Unity 5.4.0 Beta 10

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5.4.0b10 Release Notes

Known Issues

  • After expand/collapse Unity Editor window looks corrupted. If you maximize/minimize/click on windows in Editor they'll return to normal state.
  • Android: UI Input requires two touches to work
  • Crash in ::RenderGameViewCameras:: after overflowing Width or Height fields of the Game view resolution window
  • First launch of Unity on new computer doesn't create "~/Library/Unity/Packages" folder, blocking homescreen from loading. Second launch will fix the issue
  • GPU Instancing: Instancing might get broken under glcore if graphics jobs are enabled.
  • In deferred rendering, lightmapped objects affected by mixed-mode lights will fallback to forward rendering.
  • On Windows with MSAA and Image Effects, game view can be rendered upside down.
  • Shadows: Directional shadows will present shadow acnee when using a custom projection matrix and a very large frustum (20k+)
  • Using OpenVR + Vive + Outdated Oculus Utils = Crash. Users are advised to update their Oculus Utils.
  • VR: Image effects do not currently work with single pass rendering.
  • VR: Single-Pass-Stereo causes some lighting problems
  • VR: Some built-in shaders do not currently work with single pass rendering resulting in wrong transformations in right eye. Workaround is to manually include the shaders in your project.
  • With Webplayer removal, desktop players are now part of their respective editor installations. Thus the option to separately install them is removed.
  • [Billboard][LOD] Unity crashes when picking deleted Speedtree Billboard LOD level
  • [IMGUI][OSX] Detached tab is not moved slightly with the cursor after opening project with changed layout in 5.4.


  • Global Illumination: When compositing the directional lightmap removed the clamping on the w-component of the generated pixels.
  • Particles: Added particle radius parameter for world collisions.


  • Android: Audio - Don't select OpenSL output if the native device params are too bad for fast path (fixes audio issues on buggy devices)
  • Android: Buildpipe - Updated SDK tools requirements for the Editor
  • Android: Editor - Added Marshmallow to the list of APIs
  • Android: IL2CPP - Use Android NDK x64 on x64 Windows Editor
  • Android: SoftInput - Get rid of hardcoded text color, switch to Light theme
  • Graphics: Added a -window-mode command line argument to override full-screen behaviour. Options: exclusive, borderless.

  • Installer: Mac Download Assistant will write additional logs to ~/Library/Logs/Unity/DownloadAssistant.log

  • Standalones: Add -hideWindow command line option to launch standalone applications with window hidden.


  • Android: Fix bug in Texture.GetPixels for ETC compressed textures
  • Android: Fix for black screen or crash during startup on old PVR devices (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
  • Android: Fix freeze in new splash screen when using threaded GfxDevice
  • Android: Fixed a crash related to the main context not being an Activity
  • Android: Fixed an issue where Ping wouldn't work in release mode
  • Android: fixed an issue where SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier would return an empty string on some x86 devices
  • Android: LocationService - Fixed crash bug
  • Android: PlayerPrefs - Fixed an issue where upgrading a lot of keys from a previous version of unity would cause an out of memory error
  • Android/IL2CPP: Fixed build errors on NDK paths with whitespaces
  • Android/IL2CPP: Fixed crash on second startup after installation
  • Animation: Added an error when an AnimatorOverrideController can't find the animations to override in the base AnimatorController
  • Animation: Disabled recording and playback ui in animation window when in game mode
  • Animation: Disabled reset menu item in component when animation mode is active.
  • Animation: Fix animation clip length for bundled clip
  • Animation: Fix for deleted GameObject when cancelling AnimationClip creation on Sprite drop.
  • Animation: Fix RootMotion import for generic animation with parent with specific default values
  • Animation: Fixed a bug spewing errors when the animation mode was reset from saving the scene.
  • Animation: Fixed a bug where animations created using the "Create" menu would contain an empty Sprite track
  • Animation: Fixed adding an Animator via the AnimationWindow not dirtying the scene
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where Changing culling modes during runtime would not take effect correctly
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where changing the selected game object would leave the animated properties modified.
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where events and additional curves in 0-length animations were popping errors
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where having animations with a mixed number of bones in a controller, and having Write Defaults to false would throw errors.
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where imported keyframes would overlap and get sorted in the wrong order
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where switching to playmode and applying import properties to a Legacy Animation would crash
  • Animation: Fixed an issue with rotations staying applied after animating
  • Animation: Fixed Animation previewer not detecting properly target object to preview
  • Animation: Fixed AnimationClip.SampleAnimation leak
  • Animation: Fixed Animator with statemachine behaviour runtime compile error not firing callback on the right SMB
  • Animation: Fixed blend tree inspector not updating animator values in game mode
  • Animation: Fixed Culled Animator still calling PrepareFrame
  • Animation: Fixed curve editor range not updated when moving animation event.
  • Animation: Fixed error message in AnimationClip importer.
  • Animation: Fixed error message when using BlendTree livelink
  • Animation: Fixed highlight at wrong index after drag&dropping layer in Animator.
  • Animation: Fixed inconsistency in tangent mode when a key frame is created between two with different tangent modes
  • Animation: Fixed incorrect transition shown in inspector when entering game mode.
  • Animation: Fixed long start play mode for scene with a lot of controller
  • Animation: Fixed negative value in frame navigation ui not prevented
  • Animation: Fixed offset when drag&dropping sprites in animation window
  • Animation: Fixed scale value getting zeroed when removing scale curve components in AnimationWindow.
  • Animation: Fixed StateMachineBehaviours on layer not being called properly.
  • Animation: Fixed StateMachineTransition being displayed as EntryTransition
  • Animation: Fixed the display order of properties in the animation window to be the same as instantiation in component.
  • Animation: Fixed transition previewer getting infinite loop with some transitions
  • Animation: Prevent Animation Event from being created with negative time.
  • Animation: Removed modal dialog showing when removing states or transitions in the animator window.
  • Animation: Rotate tool rotates wrong for object with negatively scaled parent
  • Animation: Rotation value changes on play mode a little bit
  • Graphics: Fixed meshes with large scale and blend shapes sometimes not being lit correctly
  • Graphics: Static batching can batch somewhat more objects now. Previously had a limit of 32k indices, now 64k. 32k limit stays on Mac due to driver issues.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where specifying http:// or https:// in the MatchMaker URI could cause the system to fail to connect to MatchMaker
  • Multiplayer: Removed annoying warning: "no free events", and "Attempt to send to not connected connection", as well as fix ack doesn't reset with connection resetting bug
  • Scripting: Fixed OnAudioFilterRead() crash.
  • Shaders: Reduce number of DX11 samplers used by Standard shader (two reflection probes share a sampler; and three LPPV textures share a sampler)
  • Windows: Properly handle non-ascii command line arguments in editor and standalone

The following are changes and fixes to 5.4.0 features and regressions...


  • Windows Store: reduced the amount of linker warnings when building Il2CppOutputProject and using il2cpp scripting backend
  • Scripting: Introduced global define UNITY_5_3_OR_NEWER, which can be used for conditionally compile code that is compatible only with Unity 5.3 or newer.


  • Animation: Fixed animation event inheriting from ScriptableObject not getting triggered
  • Animation: Fixed crash when previewing Transition with an ExitTime of 0
  • Animation: Fixed multiple animator selection not showing mixed values for UpdateMode
  • Animation: Fixed vertical scrollbar jamming in the animation window.
  • AssetBundles: Fixed missing scene assetbundle's build size report in the Editor.log file.
  • Cache Server: Upgraded the node.js version used by the Cache Server to version 0.12.7.
  • DirectX: Fixed Graphics.CopyTexture for BGRA textures
  • DX11: Fixed some cases where compute shader resource bindings were messing up later rendering bindings (coming to 5.3 too).
  • DX9: Fixed dynamic geometry issues in some lost-device scenarios.
  • Editor: Fix crash when removing main camera with gizmos visible
  • Editor: Fix Gizmos background not being fully transparent.
  • Editor: Fix import of fonts with only one name / no fallbacks
  • Editor: Fixed WebViewWindow's freed memory access
  • GI: Fixed crash in some scene loading scenarios.
  • GI: Fully repaint inspectors after baking reflection probes; some previews were not updating before.
  • Graphics: Fixed batching stats not being counted properly
  • Graphics: Fixed CommandBuffer.Blit from texture into rendertarget not working
  • Graphics: Fixed light probe proxy volume issue with very small bounding boxes (e.g. empty particle systems)
  • Graphics: Fixed potential crash in SetGpuProgramName
  • Graphics: Fixed rare crash in culling
  • Graphics: Fixed Texture2DArray not properly serializing its colorspace setting
  • Graphics: Prevent Projectors from accepting invalid clip planes from a script
  • IL2CPP: Correctly sort unsigned integers via the Array.Sort method
  • Il2CPP: Fixed an issue with Socket.Select and IL2CPP where a socket could be reported as being in an error state when it should have been reported as being in a write state.
  • IL2CPP: Improved message for PathTooLongException being encountered in IL2CPP
  • IL2CPP: Prevent a compile error in the generated C++ code due to a missing header when we generic exception type is used in a catch statement.
  • IL2CPP: Throw informative exception when MonoPInvokeCallback delegate type is incompatible with target method signature
  • iOS: Added functionality in order to filter out emoji characters from the virtual keyboard.
  • iOS: Made Social.ShowLeaderboardUI to show the leaderboards tab, instead of achievements tab
  • Mono: Add IPv6 support on Windows
  • Particles: Fixed culling issue when particles leave and re-enter screen
  • Physics: Fix PhysX CharacterController issue where 'isGrounded' would be reported incorrectly for degenerate mesh triangles.
  • Physics: Fixed a PhysX crash issue in PxsCCDContext::updateCCD experienced by some VR applications.
  • Physics: Skip running the PhysX simulation step if not required by Rigidbodies or WheelColliders.
  • Profiler: Bumped profiler connection version number, as 5.3 data is not compatible with 5.4
  • Profiler: Fixed hang is there where non matching Profiler.EndSample
  • Retina: Gizmo labels are now drawn at the correct size on retina displays (instead of half size)
  • Retina: Panning in the scene view on retina displays now behaves normally (instead of half speed)
  • Substance: All inputs are now applied to a ProceduralMaterial on the first RebuildTextures() call after the material's textures have been read from cache. Previously, only the modified inputs were applied.
  • Substance: Cloned ProceduralMaterials can read from the original ProceduralMaterial's cache if it's still valid.
  • Substance: Fixed .isProcessing returning wrong results when used with cloned ProceduralMaterials.
  • Substance: Fixed broken detection and assignment of shader keywords resulting in wrong appearance of ProceduralMaterials in scenes when the ProceduralMaterial was not opened in the Inspector (some shader keywords were enabled when they should not).
  • Substance: Fixed cache management issue which could cause the cache to be considered valid again after having been invalidated (often seen after calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets()).
  • Substance: Fixed loading of files with special characters in their paths or names.
  • Substance: Fixed rare crash caused by using the wrong size when uploading ProceduralTextures.
  • Substance: Fixed texture generation being stuck and blocking the completion of Resources.Load().
  • Substance: Fixed upgrading old (4.x) project data, legacy shaders should now be used for these old projects instead of being incorrectly replaced by the standard shader.
  • Substance: Fixed wrong computation of hash resulting in cache being considered valid when it should not.
  • UI: Fixed occasional crashes when Canvas is being deleted.
  • VR: Added Camera.stereoTargetEye to scripting reference.
  • VR: Fix crash when changing active graphics API while VR is enabled.
  • VR: Single Pass Rendering: Show only one eye in game view. Don't show occlusion mesh.
  • Windows Store: Correctly generate Visual Studio namespace when product name contains ' symbol. an underscore will be used instead
  • Windows Store: Disable Generate C# option when scripting backend is set to il2cpp
  • Windows Store: Fixed exported VS project failing to build for non-x86 CPU when there is a managed assembly in the project that's been compiled for x86
  • Windows Store: Fixed game crashing when its name is exactly 20 characters long on il2cpp scripting backend
  • Windows Store: Fixed intellisense in generated Il2CppOutputProject to be able to correctly resolve windows 10 headers
  • Windows Store: Fixed Unity failing to build on top of a previous build when target directory is read-only on il2cpp scripting backend
  • Windows Store: Graphics plugins now work on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • Windows Store: Screen.SetResolution will correctly work on Windows Phone 10

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