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We stand with Ukraine
Mar 7, 2022|7 Min
We stand with Ukraine

Over the past two weeks, we have witnessed massive, unprovoked violence waged against Ukraine. Unity condemns the actions of President Putin and his leaders perpetrating this war against Ukraine. And in turn, we have been amazed and heartened by the strength, resolve, and courage shown by President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine.

We’ve said this more times than we can count: we believe the world is a better place with more creators in it, and we believe these creators are the changemakers of the world. From a purely humanitarian perspective, this philosophy means we have to do what we can to ensure the safety and protection of as many Ukrainian people as possible. This isn’t a matter of politics, it is a matter of basic human rights.

So, Unity is doing what we do best. We have come together. We have unified. We have acted swiftly to support and aid our Ukrainian community, including employees, job candidates, developers, and creators. Our shock and grief have turned into action: nearly half of all Unity employees have contributed to support Ukraine and its people.

Safety of our employees

Ukraine has a long and vibrant creative community, especially around gaming. Unity has been lucky enough to employ a number of talented engineers in Ukraine for many years, so our initial focus was on our teams and, when they choose to leave, to help get them to safety. We are working with people in-country and our teams in Ukraine and Russia to assist in their relocation. This includes ensuring their safety through temporary relocation out of these regions, with the opportunity to obtain emergency visas.

As of today, we are taking our support one step further and launching a fast-track application process, including relocation support, for job seekers who are either currently in Ukraine or those outside of Ukraine due to being displaced with the current conflict and are urgently looking for work. We look forward to welcoming even more Ukrainian talent to Unity.

Humanitarian aid

At the same time, Unity employees and leaders could not stand by and watch the atrocities unfolding in Ukraine without taking more action. We remain eager to do more and to support our Ukrainian colleagues and community going through the worst situation imaginable as they fear for the safety of their family and friends.

So, we started several initiatives focused on delivering additional aid in Ukraine:

Employee giving:

• We came together quickly to build a very aggressive matching campaign to help support Ukraine through four organizations doing truly life saving work. Nearly half of all employees raised over $212,000. Unity matched each $1 donated 2X and I personally matched each donation so that our employees’ original donation goes 4x further. As of Friday, we collectively donated over $1.34 million.

Asset Store programs:

• A group of inspired, motivated and tireless employees launched the Ukraine Mega Bundle on March 2 on our Asset Store. The Ukraine Mega Bundle features 32 beautiful assets donated by publishers from around the world—these publishers have agreed to forego their own revenue in their support of Ukraine so 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these assets will go to humanitarian charities. To date, the Bundle has raised more than $300,000 and as it will continue through the rest of March, we believe this is only the beginning.

• Additionally, we know that 500+ Ukrainian Asset Store publishers can and will continue to make inspiring creations. For the remainder of 2022, Unity will donate 100% of our net revenue from the sales of the assets sold by these publishers to Ukrainian relief efforts.

Supporting our creator community

We also know that many of our creators are directly suffering as a result of Putin’s war in Ukraine. We at Unity wanted to remove at least one source of additional stress.

So, in concert with our focus on humanitarian aid, we are working to give our customers additional financial flexibility during such a difficult time. We have designed a system to offer our customers financial relief and will continue to do so as long as this crisis continues. If you’re a Ukrainian developer or creator and need payment relief, please contact us at support@unity3d.com.

Doing business in Russia

The other major aspect is aligning to the latest guidance from the United States Departments of Commerce and Treasury, which has implemented new export controls and economic sanctions that impact Unity’s relationships with our Publishers and Suppliers in Russia, Belarus, and certain regions of Ukraine. Unity's Legal team has been working non-stop since the beginning to ensure that we are swiftly taking action, identifying customers or partners affected, and adhering to these evolving sanctions.

We are also identifying and pausing relationships with certain developers, advertisers, and publishers with ties to the Russian Government, regardless of their location. This is a challenging exercise involving precise research, and the ongoing effort will continue through and possibly beyond this time of war in Ukraine.

We stand with Ukraine

There are many moments where I am proud to be Unity’s CEO but this moment stands out. I have been heartbroken as I watch the atrocities in Ukraine, but I am so proud of the way Unity employees have come together to support these incredible humanitarian efforts.

Our greatest hope at Unity is that there will be a swift end to the heartbreaking violence and needless loss of life and liberty in Ukraine. Until then, while we do not fully know how this crisis will unfold, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and share additional updates just as we will continue to aid the people of Ukraine.