Unity 2018.3.13

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2018.3.13f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Fixed an issue on Mali GPUs where font textures would occupy 4 times more memory than on other GPUs. (1132219, 1134227)

  • Android: Fixed crash when AndroidJavaProxy is invoked while app is in background. (1126040, 1140959)

  • Android: Fixed GPU skinning on Mali GPUs. (1131452, 1131525)

  • Android: Fixed Managed Stripping Level when used with Android and mono backend. (1111490, 1137052)

  • Android: Touch and mouse position's y value will be inverted in the native backend instead of managed code in the new input system.

  • Animation: Fixed Animator.keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable not keeping default values when disabling and re-enabling a GameObject. (1076483, 1137982)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed a case where Progressive Lightmapper data was being lost when building Asset Bundles with Scriptable Build Pipeline. (1123968, 1124315)

  • Asset Import: Fixed import of Blender files with Blender 2.80. (1115353, 1140790)

  • Audio: Fixed AudioClips not supported in Packages. (1069085, 1139247)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed an issue with Scriptable Build Pipeline not building multiple SpriteAtlas texture pages. (1139343, 1140331)

  • Editor: Fixed issue related to label control not showing full script file names in Search Execution Order editor. (1122059, 1130263)

  • Editor: Restricted Editor debugging to clients on same machine. (1131839, 1140291)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash when using shader with Error and enabling SRP batcher + Async loading new scenes. (1132280, 1143390)

  • Graphics: Fixed tessellation shader codegen. (1120434, 1127872)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed SocketException not thrown when a socket attempts to bind to an address and port that is already in use by another socket on Windows. (1133587, 1134332)

  • IL2CPP: Improved the performance of Socket Poll operations on iOS. (1136660, 1139296)

  • IL2CPP: Improved the performance of WaitAny on non-Windows platforms. (1111339, 1122745)

  • iOS: Fixed Gamepad.startButton not working correctly. Note: on iOS startButton (or Menu button) only reports down event, there's no up event, that's why we're simulating up event right after down event to simulate a click.

  • iOS: Fixed occasional crash when destroying WebCamTexture. (1090053, 1108709)

  • iOS: Fixed return Pen.tilt values not being correctly returned in the new input system.

  • iOS: Fixed SendMessage not working on iOS/tvOS simulator. (1138257, 1139344)

  • Mobile: Fixed Application.Unload crashing on il2cpp. (1135018, 1140281)

  • Mobile: Fixed rare race condition when warming up shaders. (1115274, 1134733)

  • Mono: Prevented a TypeLoadException which can occur in the player at run time when the Medium or High managed stripping level is used with the Mono scripting backend. (1121958, 1135047)

  • Particles: Fixed an issue where 1 particle of each mesh type would be rendered, when a system did not actually have any particles using that mesh, when using GPU Instancing. (1139308, 1140353)

  • Particles: Fixed crash when resetting Particle System component via the cog wheel in the Editor. (1131320, 1140344)

  • Particles: Fixed FrameDebugger corruption when using Particle Systems. (1136275, 1140341)

  • Particles: Fixed particles not being removed from the system when using SetParticles with zero remaining lifetime. (1130703, 1140343)

  • Particles: Fixed per-particle sorting work when using GPU Instanced particles. (1139313, 1140350)

  • Particles: Fixed texture property issue with Trails texture and Sprite mode being used together. (1127679, 1140346)

  • Scene Management: Fixed API and UI incorrectly reporting added/removed object overrides on disconnected Prefab instances. (1115758, 1134971)

  • Scene Management: Fixed driven properties causing RectTransform to temporarily show up in Overrides dropdown after reverting or applying anything in the Comparison view. (1131854, 1135007)

  • Scene Management: Fixed Prefab instances with driven properties showing Apply All and Revert All buttons in Overrides dropdown even when there are no overrides. (1131854, 1135007)

  • SceneManager: Ensure nested Canvases are always treated as nested Canvases in Prefab Mode too. Root World Space Canvases can get treated as nested Canvases in Prefab Mode too due to lacking information, but this will still have fewer downsides than if nested Canvases got treated as Root Canvases. (1132706, 1139184)

  • SceneManager: Fixed RectTransform properties of nested Canvas getting incorrectly modified upon entering Prefab Mode. (1132796, 1144694)

  • Scripting: Improved performance when calling GameObject.AddComponent for a nested MonoBehaviour class inside a namespace. (1085304, 1118037)

  • Shaders: Fixed broken shaders referencing editor only passes with UsePass. (1135888, 1139214)

  • Shaders: Fixed regression on SRP subshader fallback. (1127390, 1139213)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader warnings on standalone build. (1107819, 1136075)

  • Timeline: Fixed errors that popup in editor when loading a timeline with exposedreferences from a instanced prefab loaded from an assetbundle. (1120186, 1129365)


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