Unity 5.3.2 Patch 1

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  • IL2CPP: Removed warnings from generated C++ code when compiling with clang.


  • (754282) - 2D: Fixed memory leak when applying changes to sprite.
  • (741003) - Android: Fixed internal profiler on Gear VR.
  • (738843) - Android: Timeout no longer happens when an application is sent to the background.
  • (756198) - AssetBundle: Loading multiple invalid asset bundles fails correctly now.
  • (736556) - AssetBundle: Change to use natural sorting when listing the AssetBundle names.
  • (756567) - AssetBundle: Fixed the AssetBundle loading error which was built with DisableWriteTypeTree enabled.
  • (716166) - AssetBundle: Fixed the hash collision when building AssetBundles.
  • (743704) - AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that LoadAsset(name) returns null if a bundle contains a prefab and another asset with the same name.
  • (715753) - AssetBundles: Fixed AssetBundle.CreateFromFile retaining file descriptor. - The previous fix was incomplete.
  • (760985) - Audio: Fixed mixer reverb effects getting cut off early in standalone builds.
  • (757799) - Core: Fixed crash when game object that is a child of a missing prefab is deleted.
  • (750117) - Editor: Fixed game object duplicates on play when reference to that game object is set in another scene.
  • (none) - Frame Debugger: Even when it was not used, it was creating some overhead in development standalone builds. Reduced that.
  • (756849) - Graphics: Fixed crash when calling Graphics.DrawMesh with null material.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed gpu memory leak in the splash animation.
  • (740782) - Graphics: Fixed a crash in the editor when switching graphics API from a non-DX9 API e.g. DX11.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed profiling related information (SetGpuProgramName) performance issue in development player builds.
  • (760665) - Graphics: Fixed SkinMeshInfo memory leak.
  • (724664) - Graphics: Textures imported as cubemaps now are properly marked as non-readable if import option says so. Saves memory!
  • (724547) - IL2CPP: Implemented support for Assembly.GetReferencedAssemblies and Module.GetTypes()
  • (none) - iOS/Xcode: Added .tbd extension support.
  • (759212) - iOS: Fixed code completion for iOS Editor Extensions.
  • (759459) - Mono: Corrected a crash in mono_string_to_utf8_checked when Marshal.StructureToPtr is called from managed code.
  • (none) - Mono: Resolved intermittent crash caused by a race condition that occurs when using managed threads.
  • (none) - OpenGL ES & desktop OpenGL (Shader compiler): Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • (756786) - Particles: Fixed IsFinite error spam with particles and second camera.
  • (756971) - Particles: Fixed issue where particle system is stopped and cleared and after that it won't play when simulation space is set to local.
  • (756194) - Particles: Fixed: particle system only playing once.
  • (756725) - Particles: Fixed: particle system not playing when triggered via Event Trigger.
  • (696610) - Particles: Fixed issue where particles are not drawn in the correct order on rotated particle systems.
  • (759502) - Particles: Fixed the issue of particles disappearing after going offscreen and returning.
  • (756742) - Particles: Fixed issue whereby particles systems are not looping correctly.
  • (755677) - Particles: Fixed issue where ParticleSystem.IsAlive() always returns True for particle systems with longer duration.
  • (723993) - Particles: Fixed wrong culling of some particle objects caused by incorrect bounds calculation due to parent scaling.
  • (757461) - Particles: Fixed issue where particle system doesn't play if method is called via Invoke fixed.
  • (745121) - Particles: Particles are now emitted with the correct position//rotation when using a Skinned Mesh Renderer or Mesh Renderer as shape.
  • (754405) - Scripting: Fixed issue that causes UnityScript to incorrectly detect some methods return type.
  • (739376), (740617) - UI: Fixed "Trying to add (Layout Rebuilder for) Content (UnityEngine.RectTransform) for layout rebuild while we are already inside a layout rebuild loop." error.
  • (753423), (758106) - UI: Fixed flickering/texture swapping issues.
  • (747512) - UI: Fixed issue with incorrect accent calculation for non-dynamic fonts.
  • (759841) - VR: Fixed crash when trying to enter play mode when the Plugin was not loaded or the Oculus runtime was not installed.
  • (755122), (717989), (734122) - VR: Fixed Skybox clipping issue.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed VR Focus and VR ShouldQuit not respecting notifications when the Device was disconnected.
  • (none) - XboxOne: Fixed a bug with YUY2 processing on the XboxOne.

Revision: 82077c0be25b


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