Unity 2021.2.18

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Known Issues in 2021.2.18f1

  • Asset - Database: Texture size increased on first build when 'Compress Textures/Assets on Import' is enabled (1397965)

  • Customer QA Onboarding: Spaces and symbols of the Project name are changed to hyphens causing "Invalid characters" warning in the Bundle Identifier (1412412)

  • DirectX11: Crash on GfxDeviceD3D11Base::ResolveDepthIntoTexture when opening the project (1408785)

  • DOTS: "IndexOutOfRangeException" errors appear when entering Play Mode if using "AsDeferredJobArray" (1395710)

  • Metal: Consistent EditorLoop 5-10ms spikes when using Metal API (1378985)

  • Mono: [Android] "Found plugins with same names" error is thrown when building on Android with duplicate .dll files (1373388)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] Crash due to out of bounds access violation in PowerSampling after enabling auto mode at the end of bake on AMD GPU (1379762)

  • Scene/Game View: Camera resolution is set to default when opening the Editor (1378321)

  • Shadows/Lights: Scene is brighter in Standalone player if it was open in the Editor at build time (1375015)

  • uGUI: Prefab is glitchy while editing in Prefab Mode when parent Canvas Render Mode is set to Screen Space - Camera (1394756)

  • WebGL: WebGL Input System interactions are delayed or played preemptively when the project is built (1405517)

2021.2.18f1 Release Notes


  • EmbeddedLinux: A port field is now exposed for the managed debugger in Build settings when Debugging script is checked.

API Changes

  • Physics: Added: All the physics batch queries can now run in physics scenes other than default.


  • Asset Bundles: Fixed a regression where skinned mesh was no longer being compressed. (1391542)

  • Audio: Fixed crash on AudioMixer::EnsureValidRuntime when entering Play mode. (1394571)

  • Editor: Ensure we do not try to save the layout file if switching from a mode using dynamic layout. (1382281)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue causing C# serializable generic types to incorrectly contain data for editor only fields in serialized data when in a player context.

  • Graphics: Fixed null rp asset when the selection is being canceled. (1354374)

  • IL2CPP: Correct the logging of UnityLinker and IL2CPP messages in the editor log when UNITY_EXT_LOGGING is enabled. (1386302)

  • iOS: Fixed an issue where CoreText warning spammed on iOS15. (1397966)

  • Package Manager: Show license error icon and banner with descriptive error message. (1396272)

  • Prefabs: Fixed empty error logs when importing Trees. (1354333)

  • Shaders: Fixed an assert when rendering a mesh using a material setup with CopyPropertiesFromMaterial. (1387200)

  • Shaders: Fixed keywords not present in the shader being discarded by the material. (1380745)

  • Terrain: Fixed an issue where material keyword APIs don't list keywords when using a newly imported SpeedTree. (1398133)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed sprite 9-slices that didn't take the pixels-per-unit value into account. (1373597)

  • WebGL: Fixed a crash when using AudiClip.priority and AudioSettings.Reset. (1385590)

Package changes in 2021.2.18f1

Packages updated


Third Party Notices

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