Unity 2017.4.21

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2017.4.21f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Fixed hang at exit if submitting AndroidJavaProxy/Runnable to UI thread. (1124902)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed race condition where unloading an asset bundle immediately after loading a texture from it can result in a failed texture load. (986673, 1081768)

  • Audio: Fixed Microphone.Start selecting the first device regardless of desired device in some cases. (962106, 1062000)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed crash on AddBuildAssetInfoChecked when building project with scene that contains "Super Text Mesh" component. (1031313)

  • iOS: SafeArea returns either smaller or the same size as Screen.width & Screen.height on iOS devices in any view. (1027960)

  • OSX: Fixed Mac Editor crashing when clicking on MenuItem during recompile after renaming it in script. (996485)

  • Shuriken: Fixed MaterialPropertyBlocks not being applied to particle trails. (1059140)

  • Substance: Fixed ProceduralMaterial.ClearCache() on "Do Nothing" triggers RebuildTextures. (941423)

Changeset: de35fe252486


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