Unity 5.3.7 Patch 3

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  • (853979) - Build Pipeline: VR Splash Screen texture will no longer be included when building a project for a non-VR platform.
  • (791434) - Core: Fixed an issue which was causing hangs in the job system when running on certain platforms with a low number of cores e.g. older Windows Phones, UWP dual core machines.
  • (851359) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when deleting a Shader that is used by some Materials in the scene.
  • (836815) - Graphics: Fixed the issue of Lighting preview windows not rendering correctly on Mac's with retina displays.
  • (851689) - Graphics: Fixed memory leak when instantiating materials (e.g. via renderer.material).
  • (853532) - iOS: Added Taiwanese language support.
  • (814493) - iOS: Fixed an issue where the keyboard could lose focus when rotating the device.
  • ([828762(https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/product/unity/issues/guid/828762/)) - iOS: Fixed background applications sound muting after running unity application.
  • (852363, 814365, 823587) - iOS: Fixed several crashes with regards to WWW and WebRequest.
  • (677623) - iOS: Fixes language support to differentiate between traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • (801761) - Prefabs: Fixed an issue where a prefab instance could be incorrectly marked inactive when first loading a scene.
  • (850350) - Scripting: Fixed MonoDevelop build errors when building UnityScript and Boo projects.
  • (847853) - WebGL: Fixed crash when user writes a file using custom ArrayBuffer.
  • (855881) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed Unity C# projects when there was dependency among them.
  • (856362) - Windows Store: Fixed a rare hang when alt tabbing during level load.

Revision: 53544b1200e7


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