Unity 5.3.0 Beta 2

Select the runtime platforms of your choice from the list below (the desktop runtime is included as standard) or, to install the full complement of runtime platforms, use the download assistant installer above.

Known Issues

  • IAP crashes on Android and Windows Store. Fixes expected for beta 3.
  • MSE: Renaming a scene in the ProjectView does not update the Hierarchy View and maybe break your scene
  • MSE: Deleting a scene in the ProjectView does not update the Hierarchy View and trying to save the scene again throws exceptions, data will be lost
  • MSE: Íf the scene was unloaded but still part of the hierarchy trying to load it will throw exceptions
  • MSE: Unloading a dirty scene does not ask for confirmation and data is lost
  • MSE: When moving a GameObject from one scene to the root of another the destination scene is not marked dirty
  • MSE: Under some circumstances not all scenes are saved when closing the editor. Make sure to do CTRL-S before closing the editor.
  • MSE: Multi-scene baking for NavMesh and Lightmaps are still under development and will not be supported in this build
  • MSE: Handling game managers for multiple scenes are under development, so playing multiple scenes in the Editor will throw errors in console related to duplicate game managers.


  • Graphics: RenderDoc graphics debugger integrated with Unity Editor
  • JsonUtility:
    • API is now marked threadsafe, and can be called from background threads
    • FromJson/FromJsonOverwrite now accept a TextAsset as input
  • Unity IAP. Accessible via the cloud services window In App Purchase Service
  • Windows Store: Added support for IL2CPP scripting backend


  • Asset Loading: Serialisation errors that produce "serialisation layout mismatch" errors will now attempt to include the name of the root type being serialised when the error was encountered.
  • Editor: Expanding/collapsing TreeViews are now animated in the Editor
  • Graphics: More detailed breakdown of forward rendering pipeline in Profiler.
  • Input: Added Input.backButtonLeavesApp, usable on Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone 8.1 and Android, see docs for more info
  • MonoDevelop: Added missing documentation tool-tips for methods with optional/default arguments. Removed mark-up from documentation tool-tips.
  • OpenGL: Fixed threaded rendering on Windows. It was previously disabled as a workaround.
  • Scripting: Added Matrix4x4.determinant property.
  • WebGL: Compress player's data using LZ4


  • [Editor] Fix item names with shortcut chars (&%^#_) display wrong in menus
  • [Editor] Fix Shift-Delete in rename box delete asset in scene.
  • [Editor] Fixed a case of new lines in labels when the display name comes from an array of strings.
  • [Editor] Use the correct image for Dark skin's horizontal scrollbar left button
  • [IMGUI] Fix visually broken scrollbars in GUI.BeginScrollView() when the view rect is smaller than the position rect and scrollbars are forced enabled.
  • [IMGUI] Move the gamma assert to the Repaint phase.
  • [IMGUI] Take font size in account even for null font when estimating content text size
  • Fixed issue where objects lit by light probes appear brighter than static objects with same material in gamma mode. See upgrade guide for details.
  • Frame Debugger: Fixed shader blend/depth/raster state settings sometimes not displayed correctly.
  • Mecanim: Fixed Animator.GetParameter throwing exceptions
  • Mecanim: Fixed AvatarTool's unfolding of Avatar body part when selecting from UI
  • Mecanim: Fixed bad 1st frame when enabling Animator
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when calling Update() from OnStateEnter
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when modidying in Playmode an AnimatorController used in Playable
  • Mecanim: Fixed deletion of body part using delete/backspace in the AvatarTool
  • Mecanim: Fixed issues with Animator view synchronization:
  • Mecanim: Fixed parameters not being evaluated when AnimatorController used in Playable
  • MonoDevelop: Fixed Mono.Debugger.Soft.ObjectCollectedException thrown when setting breakpoint
  • OSX: Fixed huge memory leaks when using OpenGL core in the editor
  • OSX: Fixed Input.GetKey and Input.inputString not working
  • Particle system 3D rotation fix, when checking and unchecking option
  • Particle system crash fixes
  • Particle system custom pivot point fixes
  • Particle system LateUpdate fix
  • Particle system scaling fixes
  • Scripting: 'Editor' folders inside 'Plugins', 'Standard Assets' and 'Pro Standard Assets' no longer need to be at the root of those directories.
  • Scripting: Fixed crash in some scenarios when project has missing assembly references
  • Scripting: LayerMask.GetMask() no longer ignores the Default layer.
  • Shaders: Upgraded obsolete 'alpha:blend' to 'alpha:fade' in builtin shaders
  • WebGL: Fix an issue which could cause various stripping-related crashes as a consequence
  • WebGL: Fix doppler effect being used on audio sources with spatial blend set to 2D
  • WebGL: Fix unnecessary warnings about rendering to mipmaps
  • Windows Store Apps: make Input.gyro available if either OrientationSensor or Gyrometer is available
  • Windows Store: building project with IL2CPP scripting backend no longer fails.

The following are changes and fixes to 5.3 features and regressions...


  • Editor: Sticky scene header for multi scene Hierarchy (makes it clear which scene GameObjects belong to which when the normal header has scrolled out of view)


  • Editor: Multi scene editing: Support dragging GameObjects upon a scene header in the Hierarchy Window
  • Frame Debugger: Correctly switch between local and remote frame debugger.
  • Frame Debugger: Improved display & UI of shader properties.
  • IL2CPP: Allow default parameter values for nullable types to be converted to C++ correctly.
  • IL2CPP: Correct a crash in the il2cpp::icalls::mscorlib::System::Reflection::MonoMethod::get_base_definition method.
  • IL2CPP: Correct method collection in editor to preserve defining class rather than invoked class in some cases.
  • IL2CPP: Correct the generated C++ code when MonoPInvokeCallback is used to specify a type which has marshaling directives. The marshaling directives from that type will be used, and a compile error in the generated C++ code will no longer occur.
  • IL2CPP: Generate correct C++ code when an extension method as a constrained generic type which is another generic type defined in a different assembly.
  • IL2CPP: Prevent an ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception from occurring in Socket.Select when using the NetMQ library
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a crash that occurs when using Unity Ads and GameCenter together.
  • JsonUtility: JsonUtility no longer supports non-user-defined UnityEngine.Object types. Use UnityEditor.EditorJsonUtility for them now.
  • JsonUtility: JsonUtility.FromJson() no longer supports creating ScriptableObject instances. Only plain .NET classes and structs are supported now.
  • WebGL: Fix "Could not produce class with ID XY" errors in console.

Third Party Notices

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