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Unity real-time development platform

Create and optimize high-end games and interactive experiences. Build once and deploy to reach more users with Unity’s industry-leading multiplatform support.

Unity Visual Scripting

Visual scripting in Unity empowers you to develop gameplay mechanics or interaction logic using a graph-based system instead of writing lines of traditional code.

Splash screen customization

Fully customize or completely remove the splash screen.

Deploy to game consoles

Build and deploy to closed platforms such as Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®, and Xbox®. An active Unity Pro subscription is required to access these build modules via developer platform forums.

Unity Mars authoring tools for AR/MR

Simplify the AR/MR app creation process and reduce iteration time with in-Editor simulation features, no-code authoring parameters, and by using the AR Companion app to capture data on mobile devices.

Havok Physics for Unity

Havok Physics adds robust collision detection and physical simulation to your most ambitious projects. Available for Unity 2022.2 and beyond.

Extended LTS support for 3 years

Long Term Support (LTS) offers three years of regular bug fixes and platform updates without the need to upgrade. Available for Unity 2021 LTS projects and later.

Build Server license capacity

A floating licensing solution to offload project builds to on-prem network hardware, empowering teams to iterate faster. Additional build capacity is available for purchase. 20 seat minimum.

Source Code Access

Understand, optimize, and debug code faster. Take projects further by tailoring the engine to your needs.

Source Code Adapt

Launch modified or custom code. Deploy your code using internal APIs and modify private data structures to delete, override, or extend functions.

Industry-specific solutions toolkits

Import and specialized toolkits for industrial applications.

Build spatial apps for Apple Vision Pro
Unity Cloud
Unity Cloud

An ecosystem of products and services that makes work on real-time 3D experiences more creator-focused, accessible, and connected.

Unity Asset Manager

An extensible, cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution specializing in robust 3D asset management to increase content discoverability, reuse, and ROI across your organization.

Team Administration

Unity Cloud centralizes powerful admin tools, like role-based permissioning and product usage tracking, directly in the Unity Dashboard. Get visibility over every part of your development pipeline.

Unity DevOps

Access powerful, flexible source code management and automate multiplatform builds in the cloud with Unity DevOps CI/CD solutions: Unity Version Control and Unity Build Automation.

Free tier
Crash and error reporting
Cloud Diagnostics (Personal)

Collect crash and exception reports as well as user feedback to diagnose issues with your Unity-built game. Start with enough reporting capacity for the early phases of game testing.

Cloud Diagnostics (Pro, Enterprise)

Access the same tools included in Unity Personal, plus extra reporting capacity, longer data retention and storage, detailed reports, and customizable metadata.

Integration with collaboration tools

Receive notifications when a new issue is detected by setting up notifications in email, Slack, Discord, Webhook, or Jira from Unity Cloud Diagnostics.

pick 1
Unity Ads

Run targeted advertising campaigns to grow IAP audiences or overall game installations. Implement the Unity Ads SDK to incorporate ads into gameplay to earn revenue and increase player retention.

In-App Purchase plug-in

Simplify in-app purchase setup across multiple stores. Integrate in-app purchases into games to save engineering hours while generating more revenue.

Support and learning
Priority queue for Customer Service

Skip the line and get faster help with issues like licenses, ID accounts, Organizations, and the Asset Store.

Technical support

Submit and track technical support tickets, and get advice and best practises on resolving known issues. Premium support offers advanced features such as unlimited tickets, faster responses, and bug reproduction.

On-demand training

Develop skills flexibly with expert-led training content across levels and industries. Enterprise customers get access to three on-demand training subscriptions for every 20 Unity Enterprise seats.

20+ seats
Starter Success

Foundational technical support offering access to a ticketing system, exclusive on-demand learning materials, and fireside chats to overcome technical blockers and get your project off the ground.

1-19 seats
1-9 seats
Partner Advisor

Direct 1:1 engagements to identify risks, coordinate and advocate with internal teams, source answers to questions, and provide assistance with Customer Service requests.

*Included with Success Plans

1-19 seats
1-9 seats
Partner Relations Manager (PRM)

An internal advocate, strategic advisor, and bridge with Unity who drives issues and communication and can provide the latest insider knowledge and best practices to accelerate projects.

*Included with Success Plans

20+ seats
10+ seats
Bug Fixing and LTS Backporting

Overcome roadblocks quickly by having your submitted bugs assigned to a Unity engineer who will work to resolve it on your behalf. If needed, our team will backport the fix to your version of Unity LTS.

*Included with Success Plans

100+ seats
100+ seats
Unity Editor Icon
Unity Personal

Start creating with the free version of Unity.

  • Latest version of the Unity Editor
  • Resources for getting started and learning Unity
Unity Editor Icon
Unity Pro

Tools, support, and assets to help you deliver better projects, faster.

  • Supports multiplatform publishing
  • Priority customer service
  • Unity Cloud ecosystem of products and services
  • Build and deploy for Apple Vision Pro
Unity Enterprise

For serious teams of any size with complex projects.

  • Expedited technical support
  • Unity Source Code access
  • Extended Long Term Support (LTS)
  • Unity Cloud collaboration tools
  • Build and deploy for Apple Vision Pro
Unity Editor Icon
Unity Industry

A suite of real-time 3D products and services to build custom applications for AR/VR, mobile, desktop, and web.

  • Build immersive experiences
  • Overcome roadblocks faster with premium technical support and professional training resources
  • Unlock the value of your CAD and 3D data
  • Build and deploy for Apple Vision Pro

Frequently asked questions

What Unity plan am I eligible to use?

Individuals, hobbyists, and small businesses using Unity to provide services to others are eligible to use Unity Personal if their respective clients, in the aggregate, have less than $100K of revenue or funds raised in the prior 12 months.

Individuals, hobbyists, and small businesses using Unity but not providing services to a third party are eligible to use Unity Personal if (i) for small businesses, if their aggregate gross revenue and funding are less than $100K, or (ii) for individuals and hobbyists if the amount generated in connection with their use of Unity is less than $100K.

Students enrolled in an accredited educational institution of legal age to consent to the collection and processing of their personal information (e.g., age 13 in the U.S., 16 in the E.U.) are eligible to use the free Unity Student plan.

Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise plans are required for businesses with revenue or funding greater than $200K in the last 12 months, and for those who do work with them. Pro and Enterprise plans have no financial eligibility limits – everyone is eligible. Please note that the Enterprise plan is for larger teams and requires a minimum purchase of 20 seats.

Unity Industry plan is required if you create applications outside of games or entertainment and your company’s total finances exceed US$1,000,000. Unity Industry’s features, add-ons, onboarding, and support options are tailored to your needs.

All plans are subject to Unity Terms of Service.

Can industry customers still buy Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise?

If you create industry applications (defined as any application outside of games or entertainment), and your company’s total finances exceed US$1,000,000, you are required to use Unity Industry. Industry customers may only use Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise if your total finances do not exceed US$1,000,000. Industry customers may not use Unity Personal. 

For more details, see our Editor Terms of Service FAQ.

What do I get with a subscription to Unity?

Unity Pro, Enterprise, and Industry subscription plans all include the core Unity real-time development platform, continuous updates, beta access, and more. 

Compare plans to see the different features, resources, services, and options you can get with each plan, and to determine your eligibility.

See all Subscription FAQs


How do I upgrade from Unity Pro to Unity Industry?

If you purchased Unity Pro online, you can upgrade your Pro subscription to Unity Industry via your Unity ID. For more information, please see the Knowledge Base article: How do I upgrade from Unity Pro to Unity Industry?

If you purchased Unity Pro through your client partner, please contact Sales to upgrade your Unity Pro licenses to Unity Industry.


Is shared, or “floating,” licensing available for Unity Enterprise?

Yes, floating licensing is available exclusively for Enterprise subscribers. If you are interested in shared licensing options for pools of users, please contact Unity Sales.

See all Subscription FAQs

Do I own the content I create using Unity?

Yes. You created it, so you own it.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Alipay
  • UnionPay

To pay by invoice, please contact a Unity Sales representative.

Are custom solutions such as technical support, source code access, and Integrated Success Services available for purchase online?

Technical support is included with Enterprise subscriptions purchased online. If you are interested in other custom solutions, including technical support for Pro plan subscribers, please contact Unity Sales.

Can I mix subscription plans within my business?

No, you must choose one plan type. Mixing between Pro and Enterprise plans is not permitted.

See all Subscription FAQs


Can I downgrade to a different plan?

No, you cannot downgrade to a lower plan during your commitment period. You can upgrade to a higher plan within your commitment period, however you cannot reduce the number of seats if you upgrade.

Can I cancel my subscription?

There is no cancellation policy or reimbursement for a subscription. Once you commit to a subscription you are obligated to pay all monthly payments owing. Even if you stop your monthly payments and your license is shut down, you are still obligated to pay the outstanding payment(s) for your subscription period. Please see Subscription terms and conditions and the Software License Agreement for more details.

See all Subscription FAQs

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