Unity 2018.3.10

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2018.3.10f1 Release Notes


  • Scripting: Improved assembly file definitions slowing down the editor in general.


  • Android: Fixed accessibility warning when publishing to Google Play. (1094743, 1111141)

  • Android: Fixed binary shaders not being cached on Android devices with Adreno GPUs. (1129357, 1132083)

  • Animation: Fixed root motion evaluation for an optimized game object used in a timeline. (1115966, 1126619)

  • Build Pipeline: Removed unnecessary files packaged with the Unity installer. (1124267, 1131022)

  • Editor: Added icon for the particle system force field in the scene view. (1107479, 1107480)

  • Editor: Fixed editor freezing when importing/reimporting script that contains unicode characters. (1111740, 1115725)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with compile errors not always being cleared correctly when moving the .cs file from one .asmdef folder to another .asmdef folder. (1121925, 1122012)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with compile errors not being cleared correctly in some cases when moving and removing .asmdef files. (1120835, 1122014)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with EditorUtility.scriptCompilationFailed being false when .asmdef assemblies failed to compile on editor startup. (1106450, 1132162)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with predefined assemblies (Assembly-CSharp.dll and friends) getting recompiled when modifying a Assembly Definition File assembly with "Auto Reference" disabled. (1124266, 1124273)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with predefined assemblies (Assembly-CSharp.dll and friends) getting recompiled when modifying a Assembly Definition File assembly with "Test Assemblies" enabled. (1082290, 1124511)

  • Editor: Fixed MaterialEditor inspector becoming increasingly laggy the more managed types you have. (1099071)

  • Editor: Fixed null reference in Rider toolbox discovery. (1126936)

  • Editor: Fixed user32.dll SetCursorPos function always moves the Cursor to the center of the screen when CursorLockMode is set to None. (1096406, 1131232)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash when loading 2018.2 Compressed Mesh data in 2018.3. (1117664, 1120492)

  • Graphics: Optimised cluster rendering by reducing network packet send latency. (965251, 1131274)

  • IL2CPP: Allow embedded resources to be loaded from assemblies without a public key set. (1131451, 1133590)

  • IL2CPP: Avoided an error when IL2CPP encounters a ref readonly property. (1131673, 1133644)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed build failing if delegate has an 'in' parameter. (1128665, 1130326)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed difference between macOS and Linux not properly detected when the /proc directory exists on macOS. (1126262, 1131000)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed Environment.TickCount on Android 8 and later. (1108927, 1131808)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed Monitor.IsEntered method not implemented properly. (1117372, 1129123)

  • Linux: Fixed cursor not being confined to the game window when using CursorLockMode.Confined on Linux standalone player. (1105204, 1115744)

  • OSX: Fixed issue where on macOS in the Editor sometimes floating windows would end up in front of other apps. (1115348, 1125395)

  • Particles: Fixed "Internal: JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old" error message (1125073, 1127765)

  • Particles: Fixed crash in GenerateParticleGeometry when a Particle System with Sprites Texture Sheet and FPS Mode has Infinite Start Lifetime. (1119163, 1134987)

  • Particles: Fixed particle scale on GPU Instanced particles. (1117798, 1134991)

  • Particles: Fixed sprite texture sheet animation getting the wrong UV's when packed in a Sprite Atlas Variant with scale less than 1. (1115470, 1134993)

  • Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when re-activating Rigidbody that had a parent Rigidbody and was reparented while being inactive. (1121720, 1134278)

  • Physics: Fixed a crash when Physics.OverlapSphereNonAlloc was called wiith an infinite sphere radius. (1113683, 1132285)

  • Physics: Fixed convex meshes being extra bouncy when falling on top of very thin (~contactOffset) objects. (1109477, 1136851)

  • Profiler: Fixed charts no longer scaling based on highest peak. (1136260, 1136918)

  • Profiler: Fixed charts not rescaling after disabling/enabling a category. (1134368, 1136924)

  • Profiler: Fixed the "Others" chart category displaying behind the rest of the charts and not stacking. (1136769, 1136921)

  • Shaders: Fixed potential crash if there is an infinite dependency loop between "UsePass" and "Fallback". (1068293, 1115947)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader compiler emitting "//null" on GLES2 as a parameter to one of the functions emulating arithmentic operations on integers using float math. (1124159, 1132531)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader compiler emitting the same struct definition each time it sees it, regardless of whether it was emitted already or not. (1099165, 1132525)

  • UI: Driven properties (for example driven by UI layout) now don't get a blue margin in the Inspector and don't show up independently in the Overrides drop-down. (1115499, 1119360)

  • UI Elements: Fixed graphView badges text layout on zoom. (1097162)

  • UnityLinker: Prevented In correct removal of fields on a type used as a generic argument in a field used by a MonoBehaviour or ScriptableObject. This is often exposed as a crash during deserialization. (1125427, 1130995)

  • Video: Fixed issue Non–360 3D video is rendering with glitches (vertical colour bands). (1098079, 1128908)

  • WebGL: Fixed WebGL linker error when native plugins are used. (1129621, 1129624)

  • XR: Fixed performance degradation over time for Virtual Reality applications. (1112790, 1130392)


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