

  • Editor: Fixed Crash on ContainerWindow::ToggleMaximize when EditorWindow is closed during Undo. (UUM-48402)

  • Editor: Fixed current window layout not persisting between editor versions. (UUM-31137)

  • Editor: Fixed multiline error/warning compiler messages getting ignored. (UUM-40887)

  • Editor: Fixed problem with sending editor.buildPackageList analytics event. (UUM-49560)

  • Editor: Fixed Sprite Atlas assets not being fully checkout when using Perforce. (UUM-42695)

  • Editor: Fixed the styling of the shortcut manager prompt window when the active shortcut profile has a long name. (UUM-35758)

  • Editor: Fixed to make sure Clear commands work when using RenderPass API and Vulkan. (UUM-41126)

  • Editor: Fixed UI Builder importing image in unity ask to save changes then errors out. (UUM-8302)

  • Editor: Graphics: Fixed potential for LineRenderer.BakeMesh and TrailRenderer.BakeMesh to fail with invalid AABB error messages. (UUM-1913)

  • Editor: Linux crash related to MenuItem Validate() calling Menu.SetChecked(). (UUM-49439)

  • Editor: Loop information embedded in the smpl chunk of WAVE files is now properly handled in WebGL player builds. (UUM-12530)

  • Editor: Removed custom binding option from Subgraph Dropdown properties. (UUM-46772)

  • Editor: Targeting a platform with incorrect environment setup (e.g. targeting Xbox One with an incorrect GDK installed) no longer generates unrecoverable shader errors. (UUM-42506)

  • Editor: [Android][2021.3] Modify DeleteAsset function to check whether file path already begins with "Assets" folder to avoid adding the folder twice. (UUM-48497)

  • GI: Signify that light-baking api are editor only. (UUM-2731)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash when loading a zero-sized Texture2D asset. (UUM-9343)

  • Graphics: Fixed excessive Metal memory allocation under some scenarios. (UUM-31722)

  • Graphics: Fixed on-the-fly decompression of ASTC-compressed textures in Editor when width or height is smaller than 4 pixels. (UUM-41708)

  • Graphics: Fixed rendering regressions in cube maps that are copied GLESTextures. (UUM-45754)

  • Graphics: Fixed Vulkan rendering when viewport or scissor rectangle has negative offset. (UUM-39970)

  • Graphics: Lens Flare does not perform Occlusion with a certain Occlusion Offset value when the Camera is facing Light. (UUM-3984)

  • Graphics: MSAA sample count will fallback with same sample count, no matter what API is used. (UUM-741)

  • HDRP: Fixed a SetData error when using more lights in a scene than the configured max light count settings. (UUM-46001)

  • HDRP: Fixed an issue where non directional light could react to "interact with sky" flag. (UUM-46848)

  • HDRP: Fixed blending between cascaded shadowmaps and shadowmask as well as cascades border ranges. (UUM-46922)

  • HDRP: Fixed crash when cleaning up the reflection probe camera cache. (UUM-43926)

  • HDRP: Fixed layered lit displacement. (UUM-49812)

  • HDRP: Fixed missing shadergraph include on HDRP. (UUM-51851)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid a semaphore link in the IL2CPP runtime that can occur during lock contention for multiple threads. (UUM-40104)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a deadlock that could occur if Asset GC visited a field of const, value type, whilst il2cpp types were being created on background threads. (UUM-35018)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed bugs related to handling of privatescope methods and fields. (UUM-36455)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed compilation error on System.Threading.Volatile.Write&lt;T&gt;() when the value parameter was a literal null. (UUM-45696)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed GetELFImageBuildID() to handle Google AIP relocating PT_NOTE section. (UUM-46346)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed get_base_method() to behave as mono does, preventing a crash when the method slot is outside of the vtable. (UUM-44323)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed incorrect and/or missing calls to static constructors on constrained calls. (UUM-51908)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed issue where a DefaultStream or GZipStream may not decompress all of the bytes in certain compressed files. (UUM-50168)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed UnityLinker producing an invalid assembly when the assembly is preserved by a link.xml but not used and the assembly contains only type forwarders. (UUM-46942)

  • IL2CPP: Prevent the debugger from incorrectly resetting the value of static fields in some cases. (UUM-35358)

  • IL2CPP: Removed extra reference to target on a combined delegate. (UUM-47478)

  • Input System: Fixed an issue causing older DualShock 4 models (CUH-ZCT1x) appearing as both a DualShock 4 (via HID) and an Xinput device. (UUM-48992)

  • Input System: Invalid input data errors for 0 byte input downgraded to warning instead. (UUM-16523)

  • iOS: Fixed rendering freezes when changing orientation on A14 iPads. (UUM-9480)

  • iOS: Fixed Unity launching in the background on background location event; fix black screen showing between splash screen and first scene (release build only). (UUM-52515)

  • iOS: UnityWebRequest will no longer send Content-Length header with zero for requests other than PUT and POST. (UUM-49237)

  • Linux: Added support for new gamepads/controllers. (UUM-52502)

  • Linux: Fixed perspective changes slower when quickly scrolling in the Scene View. (UUM-40326)

  • Mono: Corrected confusing error printed when using NetworkInterface.OperationalStatus on Linux. (UUM-46938)

  • Particles: Improved batching performance of Particle Systems that use Sprites. (UUM-52114)

  • Prefabs: Fixed for Prefab instance is not enabled if RevertPropertyOverride is called during OnEnable. (UUM-21119)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed drag and drop action of Skybox material in the SceneView not added to the Undo stack and not dirtying the scene. (UUM-29041)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue with custom script templates containing #ROOTNAMESPACEBEGIN# on their first line. (UUM-32235)

  • Scripting: LoadAsync and Instantiate with missing prefabs should no longer cause deadlock. (UUM-2374)

  • Shadergraph: Added issue with main preview window failing to refresh. (UUM-47201)

  • Shadergraph: Corrected a typo in the generated code for the NAND node. (UUM-47325)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed an issue where sprite previews were not always rendering. (UUM-41514)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed node creation menu location on macOS. (UUM-47824)

  • Shaders: Fixed PackageRequirements block in ShaderLab not recognizing experimental package versions. (UUM-43288)

  • Terrain: [Linux] Dedicated server build crashes with "Segmentation fault" when the build project's scene contains terrains with "Draw Instanced" setting enabled. (UUM-9776)

  • uGUI: Fixed a crash when changing the resolution of the Game View when in play mode. (UUM-43701)

  • uGUI: Fixed Physics2DRaycaster returning the wrong distance between the sorting groups and the raycast. (UUM-45893)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ListView null reference exceptions flooding the console when trying to unbind it from a disposed SerializedProperty. (UUM-46364)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed loading of resources by path when a fragment was included in the URI but the asset requested was not a sub-asset. (UUM-49355)

  • Universal RP: Disabled Motion Blur effect in EditMode to keep the game view clear while editing. Motion Blur works as before in PlayMode and standalone builds. (UUM-43739)

  • Universal RP: Fixed objects not rendering in the wireframe mode. (UUM-36914)

  • Universal RP: Fixed transparent materials getting marked as dirty during material UI updates and project saving. (UUM-45752)

  • Universal RP: Fixed _WorldSpaceCameraPos is not set correctly in XR Multipass. (UUM-2514)

  • Version Control: Fixed failed operations when the workspace is already locked.

  • VFX Graph: Changes are reverted in the Mesh Output shader property when saving. (UUM-563)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed memory leak of SharedMaterialData for sleeping VFX systems. (UUM-52800)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed undo not working with shader property in the Mesh Output context. (UUM-10400)

  • VFX Graph: Improved shader input properties synchronization with VFX Graph output context when the shader is deleted or set to None. (UUM-561)

  • VFX Graph: Removed an error message when a point cache asset is missing, added an error feedback instead. (UUM-26966)

  • VFX Graph: Some VFX Graph were not compiled until the asset was opened. (UUM-570)

  • Video: Fixed crash when editor using ShareX [screen-capture-recorder-to-video](https://github.com/rdp/screen-capture-recorder-to-video-windows-free) webcam. (UUM-44750)

  • Video: [Android] Player often crashes when playing the Video Player Seek frame that's more than a minute away from the current frame. (UUM-3364)

  • Web: Fixed typo in the Decompression Fallback player setting for WebGL. (UUM-46118)

  • XR: Fixed missing shader macros in SinglePassMultiView for built-in pipeline shaders. (UUM-41604)

Package changes in 2021.3.32f1

Packages updated

Packages added

Pre-release packages added


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