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Known Issues in 2018.4.31f1

  • macOS: If the Android Tools are not installed through the Hub, macOS 10.15 (Catalina) default security settings will prevent the Android NDK binaries being executed. These settings have to be changed or a signed Android NDK (r16b) will be needed to build Android. More information here: https://developer.android.com/ndk/downloads/older_releases.

  • Package Manager: Immutable packages altered by the API Updater are reverted to their original state when packages are resolved, which can lead to slower import performance in that context.

  • Audio: [editor][fmod][macOS] Editor is preventing Mac OS from entering sleep mode automatically (995866)

  • WebGL: [2018.4 only] Editor freezes when enabling Play mode after Building (1300269)

  • Packman: Package Manager doesn't show available updates (1304459)

  • Shader System: Freeze or crash with various stack traces when opening a project while connected to a VPN service (1025558)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioSource::Stop when exiting Play mode (1079263)

  • Linux: Focus cannot be properly gained on play mode, making keyboard input switch screens (1109908)

  • Window Management: Pop-up windows like Color Picker close upon clicking them when they are hovered on immediately after opening (1239613)

2018.4.31f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Fixed Application.targetFrameRate and Screen.currentResolution.refreshRate on some variable refresh rate displays. (1297149)

  • Audio: Fixed "Assertion failed on expression" message in console when disabling the audio system from the project settings while an audio clip preview is playing. Also, the preview playback will now stop in this scenario. (1232267)

  • Audio: Fixed audio in timeline preview not pausing/resuming when changing focus between the editor and other applications. (1016423)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed to refresh code compiling after force quit. (1289931)

  • Editor: Added a new prompt for a user to attach a managed debugger when on Linux, on a headless server build. Also prevents timeout to attach Profiler triggering when allowDebugging is set. (1274332)

  • Editor: Fixed exception when deleting folder in Favorite. (1229937)

  • Graphics: Fixed a crash when resizing the materials array on a renderer when using material property blocks. (1188507)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash when loading assetbundle texture with out-of-bound mipmap bias value in DX12. (1179311)

  • Graphics: Fixed metal/vulkan shaders sometimes referencing inputs omitted by the compiler. (1277144)

  • Graphics: Fixed metal/vulkan shaders sometimes referencing outputs omitted by the compiler. (1290551)

  • Graphics: Fixed shaders that use immediate consts failing compilation under some circumstances. (1283218)

  • Graphics: Fixed Texture2DArray, CubemapArray and SparseTexture being not supported in batch mode. (1291999)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed file and directory patterns ending with ".*" incorrectly including files names that partially match on non Windows platforms. (1286554)

  • iOS: Added iPad Pro 4th Generation and iPad Pro 11" 2nd Generation to DeviceGeneration. (1280059)

  • iOS: Fixed crash when closing app while still loading ODR. (1289143)

  • Mobile: Fixed iOS 11+ motion API feature access generating warnings on iOS 10 builds.

  • Networking: Fixed possible data corruption in UploadHandlerFile. (1238418)

  • Profiler: Fixed Hierarchy Views randomly collapsing (i.e. hiding their children) parts of the sample tree when Editor Only samples are present in a frame and the "Collapse EditorOnly Samples" option is turned on (default setting is on). (1297955)

  • Profiler: Fixed scrollbar in timeline not responding to clicks.

  • Profiler: Fixed scrollbar in timeline view stopping responding to clicks. (1280332)

  • Scripting: Fixed 'unexpected internal compiler error' when executing a job. (1278041)

  • Scripting: Fixed modules being disabled by a platform not getting reenabled when switching platforms which could cause incorrect compiler errors. (1286509)

  • Shaders: Fixed handling of the scalar after the matrix that is not 4xN. (1242345)

  • Terrain: Fixed such that Paint Terrain Help properly wraps. (1281097)

  • Terrain: Fixed such that undoing after removing terrain layer correctly restores alphamaps. (1276283)

  • WebGL: Fixed a crash with Unity web loader on new macOS Big Sur.


  • Package Manager: Updated com.unity.purchasing to 2.2.1, adding full support for the implementation of GooglePlay Billing Library v3 library in the Asset Store In-App Purchasing module (includes an essential runtime hotfix over 2.2.0).

Third Party Notices

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