Unity 5.1.0 Beta 6

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Note: Includes roll-up through 5.0.1p4


  • VR: Scripting VR.InputTracking.Recenter() to recenter head pose.


  • Physics: New initialization fixes target angle being measured incorrectly.
  • Physics: Enabling the HingeJoint Motor overrides the spring, if the spring was enabled. If the motor is again disabled the spring will be restored. This restores Unity4 functionality.
  • Physics: HingeJoint MinBounce and MaxBounce are replaced by a single 'bounciness' for both limit ends. The new bounciness will be set to the largest of the old MinBounce and MaxBounce.
  • Physics: (Breaking) Modifying the HingeJoint Limit properties will no longer automatically enable the limit. You now need to explicitly set HingeJoint.useLimit.
  • Physics: (Breaking) Modifying the HingeJoint Motor properties will no longer automatically enable the motor. You now need to explicitly set HingeJoint.useMotor.
  • Physics: (Breaking) Modifying the HingeJoint Spring properties will no longer automatically enable the spring. You now need to explicitly set HingeJoint.useSpring.
  • Mecanim: Animator.speed can only be negative when the recorder is enabled. Now when the recorder is offline we do clamp the speed to 0 to avoid negative speed.
  • Mecanim: Transitions now have a fixed duration by default. Before Transition duration was in normalized time.
  • UNet: The NetworkView component from the old network system was marked as deprecated.


  • UI: Allow dragging anchors outside of bounds of parent when holding down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) - the same key that disables snapping. This makes it easier to author screen transitions that support multiple resolutions, since content can be animated to move a distance that's a percentage of the screen width or height.
  • UI: Changed default blink rate and widget range of InputField caret to match the new frequency behavior.
  • Graphics: Added SetPixels32/GetPixels32 to Texture3D.
  • Shaders: Support VFACE in surface shader inputs; just use a float variable with VFACE semantic.
  • Physics: Rigidbodies connected to a HingeJoint will now automatically be woken up when the joint is updated.
  • Physics: Added HingeJoint BounceMinVelocity. When bounciness is enabled this is the minimum impact velocity which will cause the joint to bounce.
  • Setting this very low, like zero, will cause the joint to never stop bouncing. This can lead to jittering and performance problems.
  • Setting this very high will cause to joint to never bounce.
  • Physics: HingeJoint scripting documentation updated.
  • Mecanim: Added Animator.CrossFadeInFixedTime and Animator.PlayInFixedTime to support fixed time manual transitions.
  • Mecanim: Retargeting import warnings are removed from the console and are now available in the model importer warning foldout. This will simplify the submission process for Animation Clip to the asset store.
  • UNET: Exposed methods on NetworkConnecion class to allow it to be used more easily without other HLAPI components.
  • UNET: updated documentation in manual.
  • UNET: added icons for new components.


  • Prevent accidentally moving multiple times when navigating UI with keyboard or controller by introducing a repeat delay to the StandaloneInputModule. This is similar to the delay before the repeating events that OSes have.
  • UI: Fixed events being blocked by disabled UI elements
  • UI: Fix issue where the pointer click world position/normal may not be properly associated with the event if multiple modules or hits are present.
  • UI: Fix nested masking not getting the correct stencil value and failing
  • UI: Clamp setting canvas group alpha between 0-1 on API call
  • UI: Only do cut, copy, paste, and select all if holding down just Ctrl (Cmd on Mac), not if additional modifier keys are also held down. This prevents these actions from happening when intending to type characters that use Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) as part of the key combination.
  • UI: Prevent out of range exception that happened in InputField under certain circumstances due to an unwanted recursive call.
  • UI: Fixed bug that multiple Layout Group components on the same GameObject was not prevented even though it is not supported.
  • UI: Fixed division by zero bug in GridLayoutGroup.
  • UI: Destroying a RectTransform that is queued to for a layout rebuild would freeze unity.
  • UI: Fix Mac-only crash during Canvas sorting.
  • UI: Fix instantiating a prefab containing a Selectables will not throw console errors.
  • UI: Fixed bug which caused caret to no longer appear in InputField after game object was deactivated and reactivated.
  • UI: Caret on InputField now blinks at proper frequency.
  • UI: Properly handle deselection if the current hovered object is destroyed.
  • UI: Fix handling of the lasSelected field on EventSystem. We don't use it so mark it obsolete.
  • UI: Making input field respect vertical alignment.
  • UI: Fix for issue with EventSystem and multiple sorting layers.
  • UI: Fixed crash when opening a scene with a deleted prefab canvas object.
  • WebGL: Fix issue with Color32 serialization which could cause data corruption
  • Graphics: Fixed crash where MeshCombiner would not allocate enough indices
  • Graphics: Fixed crash in a case where particle system would not have a valid mesh
  • WebGL: Fix Joystick buttons in WebGL when joystick ID is not specified
  • WebGL: Fix Doppler effect simulation issues in various browsers
  • GI: Fix visual glitch caused by missing UVs when a new lighting build is switched in when in auto lighting mode.
  • GI: Fix visual glitch caused by missing atlas textures when a new lighting build is switched in when in auto lighting mode.
  • Shaders: Fixed #pragma target and #pragma exclude_renderers parsing with trailing comments.
  • Shaders: Fixed some sampler precision issues in glsl-optimizer; was resulting in missing cast on Metal when sampling depth texture with explicit LOD (will come to 4.6 and 5.0 patches too).
  • Shaders: Fixed that surface shaders vertex color field had to actually be called "color" (now just COLOR semantic is enough, like the docs always said).
  • Shaders: Add warning when using SV_POSITION in vertex shader inputs on DX11, and improve error message.
  • UNET: Problems with NetworkTransport.RemoveHost()
  • Animation Window: No more errors when changing to curve tab with sprite animation
  • Animation Window: When cancelling first clip creation, the existing empty Animator component is not removed
  • Animation Window: When dragging tangent control point, the playhead is not moved
  • Animation Window: Editing tangents in dopesheet context menu will save changes and handle undo correctly
  • UNET: MultiCast via AllCostDelivery cost is failed. No data arrived, two warnings appear
  • UNET: android crash in UNetClientActiveCheck
  • UNET: Calling NetworkTransport.Send with buffer set to null will cause Unity to crash
  • Mecanim: Fixed duplicated parameter in blend tree of blend tree
  • UNET: NetworkAnimator not sending animations to server
  • UNET: no warning message when trying to add prefab with no NetworkIdentity
  • UNET: OnClientConnect not always called on NetworkManager
  • UNET: network manager HUD component does not add a network manager component
  • UNET: Commands in NetworkBehaviours cannot be used in subclasses
  • Asset Loading: Throw exception when calling Resources.LoadAll with null path.
  • Asset Loading: Always build the manifest AssetBundle and return the AssetBundleManifest object.
  • Asset Management: Fix the crashes when saving with deleted gameobject
  • Serialization: Fix crash when loading text serialized scene with >32k components
  • Editor: Fixed warning when dragging'n'dropping a mesh onto a GameObject
  • Editor: Breaking prefab instance through the menu "GameObjects->Break prefab instance" can now be undone
  • Terrain: Fixed crash when terrains are neighbored and drawHeightmap is set to false
  • Terrain: Fixed crash on creating terrain with large heightmap resolution by script
  • UNET: Fixed - Data can be lost on reliable channel
  • Fix issue where UnityEvents would lose their target function on assembly rebuild
  • Fix null reference on EventTrigger component when accessing delegates list. Some situations could cause it to not be initialized.
  • VR: Use camera's initial transform as the origin transform for headtracking.
  • VR: Fix stereo separation, culling / clipping, translation issues when a scale is applied to parent cameras.
  • Graphics: Make editor switch the active graphics API when removing first entry from the list too.
  • Animation Window: Update view correctly after unlocking the animation window.
  • Animation Window: Using comma and dot keys in value editing no logger trigger hotkeys for moving to next/prev frame

Known Issues:

  • Physics: HingeJoint Bounciness only works when Joint Preprocessing is enabled.
  • Editor: Game View is black when using Image effects and Anti Aliasing.
  • License: Return license does not work if you manually activated your license.
  • VR: Judder on OSX.
  • VR: OSX Standalone 32-bit does not work, use 64-bit.
  • VR: Health and Safety warning flickers. Either physically tap the HMD after 5 seconds to dismiss, or permanently disable the warning at your own risk.

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