Unity 5.4.1 Patch 2

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  • D3D12: Added an error message if trying to ReadPixels from outside the RenderTarget's bounds and return false to ignore the request.
  • Editor: Improved the tooltip message for Light Probes option in Renderer components.
  • Graphics: Improved CPU performance when calling lots of Graphics.DrawMesh API with null MaterialPropertyBlock (829800).


  • (none) - Analytics: DeviceInfo now matches hwstats data.
  • (822393) - AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that error sometimes happens when LoadAssetAsync and UnloadUnusedAsset is called before prefab is instantiated.
  • (none) - D3D12: Fixed a crash when creating RenderTargetView for 3D RenderTextures.
  • (704234, 807773, 829992, 822715) - Editor: Fixed services tab not getting focused when a service refresh occurs.
  • (820693) - Graphics: Fixed a threading issue causing game view to corrupt or go blank randomly in OSX editor.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed Display renderingWidth and renderingHeight incorrectly returning system resolution values.
  • (813052) - Graphics: More prevention against invalid data causing crashes in CommandBuffer.DrawRenderer.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed App Store submissions with Xcode 8 when phone camera is not being used by game.
  • (809752) - iOS: Fixed an issue where Touch.deltaTime was incorrectly returning zero when device had been on for approximately 30 days or more.
  • (none) - Metal: Improved MSAA support with Image Effects, where previously the framebuffer load operation could have shown black screen instead.
  • (786163) - Textures: Correctly unregister external native textures.
  • (741751) - UI: Multiple display support is fixed and has been re-enabled.
  • (812567, 829765) - WebGL: Fixed asset bundles memory usage at loading time, preventing some content to run on 32-bit browsers.
  • (824400, 794675, 829404) - Windows Store: Correctly reference SDK specific plugins in Universal 8.1 projects.
  • (827446) - Windows Store: Fixed errors from reference rewriter when buidling script with nested generic types as fields.
  • (829141) - Windows Store: Fixed invalid visual studio project generation on IL2CPP scripting backend when project name contains dots.
  • (831144) - Windows Store: Fixed Unity PDB files not getting included into built .appxsym package.
  • (825230) - Windows: System resolution or orientation changes are now detected and responded to accordingly.

Revision: a8ddefd1bf1d


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