Unity 5.6.5 Patch 1

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  • XR: Update Google VR NDK to v1.100


  • (907324) - Animation: Fixed a crash when an animator reset was triggered during a StateMachineBehaviour awake.
  • (930814) - Animation: Fixed a crash when Animator instantiated from Script enters a Sub-State Machine with StateMachineBehaviour.
  • (972927) - AppleTV: Removed 2x App store icon slices that cause App Store validation to fail.
  • (None) - Build Pipeline: Improved build pipeline performance for large builds.
  • (922829) - Editor: Added an optional Async mode for Perforce Integration (see Editor Settings) to account for high latency with a remote server.
  • (929875) - GI: Fixed incorrect light modes being shown when multiple lights are selected.
  • (935149) - GI: Fixed Meta pass values when using terrain mesh with MaterialPropertyBlock and Realtime GI.u(930042) - GI: Fixed Unnecessary error message being displayed in console.
  • (941369) - Graphics: Fixed crash in SkinnedMeshRenderer::PrepareSkinCommon when SkinnedMeshRenderer has Animator and Cloth attached.
  • (971965) - Graphics: Fixed crash when opening project with BC6H texture.
  • (961692, 964998) - Graphics: Fixed asserts and potential memory leaks when Skinned Mesh Renderers with the "Update When Offscreen" property enabled are not visible.
  • (968591) - Graphics: Fixed crash during a visibility callback when a GameObject which was not visible is set inactive followed by setting a visible GameObject inactive.
  • (927145) - Graphics: Fixed crash in player when using non RGBA32 format 3D textures.
  • (907391) - Graphics: Fixed case when some of the cameras don't render anything because depth buffer contains garbage.
  • (956919) - Graphics: Fixed issue where DrawMeshInstanced calls will render with inverse normals if the previous draw call used negative scaling.
  • (841236) - Graphics: Fixed changing the projectors render queue in script not having an effect.
  • (957651) - Il2CPP: Prevented a crash on iOS which can occur when a device is awakened during a blocking socket call with a SIGPIPE signal.
  • (979007) - iOS: iPhone X, fixed problem with missing keyboard Done/Cancel buttons.
  • (954593) - iOS: Fixed videos started with Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie not resuming after returning to the app in some circumstances.
  • (58811) - iOS: Metal: Fixed MSAA corner case causing warning messages and validation error Marton Ekler.
  • (952284) - iOS: [Metal] Fixed potential GPU crash.
  • (878407) - Physics: Fixed PhysX crash when calling Physics.OverlapBoxNonAlloc on Android devices.
  • (980640) - Resources: Improved Load performance in some circumstances.
  • (930358) - Scripting: Fixed crash when using GitHub for Unity.
  • (953068) - Scripting: Fixed Awake containing the wrong transform values when instantiated.
  • (911613) - UI: Fixed issue where an assigned fallback font would not be used.
  • (961763) - VR: Shaders meant to be used in VR platforms will no longer be included in builds where VR support is disabled.
  • (966173) - XR: Fixed Daydream applications hanging before quiting to Android home when calling Application.Quit.

Revision: b5fcd78dd1ab


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