Unity 2017.3.0 Patch 3

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  • (973815) - Android: Fixed decimal point button in decimal keyboard for older Samsungs.
  • (978299) - Animation: Fixed InvalidOperationException when clicking cancel in 'Add Animation Clip' dialog window in animation window.
  • (932926) - Editor: Collaborate no longer deletes ignored files when restoring to an older version.
  • (978478) - OSX: Fixed IDE does not get focused when opening script on Mac.
  • (978636) - OSX: Fixed VS for Mac opens new instance after Unity was reopened.
  • (827158) - OSX: Fixed detached Editor windows go behind the Editor when clicked outside of them.
  • (971980) - Particles: Fixed support for entering Infinity into the Start Lifetime field.
  • (968096) - Particles: Fixed Duration field when used on Sub-Emitters.
  • (974867) - Particles: Fixed Stop Action when used on particles that finish off screen.
  • (975289) - Particles: Fixed a crash when using RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod with a Particle System.
  • (977710) - Particles: Fixed a crash when enabling certain modules via script (e.g. Size over Lifetime).
  • (976439) - Profiler: Fixed deep profiling in standalone players.
  • (984447) - Fixed building UWP player with IL2CPP scripting backend and Analytics enabled.
  • (973918) - XR: Removed application orientation settings disable when Virtual Reality Supported was enabled and updated info message related to the settings.

Revision: bfcbae508940


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