Unity 5.3.6 Patch 6

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  • (822393) - AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that error sometimes happens when LoadAssetAsync and UnloadUnusedAsset is called before prefab is instantiated.
  • (796046, 778891) - Editor: Fixed an issue where a project with no Library folder could raise a warning stating that the project was made before 5.0.
  • (775153) - GI: Fixed an issue whereby the bake got stuck if the object was positioned far from the origin.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed an issue with App store submissions with Xcode 8 when application is not using camera APIs (WebCamTexture).
  • (809752) - iOS: Fixed an issue where Touch.deltaTime was incorrectly returning zero when device had been on for approximately 30 days or more.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed on-screen keyboard input for Chinese (Simplified) Pinyin 10 Key keyboard.
  • (717587) - Kernel: Fixed a crash resulting from redo after revert.
  • (804333) - Kernel: Fixed a crash resulting from undo after reverting prefab.
  • (none) - Textures: Correctly unregister external native textures.
  • (820517) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed a possible freeze when using custom download handler script.
  • (812567, 829765) - WebGL: Fixed asset bundles memory usage at loading time, preventing some content to run on 32-bit browsers.
  • (831144) - Windows Store: Fixed Unity PDB files not getting included into built .appxsym package.
  • (825230) - Windows: System resolution or orientation changes are now detected and responded to accordingly.
  • (782109) - WWW: Make Dispose asynchronous to prevent freeze or performance drop, as it might be costly.

Revision: 8f5aa09cf3e8


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