Manage the full player lifecycle

Grow your game easily with Unity’s suite of products, giving you everything you need to orchestrate activities from initial download to loyal player.


Get the right players in your game at the right price.


Keep players engaged so they stay in the game for the long term.


Make money from your game without compromising the player experience.

Unity User Acquisition

Acquire the right players

User acquisition is essential to scaling your business – and it’s important to spend your marketing budget effectively. Precisely target the most valuable players at the right price point.

Engage your players at every step

Keep your players wanting more by personalizing their experience through advanced messaging, analytics, and player management.

Monetize your game

Make money so you can keep creating games. Unity’s monetization suite allows you to maximize revenue through ads and IAP while maintaining a great player experience.

Vineeth Sethu, Executive Producer, Angry Birds 2, Rovio

“In Angry Birds 2, Unity Ads drives the highest ARPDAU through rewarded videos. Since we keep a simple, clear message of what players will receive, they’re knocking on our doors to get it. They love to get more birds through video ads!”

Vineeth Sethu, Executive Producer, Angry Birds 2, Rovio
Majid Khosravi Founder and CEO, Fruit Bump, Twimler

“I needed an engine that made it easy to build a game, gather insight, and create a way to get paid. Using Unity Ads, Analytics and IAP, we’ve experienced an increase in ad revenue of over 60%, IAP sales in our games grew by over 70%, and most importantly, our ARPDAU skyrocketed by 15%.”

Majid Khosravi Founder and CEO, Fruit Bump, Twimler

Helpful resources

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In this free course, you’ll learn how to plan a monetization strategy and explore user acquisition approaches to drive users to your game.

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Learn how to acquire, engage, and monetize your game players in this step-by-step guide.

Tips and tricks to increase player LTV

Watch this webinar to see how you can easily grow your game for the long term by focusing on the one metric that matters.

Warlords of Aternum Case Study

InnoGames used Unity Ads’ Audience Pinpointer solution to optimize their user acquisition goals. 

Everything you need to grow your mobile game

Unity’s suite of products enables the seamless orchestration of everything post-launch, including acquiring, engaging, and monetizing game players.

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