Unity 5.4.0 Patch 4

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Windows Store: Windows Extension SDK references will now be automatically added to Assembly-CSharp projects.


  • (807983) - Android: Fixed an issue where projects without audio could stop external audio sources.
  • (808752) - Android: Fixed build time regression when using the resources folder.
  • (none) - Animation: Deleting an Override controller that was previously set as the runtimecontroller no longer reset the animator statemachine memory.
  • (820586) - Animation: Fixed a crash when adding AnimationClip to an enabled Animation component whilst in play mode in the editor.
  • (823410) - Animation: Fixed a crash when changing AnimatorOverrideController during interrupted transition.
  • (824596) - Animation: Fixed a crash when triggering a newly created animation clip at runtime.
  • (811596) - Asset Management: Assets added using AssetDatabase.AddObjectToAsset will no longer change their name when the project is saved.
  • (763383) - Collab: Fixed a crash when opening a cloud project named with numbers if you already have a project named the same in your folder.
  • (819707) - D3D11: Fixed editor spewing out "Failed to query D3D11 context for ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation interface" error message when run on Windows 7 machine without Windows updates installed.
  • (775290) - Editor: Fixed an issue where 'sub-assets' could appear in the wrong order in the Editor or change order when saving.
  • (708582) - Editor: Fixed an issue where ColorPicker color was darker than the actual color picked in Linear color space.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed an issue where objects in Inspector Preview appeared darker in Linear color space.
  • (none) - Fixed a syntax error in user-agent header string generated by API requests within Unity web views.
  • (811241) - GI: Fixed a crash in Reflection Probe component when multiple scenes are used.
  • (815127) - GI: LightProbes.GetInterpolatedProbe will return a black probe now if there are no light probes in the scene.
  • (745588) - GI: Multi-scene editor. Fixed the lightmap indices not updating for additively loaded scenes in the Editor.
  • (710633) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when blend shape value is changed for an object with cloth component.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when running with graphics jobs caused by one thread unloading mesh data whilst another thread is using the data.
  • (794440) - Graphics: Fixed Texture3D not accepting floating point formats.
  • (820071) - IL2CPP: Corrected the behavior of the is operator when used with a struct embedded in a parent generic class.
  • (817286) - Input: Workaround for the issue where cursor would disappear on touch based devices like Surface Pro 4.
  • (820487) - iOS: Added support for tbd files.
  • (800209) - iOS: Disabled certain Xcode debugging features in the project template causing mem usage to grow.
  • (796762) - iOS: Fixed a crash due to linker error in simulator on startup in certain Unity releases.
  • (791063) - iOS: Fixed simulator crashes when device was rotated.
  • (717587) - Kernel: Fixed a crash resulting from redo after revert.
  • (804333) - Kernel: Fixed a crash resulting from undo after reverting prefab.
  • (822063, 816232) - Mono: Fixed a crash in compute_class_bitmap when using reflection.
  • (763583) - Mono: Fixed a crash in find_method_in_metadata which can occur on startup.
  • (798133) - OSX Player: The OSX standalone player now allows to switch out of the application by using Cmd+Tab when running in fullscreen mode.
  • (823495) - Particles: Fixed an issue where the first vertex of a trail renderer could be missing.
  • (782232) - Particles: Fixed the particle system random seed regression.
  • (805669) - Plugins: Fixed an issue where DLL plugins with non-lowercase extensions cause the architecture platforms panel not to be displayed.
  • (none) - Tizen: Added a method to request the Evas_GL object to possibly be used in plugins.
  • (none) - Tizen: Added API compatibility control. Currently only 2.3 and 2.4 are supported.
  • (806041) - Tizen: Fixed problem with hangs when using a static splash screen image.
  • (805148) - Tizen: Fixed the screen dimensions being incorrect when rotating the screen on Tizen while playing video.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed a problem where UnityPluginUnload was not called in Tizen mobile.
  • (none) - Tizen: Removed an error which wrote privilege value in duplicate in tizen-manifest.xml.
  • (none) - Tizen: Support multiple sensor listener.
  • (777937) - tvOS: Fix 2nd stage splash screen.
  • (none) - tvOS: Fixed: allowed scripting implementations and architectures in player settings.
  • (797645) - UI: Fixed a race condition in UI mesh processing leading to rare crashes.
  • (797560, 633000) - UI: Fixed issue where Canvas/UI appeared darker when camera was disabled and color space was set to Linear.
  • (820517) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed possible freeze when downloading more than 64k of data using custom download handler.
  • (814330) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed texture download reports done before texture is actually usable.
  • (813683) - Windows Store: Fixed a bug where mouse scrollwheel was returning inverted values.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed Xbox Live SDK not being automatically referenced by C# scripts if installed on the machine.
  • (816582) - Windows Store: Gamepads (with UsagePage/Usage 0x0001/0x0005) will correctly connect to an application, usually these are device connected via bluetooth. Previously only joysticks (with UsagePage/Usage 0x0001/0x0004) would connect. You can check UsagePage/Usage of the device by right clicking Properties on the device->Hardware->HID-compliant game controller->Properties->Details->Hardware Ids. For ex., gamepads will contain an item "HID_DEVICE_UP:0001_U:0005) . You might need to delete Package.appxmanifest, because there's a new item for HID device.
  • (810622) - Windows Store: When updating Windows Phone 8 application to Windows Phone 8.1/10.0, player preferences will be auto updated if the following condition is met - UnityPlayer.upp file exists, but playerprefs.dat file doesn't exist in LocalFolder.

Revision: b15b5ae035b7


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