Everything you need for building a successful mobile-game business

Unity is not just a place for creating games. It’s also a platform on which you can operate and monetize your game to ensure its continued success.

Adapt your game for a cohort of one

Every player enters your game with their own interests and skills. Most players don’t make in-app purchases, and you don’t want to distract by showing ads to the players that do. With Unity, you can tailor your gameplay and monetization tactics for each player to create an experience that keeps them engaged.

“In Angry Birds 2, Unity Ads drives the highest ARPDAU through rewarded videos. Since we keep a simple, clear message of what players will receive, they’re knocking on our doors to get it. They love to get more birds through video ads!”

Vineeth Sethu, Executive Producer, Angry Birds 2, Rovio

“After turning off interstitials and designing rewarded video ads around the gameplay, ARPU from Unity Ads has been phenomenal. By encouraging players to opt-in to watch an ad, we’ve had no loss of retention. In fact, we’ve seen incremental retention increases, engagement is better than ever, and our players are demanding to watch more ads because they can get to parts of the game they couldn’t before.” 

Mark Wang, Co-Founder & Head of Operations, Tap Titans, Game Hive

“With the help of Unity Ads, the result is that SOULGAME’s titles generally average around $0.10 - $0.15 cents in Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) from rewarded video ads alone. What’s more, the ads haven’t had an impact on retention; in some cases, retention has even increased.”

Franklin Song, Co Founder & COO, Soda World, SOULGAME Inc.

“I needed an engine that made it easy to build a game, gather insight, and create a way to get paid. Using Unity Ads, Analytics & IAP, we've experienced an increase in ad revenue of over 60%, IAP sales in our games grew by over 70%, and most importantly, our ARPDAU skyrocketed by 15%.”

Majid Khosravi Founder and CEO, Fruit Bump, Twimler

Trusted platform powering half of all games

Trusted platform powering half of all games

Unity powers more than 50% of all new mobile games. Both indie and large studios count on Unity’s technology, industry expertise, and proven solution to grow their games and revenue.

An audience of 1.5B devices each month

Get the reach and creative freedom you need to deliver results. Each month 1.5B devices are reached with Unity ads, enabling you to access highly engaged audiences at scale.

The most seamless way to operate and monetize your game

Unity’s SDK is one of the lightest in the market and the simplest way to earn revenue across ads and in-app purchases. For Unity developers, no additional SDK integration is required; all ad components are natively integrated in the Unity platform and can be enabled with the flip of a switch.

Grow your mobile game with Unity

Built by the most widely used game platform, our lightweight SDK helps you earn money in your app without alienating your highest paying players and without compromising the player experience.  

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