Unity 5.5.3 Patch 4

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  • Added support for the 5th generation iPad.
  • Networking: Added a timeout property to UnityWebRequest. This gives coarse grain control over timeouts for webrequests. (900900)
  • VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.14.


  • (898978) - Android: Fixed manifest merging with new Android SDK tools.
  • (893042) - Animation: Fixed incorrect animated color values when in linear color space.
  • (none) - Animation: Improved build and AssetBundle data determinism for Human components.
  • (890644) - Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundle statistics that are printed to the editor log when building AssetBundles.
  • (895452) - Build Pipeline: Fixed issue with Scene AssetBundles that would cause multiple builds with the same Scene that generated different results.
  • (908965) - Editor: Fixed Xcode project; queueDebuggingEnabled is now included.
  • (869729) - Fixed editor crashes when an error is made in a custom Deferred shader.
  • (905640) - Fixed TextureImporter to allow newly-imported Textures to have their AssetBundle name/variant set.
  • (909608) - Graphics: Fixed clear artifacts on metal, if only the UI camera is used in the Scene.
  • (888796) - IL2CPP: Fixed memory snapshot profiler not showing multidimensional arrays.
  • (905659) - IL2CPP: Applied a fix to prevent the following exception occurring during runtime for some projects: 'NotSupportedException: IL2CPP encountered a managed type which it cannot convert ahead-of-time. The type uses generic or array types which are nested beyond the maximum depth which can be converted'.
  • (901950) - Physics: Fixed issue where effector/effector contacts are not correctly evaluated when effector collider masks are used.
  • (898809) - UGUI: Fixed crash when reparenting inactive object.
  • (none) - UGUI: Fixed memory leak in UGUI.
  • (886258) - Removed the extra call to CanvasRenderer.OnTransformChanged when the canvas is set to ScreenSpace.Camera render mode, and the Camera’s Transform is changed.

Revision: 12955fd3914a


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