Quickly import, prep, and optimize your large CAD, mesh and point cloud models for real-time visualizations in Unity.

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What is Pixyz used for?

Pixyz products enable you to optimize 3D data workflows and prepare 3D data for any visualization use.

  • Optimize complex 3D models to create real-time application-ready assets.
  • Automate preparation and processing of 3D, CAD and point cloud pipelines.
  • Enable instant review and seamless collaboration.

Automate and optimize your data pipeline

These Pixyz products ensure your 3D data is optimized for Unity regardless of the source. The Pixyz tessellation algorithm makes it easy to go from import to real-time publishing.

Pixyz Studio

Annual subscription: ¥ 16,660 per seat

Standalone tool for data preparation


  • Import/convert CAD, mesh, and point cloud data
  • Optimize/export data
  • Automate tasks via Python API
Pixyz Plugin

Annual subscription: ¥ 9,180 per seat

Unity plug-in for data import


  • Import CAD/3D/BIM data to Unity
  • Preserve hierarchy and metadata
  • Automate scripts with rule engine
Pixyz Review

Annual subscription: ¥ 9,384 per seat

Tool for CAD review


  • Drag and drop CAD, mesh or point clouds
  • One click to virtual reality
  • Study and interact with models
Pixyz Scenario Processor

Contact us for pricing.

Deploy and scale 3D data preparation workflows


  • Convert and optimize data in batches
  • Run on-prem or private cloud
  • Unlocks scalability

Key benefits


Import small to large assemblies of over 45 supported formats, including CAD, tessellated/mesh file formats, point clouds, and more. You can also live-link assets in Unity with the original source data so changes update automatically.


Create LODs and UVs, merge and explode meshes, change pivots, and more to build ready-to-use assets within Unity. Optimize any data natively within the Unity Editor without re-importing, so you can focus on your ultimate goal – developing and sharing immersive, real-time 3D experiences.


The faster you can get your 3D models into Unity, the sooner you can visualize and shape them into real-time 3D experiences for your target audience.


With your 3D models imported and optimized in Unity, you just have to build once to publish 3D CAD visualizations to over 25 platforms for mobile, desktop, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and more.

Pixyz in action

Here are a few examples of how customers are using Pixyz products. Explore the content hub for more customer stories, webinars and articles.

Faster data ingest for Autoliv

By leveraging Pixyz, Autoliv’s creative pipeline was transformed. The time for CAD data transfer and optimization was reduced from four days per individual product down to just six hours.

Optimizing 3D data for an interactive marketing experience

When creating their product configurator, Arksen and their design partner canVERSE used Pixyz Studio to convert CAD data to tessellated triangle meshes, build UVs for texturing, and optimize the geometry.

Helping Volkswagen Group of America envision the future

A key component of Volkswagen’s visualization pipeline is bringing CAD data into Unity using Pixyz. This enables the team to create interactive experiences across different platforms to ideate, prototype and communicate.

Get started with Pixyz and Unity

Check out Unity Industry, which combines Unity Enterprise, Pixyz’s CAD and 3D data ingestion pipelines, Unity Mars, and dedicated customer success resources.

Pixyz Demo

It’s time to optimize your 3D data workflow

Get in touch to learn how Unity and Pixyz are the ideal combination for visualizing your models in real-time 3D.

Product questions

Which versions of Unity is Pixyz compatible with?

You can access the full technical documentation for each Pixyz application here.

Which 3D file formats does Pixyz support?

Pixyz supports more than 45 file formats for various industries, including CATIA, JT, STEP, IFC, PVZ, NWD, USD and glTF. See the full list of supported files by Pixyz here.

Why can’t Unity read my CAD files directly?

CAD files rely on exact parametric surfaces (called BRep, or NURBS), whereas real-time 3D engines like Unity need triangular representations of 3D objects (called meshes). Pixyz translates CAD data into mesh data.

How can I import CAD data into Unity?

For basic interactive workflows, use Pixyz Plugin to directly import CAD files.

For highly complex, heavy data, you can use Pixyz Studio (interactive process) or Pixyz Scenario Processor (automated process) to preprocess your CAD model into a format that can be easily imported into Unity, including prefabs, FBX, and glTF.


How can I lighten my model with Pixyz?

Pixyz offers many methods to simplify your model, including:

  • Reducing the number of triangles through decimation or Remove Hidden Objects
  • Reducing the complexity of the hierarchy and number of entities in your scenes (sub-meshes with merge or combine)
  • Creating a new optimized GameObject through retopology (proxy-mesh + bake) or Create Impostor / Billboard

Pricing questions

How much do Pixyz products cost today?

Pixyz Studio: Annual subscription: ¥ 16,660 per seat

Pixyz Plugin: Annual subscription: ¥ 9,180 per seat

Pixyz Review: Annual subscription: ¥ 9,384 per seat

For Pixyz Scenario Processor, floating licenses, or any other pricing queries, contact us.

Why has Pixyz pricing changed?

Prices have changed for Pixyz Plugin and Pixyz Studio subscriptions. Pricing for Pixyz Review, Pixyz Scenario Processor, and Unity Industry is not affected.

These pricing changes reflect the value of our products today and will allow us to continue delivering improvements to Pixyz Plugin and Pixyz Studio.

Licensing questions

Do I need a separate license to use Pixyz products?

Pixyz licenses are provided as a separate entitlement from Unity licenses.

I want to buy Unity as well as Pixyz. What should I buy?

If you wish to purchase Pixyz Plugin, we recommend Unity Industry, which includes Unity Enterprise, the Pixyz Plugin and an Industry Success package complete with dedicated Unity Advisor and access to on-demand training. 

You can also use Pixyz Studio and/or Pixyz Scenario Processor to prepare data for use in real-time 3D, then export that data for use with Unity.

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