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Known Issues in 2021.3.11f1

  • DirectX11: Unity Editor is rendered without the toolbar icons when using it on old hardware with integrated GPU (UUM-13134)

  • Linux: Editor crashes at "DisconnectGtkSignal(void*, GtkCallbackResponse ()(), void)" when opening floating windows (UUM-11724)

  • MacOS: [M1] Crash on System.Object:__icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific when launching a project (UUM-3207)

  • Mono: Crash with ScanAssemblyForAttributesAndInterfaceImplementations when opening a project (1376858)

  • Scene Hierarchy: Undo action is not registered when undoing GameObjects list order in the Hierarchy window (UUM-16576)

  • Web Platform: Project fails with "UnityEditor.BuildPlayerWindow+BuildMethodException" when building for the WebGL platform (UUM-17658)

  • XR SRP: Meta Quest performance loss between URP versions when built (UUM-15608)

2021.3.11f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Added bone weight index validation in SpriteSkin's validate method, to ensure valid data before continuing with deformation.

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Updated Toolbar and Visibility tab buttons' selection color.

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.common] Added support for different sized texture inputs in ImagePacker.

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.psdimporter] Improved import speed and memory allocation for psd/psb files by reducing the intermediate texture buffers.

  • Asset Import: Reduced the time taken by refreshing the asset database, which among other things improves the performance of editing prefabs.

  • Asset Pipeline: Do not assert on race when receiving import worker results for a deleted asset. (UUM-12649)

  • Core: Added Transform.SetLocalPositionAndRotation(). This allows you to set both the localPosition and localRotation of a transform in a single call, which is more efficient than assigning to localPosition and localRotation separately. (Thank you to @DevDunk on the forum for the request!).

  • Multiplayer: Added Unity Netcode for Gamebjects Package 1.0.1.

  • Multiplayer: Added Unity Transport Package 1.2.0.

  • Scripting: Improved pop-up error messages when attaching scripts to GameObjects. (UUM-2557)

API Changes

  • Android: Changed: Updated SupportsAccelerometer() API to return whether a device has an accelerometer sensor or not.


  • Editor: Updated manifest.json to use com.unity.inputsystem package version 1.4.2.


  • 2D: Added 2D Triangle default asset to replace missing place holder. (DANB-125)

  • 2D: Fixed upgrading from 2020.3 might lost Sprite reference. (DANB-133)

  • Android: Fixed orientation issues in laptop mode and tablet mode on Chromebooks. (UUM-782)

  • Audio: Fixed Audio Clip Import Settings not getting saved when the "Override for Dedicated Server" setting is enabled. (UUM-399)

  • Audio: Fixed doc for GamepadSpeakerOutputType to be used exclusively for playstation 4, playstation 5 platforms and editor platforms only. (UUM-407)

  • DX12: Fixed crash that can occur when calling ComputeBuffer.GetData() with non zero computeBufferStartIndex parameter. (UUM-11444)

  • Editor: Backport Fix [2021.3] - Android Builds Fail When Windows Regional Format is Set to Thai. (UUM-954)

  • Editor: Fixed an API breaking change for the EditorToolAttribute constructor. (UUM-5792)

  • Editor: Fixed errors in DebugManager/DebugHandler that could occur after making a build. (UUM-13827)

  • Editor: Fixed the selection when the root game object has a SelectionBase component and the child is a prefab. (UUM-7831)

  • Editor: Game/Scene view window now no longer flickers on resizing when Graphics API is set to OpenGL. (UUM-1682)

  • Editor: OpenGLES target missing in generated VFX shader. (UUM-11347)

  • GI: Fixed a case where scene objects would lose their lighting data when they are packed into or unpacked from a prefab, and playmode is entered without first saving the scene. (UUM-11182)

  • GI: Fixed baking stall occuring when baking terrain with holes. (UUM-950)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where creating SparseTextures with certain TextureFormats could crash Unity, even though the equivalent GraphicsFormat is marked as unsupported for SparseTextures. (UUM-7671)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where SystemInfo.IsFormatSupported((My GraphicsFormat), FormatUsage.Sparse) would always return false on Metal, even if the requested GraphicsFormat actually is supported. (UUM-7671)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where the D3D11 WARP driver would crash when creating a SparseTexture with the BC1/BC4 GraphicsFormats. (UUM-7664)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where using TextureFormat.YUY2 / GraphicsFormat.YUV2 with a SparseTexture would crash on Metal. (if sparse textures are supported). (UUM-7671)

  • HDRP: Clamp negative absorption distance. (UUM-6746)

  • HDRP: Clarify the error message saying the HDRP is not supported on a certain platform. (UUM-7419)

  • HDRP: Clear custom pass color and depth buffers when the fullscreen debug modes are enabled. (UUM-8397)

  • HDRP: Fixed a null ref exception when destroying a used decal material. (UUM-4353)

  • HDRP: Fixed bad undo behaviour with light layers and shadows. (UUM-5701)

  • HDRP: Fixed broken denoiser for ray traced shadows in HDRP. (UUM-2140)

  • HDRP: Fixed color grading issue when multiple cameras have same volume properties but different frame settings. (UUM-3314)

  • HDRP: Fixed custom pass UI not refreshed when changing the injection point. (UUM-8410)

  • HDRP: Fixed Depth Of Field compute shader warnings on metal. (UUM-7783)

  • HDRP: Fixed discrepency in the fog in RT reflections and RTGI between perf and quality. (UUM-7434)

  • HDRP: Fixed history transform management not being properly handeled for ray traced area shadows. (UUM-2150)

  • HDRP: Fixed scalarization not scalarizing properly. (UUM-6360)

  • HDRP: Fixed shadow dimmer not affecting screen space shadows. (UUM-6512)

  • HDRP: Fixed SpeedTree importer when shader has no diffusion profile. (UUM-1875)

  • HDRP: Fixed tessellation in XR. (UUM-3338)

  • HDRP: Fixed the material rendering pass not correctly changed with multi-selection. (UUM-2236)

  • HDRP: Fixed the new ray tracing quality nodes not working.

  • HDRP: Fixed the ray traced ambient occlusion not rejecting the history when it should leading to severe ghosting. (UUM-3225)

  • HDRP: Fixed tonemapping not being applied when using the Show Cascades debug view. (UUM-3942)

  • HDRP: Fixed upperHemisphereLuxValue when changing HDRI Sky. (UUM-3326)

  • HDRP: Fixed volumetric clouds fog history issue that leads to severe ghosting. (UUM-4801)

  • HDRP: Initialize DLSS at loading of HDRP asset. Previously intialization was too late (ad HDRP pipeline constructor). Moved initialization to OnEnable of SRP asset. (UUM-5928)

  • HDRP: Removed "Sprite Mask" from scene view draw modes as it is not supported by HDRP. (UUM-3320)

  • HDRP: RTHandle sampling out of bounds on previous frame pyramid color. This causes sometimes bad pixel values to be reflected. (UUM-2331)

  • IL2CPP: Avoided a crash in the IL2CPP runtime when the GUID property of a type is obtained for a type with a StructLayout attribute but without a Guid attribute. (UUM-10859)

  • IL2CPP: Avoided a crash when using GetFiles multiple times for directories with many files on iOS.. (UUM-8885)

  • IL2CPP: Avoided an intermittent crash on shutdown when many threads are waiting on a Monitor object inside for a C# lock statement. (UUM-10374)

  • Kernel: Race condition in DualThreadAllocator when using BatchDelete. (UUM-5941)

  • Linux: Enabled and fixed a failed integration test on linux. (UUM-1593)

  • Linux: Fixed Server runtime not responding to SIGTERM and other signals. (UUM-1582)

  • Mono: Updated the machine config file for Android Player builds. (UUM-12561)

  • Package Manager: Fixed a regression where packages would fail to resolve with a ENOENT mkdir error when the project path or global cache path contained quotes. (UUM-13252)

  • Package Manager: HTML text cleaned up in details view. (UUM-7701)

  • Profiler: Fixed failures in opening local documentation files from Editor on macOS. (UUM-6164)

  • Profiler: Fixed issue where autoconnecting to/disconnecting from profiling tools could cause a crash. (UUM-876)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where adding a component declared in a nested class could end up adding the wrong component type. (UUM-9221)

  • Scripting: Fixed case when trying to serialize generics with generic fields of types from different assemblies. (UUM-8844)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed a compilation bug in BiRP Target in some variants with lightmaps. (UUM-7354)

  • Shaders: Fixed "State comes from an incompatible keyword space" assertion firing sometimes when building asset bundles. (UUM-11958)

  • Shaders: Fixed a bug with SHADER_AVAILABLED_XXX macros not being defined in compute shaders. (UUM-9751)

  • UI Elements: Fixed min max slider behaving abnormally when using larger thumb styling. (UUM-5017)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed bug where prefabs dragged to the Scene window aren't properly canceled if the drag ends on top of an overlay window. (UUM-10082)

  • UI Toolkit: InspectorElement layout is broken if parent container flex direction is set to row. (UUM-8431)

  • Universal RP: Fixed decal msaa error then camera is selected in deferred rendering path. (UUM-13666)

  • Universal RP: Fixed decal screen space to work without intermediate texture and DBuffer to force using intermediate texture. (UUM-13682)

  • Universal RP: Fixed decals correctly handle last batch. (UUM-13660)

  • Universal RP: Fixed decals to pass correct viewDirectionWS to screen space and gbuffer lighting.

  • Universal RP: Fixed decals to produce correct world to tangent matrix. (UUM-13674)

  • Universal RP: Fixed instacing error when decals loaded, but not the decal shaders.

  • Universal RP: Fixed render scale correctly work with screen size property. This includes decals. (UUM-13667)

  • Universal RP: Universal RP: Fixed excessive banding from FSR in URP. (UUM-9558)

  • URP: Fixed Gizmos in Game View when using Viewports (UUM-7069).

  • VFX Graph: Fixed position where VFX are created when VFX asset is dragged to Scene View. (UUM-4749)

  • VFX Graph: Removed incompatible target generating shader targetting VFX. (UUM-8476)

  • VFX Graph: Stop rendering VFX shadows when VFX are disabled in Scene View visibility menu. (UUM-4752)

  • Virtual Texturing: Added a notice regarding the experimental state of Virtual Texturing to the Player Settings editor.

  • Virtual Texturing: Added a warning for Procedural Virtual Texturing clarifying that the feature is not currently supported.

  • Virtual Texturing: The experimental state of Streaming Virtual Texturing and Procedural Virtual Texturing was not clearly indicated in the API docs and Manual, this has been corrected. For clarity, these features should not be used in production.

  • WebGL: This PR fixes a regression in 3D audio effects. The audio listener orientation was not set correctly. (UUM-1165)

  • Windows: Fixed mouse buttons do not get switched when the primary mouse button is changed. (UUM-3959)

Package changes in 2021.3.11f1

Packages updated


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