Unity 2017.2.2 Patch 1

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  • Linux - Improve filesystem performance to handle large cache sizes.
  • XR - Updated Oculus to version 1.22.


  • (986368)(985912) - 2D: Fixed an issue that was causing the Physics Shape of a Sprite2D to not being properly set unless the 'Edit Physics Shape' tab was opened first.
  • (967647)(903140) - Android: Fixed Skybox distortion on specific Android devices with Vivante GC1000/GC2000 GPU.
  • (999832)(960267) - Asset Import: Fixed crash when importing fbx .meta files that contain references to inexisting scripts.
  • (976768) - AssetBundles: Fixed packing AudioMixerController, AudioMixerGroup and AudioMixerSnapshot into bundles with disabled type trees.
  • (None) - Build Pipeline: Fixed old UnityChannel Xaiomi files not being deleted when new package manager package is installed.
  • (1001460) - Editor: Fixed various performance issues in YAMLMerge.
  • (1001449) - Editor: Fixed a Windows-specific crash in YAMLMerge when trying to merge files.
  • (997902)(995476) - - Editor: Fixed an issue where multiple precompiled test assemblies with the same name would cause an error.
  • (980070) - Editor: Fixed early flipping of login page in Mac by increasing the timeout.
  • (986160) - GI: Fixed brighter baked or real-time lightmaps compared to 2017.1 when using emissive materials.
  • (989484) - Graphics: Fixed OpenGL ES crash due to problem with cached VertexAttribArray.
  • (992138) - IL2CPP: Added Windows runtime storage extensions.
  • (989476) - IL2CPP: Improved the startup performance of Unity players built with IL2CPP.
  • (990594)(981074) - iOS: Fixed ReadPixels() crash on Metal when reading out of bounds of current active render texture.
  • (N/A) - iOS: Metal: Fixed MSAA behavior when using RenderPass.
  • (1003879)(995079) - iOS: Fixed Display.SetResolution not working during the first frame.
  • (973437) - iPhone X: Fixed navigating to home pressing buttons located at the bottom of the screen.
  • (841172) - Package Manager: Fixed project stored on OneDrive causing Package Manager error and preventing a project from being opened.
  • (960093) - Package Manager: Fixed building as the local system user failing on Windows.
  • (985757)(968882) - Physics: Fixed disabling and enabling a collider on an inactive gameobject producing transform error messages.
  • (929984) - Scripting: Fixed crash when using named pipes.
  • (993302) - Scripting: Fixed incorrect value when using Math.Round with MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero.
  • (996951) - Services: Fixed exception when building in Cloud Build with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (984325)(966106) - UI: Fixed crash in profiler window when a linked Render Texture Camera is disabled.
  • (995453)(937370) - UI: Fixed OnEndDrag not being called when dragging while the application loses focus.
  • (988310)(939853) - UI: Fixed instances where Font.textureRebuilt would not be called even though the internal texture was regenerated.
  • (None) - Unity Connect: Fixed codeless IAP button missing its attached script when rebuilding the library.
  • (947209) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter not fixing references for System.Net.Sockets.Socket when DLL where it's being referenced was compiled against .NET 3.5.
  • (979741) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed .NET native compiler crash when using List or List in a serializable class.
  • (991466) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Application.isMobilePlatform results to be consistent with SystemInfo.deviceType. Also update API docs for these APIs.
  • (966990) - VR: Fixing crash involving VR Mock Device when using TrackedPoseDriver.
  • (994913)(960863) - WebGL: Fixed not handling playBuffer exception when there is no audio output on Safari.
  • (990939) - Windows: Player executable is once again large address aware.
  • (979198) - Windows: Fixed crash on startup in case screen width/height player preferences in registry got corrupted.
  • (986045) - Windows: Fixed assert when stopping and then immediately destroying DictationRecognizer.
  • (938545) - Xbox One: Updated Mono to support dynamic function calls on Xbox One.
  • (995065) - XR: Fixed stabilization plane not getting set correctly via the SetFocusPointForFrame() API, resulting in poor hologram stabilization and color separation on HoloLens.
  • (965494) - XR: Fixed an issue with lights failing to completely illuminate scene geometry during stereo rendering.

Revision: 31794ac12ad1


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