Unity 2017.2.2 Patch 2

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  • (1013174 (970945)) - Android: Fixed Time.deltaTime sometimes returning a negative value on certain devices/Android versions.
  • (912848) - Android: Workaround gyroscope lag issues that happen on some android devices.
  • (991034) - Audio: Fixed a bug where the matrices passed to spatializer and ambisonic plugins could be set to the identity matrix briefly when a sound starts playing.
  • (1009687) - Editor: Fixed vsync not always off in scene view on macOS.
  • (925835) - Editor: Fixed skinned mesh not being removed on undo.
  • (998785) - Editor: Fixed the issue where dragging the slider was producing multiple undo steps.
  • (998785) - Editor: Fixed input field staying highlighted after Enter key was pressed.
  • (926833 (921915)) - Editor: Fixed errors related to temp TLS allocations.
  • (999803) - IL2CPP: Handle method parameter attributes for methods on generic types.
  • (None) - IL2CPP: Reduced Android build size.
  • (None) - iOS: Fixed standard shader specular highlights on mobiles.
  • (1002408) - iOS: Fixed crashes on some iOS devices due to unbound textures when using Metal API.
  • (972995) - iOS: Added support for iPhone X second stage splash screen.
  • (990979) - Mono: Fixed random error when using UDPClient.
  • (N/A) - Multiplayer: Fixed server active disconnect client for web sockets.
  • (946958) - OSX: Fixed crash in UnitcodeInputView during editor shutdown.
  • (1009717 (967752)) - Particles: Fixed Rate over Distance emission in Edit Mode.
  • (983374) - Physics: Ensured that a Kinematic Rigidbody2D created in script stays in a relative position to any parent Rigidbody2D when reparented.
  • (977917) - Scripting: Fixed exception when binding delegate with Enum value to method with int parameter.
  • (979587) (991434)- Timeline: Fixed issues where copied Timeline tracks and clips could retain a link to the source asset, or end up being saved as part of the source asset.
  • (None) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed compiler warnings about inconsistent DLL linkage when using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK.
  • (1010354) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed player getting stuck on a white screen when a fatal error (such as unable to load files or system doesn't meet minimum requirements) occurs during startup.
  • (991154) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed a crash in .NET native compiler ("RHB0011: Internal error: 'pchTypeNameEnd[0] == L'>"at'f:\dd\ndp\rh\src\tools\rhbind\makepdb.cpp:998") in certain scenarios involving plugins.
  • (997876) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed build failing on IL2CPP scripting backend if class library from Mono directory was copied into the project (like System.Data.dll).
  • (996015) - Windows: Fixed resolution dialog not showing monitor list and crashing on pressing 'Play' button on some weird monitor setups.
  • (None) - XR: Update VR SDK not supported in Editor warning.

Revision: 32bc645ba6f6


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