Unity 5.3.5 Patch 7

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  • (767948) - AI: Fixed crash when inspecting NavMeshAgent.pathEndPosition in MonoDevelop.
  • (789870) - Android: Application.temporaryCachePath and Application.persistentDataPath always return external paths starting KITKAT.
  • (796242) - Android: Audio - Fixed an issue where the application would not regain audio focus after a notification.
  • (799652) - AssetBundles: Fixed default compression for WebGL and WebPlayer targets
  • (788521) - Audio: Use of 'Best Performance' DSP buffer size results in crash
  • (804864) - Editor: Fixed an issue causing unnecessary script compilation, and improved compilation error handling
  • (780900) - Editor: Fixed issue where preferences in Windows registry were not being terminated correctly
  • (801482) - Fixed a crash-on-exit related to DirectorManager::OnShutdownBeforeObjectCleanup
  • (761215) - Fixed an issue where Changing culling modes during runtime would not take effect correctly
  • (780356) - Fixed crash when undoing replacement of transform on prefab instance
  • (749008) - GI/MSE: Fixes an issue when switching to lighting settings of a different scene.
  • (725776) - GI: "Error adding system: Data not available." thrown when building specific scene setup
  • (804898) - GI: Updated Enlighten to version 3.02.UN2.51359. Fixes output of incorrect light probe spherical harmonics L2 coefficients in certain situations. This was caused by un-initialized memory.
  • (796528) - IL2CPP: IL2CPP crash caused by incorrectly calculated stack bottom
  • (806644) - IL2CPP: Return the correct value for the HasValue property of nullable types on the stack.
  • (808292) - iOS/IL2CPP: Allow proper managed stack traces for iOS projects build on Unity Cloud Build.
  • (800915, 807370) - iOS: Fix a couple of Metal and Cloud support related small memory leaks
  • (804440) - iOS: Fix leak of thread handles and associated resources in UnityEngine.Ping
  • (805240) - iOS: Fixed apps from hanging when a long running script is triggered from backgrounding
  • (765574, 744380) - iOS: Fixed OnApplicationPause not being called when PlayFullScreenMovie stops/starts
  • (746309) - iOS: Fixed UnityWebRequest.isError being set incorrectly when there is no internet connection
  • (802534) - Metal: Fixed rendering of masked contents on GUI layer.
  • (809347) - Metal: Perform framebuffer clear more effectively
  • (789572) - Multidisplay: Fixed changing primary monitor still opens scene in first.
  • (794660) - OpenGLES: Fixed crash and reflection probes corruption on A9 chipsets (OpenGLES3.0)
  • (804483) - OSX: Add IPv6 support for WWW
  • (796870) - OSX: Fix a crash when -nographics is used without -batchmode
  • (801759) - OSX: Fix rare crashes when using WWW from multiple threads
  • (799420) - OSX: Fixed missing menu bar in Windowed mode OS X mac standalone
  • (none) - Tizen: Fix a problem that is an object moves to the center by force sometimes when device is rotated.
  • (766771) - UI: Fixed NullReferenceException when deleting object with 2D RectMask component from scene
  • (794360) - UI: Fixed race condition between UI system and UI jobs. In rare cases could cause a crash. Added asserts to help identify any future race conditions in the UI system.
  • (none) - VR: GearVR apps render their splash screens directly to the HMD compositor to fix hitching issue
  • (807442) - VR: Only disable rendering for stereo cameras when VR Focus is lost and RunInBackground is true.
  • (807454) - VR: Re-enable rendering when Disabling VR after losing VRFocus.
  • (none) - VR: Reduced delay when returning VRFocus. Should no longer be a static image for a second or two.
  • (804583) - Windows Store: generate code in exported solution to properly setup initial orientations, in order to avoid rotation on startup on Windows 10
  • (802112) - Windows Store: Accelerometer Events will be correctly returned on ARM platforms Case
  • (802990) - Windows Store: Fix System.FormatException in MainPage.xaml.cs Case
  • (804156) - Windows Store: SystemInfo.supportsVibration will return correct value on Windows Phone 8.1/10.0 Case
  • (801998) - Windows Store: WWW.responseHeaders will return STATUS header the same way as other platforms Case

Revision: 27325a5697c6


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