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How Stork Limited increased their ROAS by 100% with ironSource
Sep 30, 2022|3 Min

Stork Limited is a wellness-focused game developer based out of Msida, Malta, that most recently published Goodville: Farm Game Adventure. The game has a very unique place in the industry - it’s designed to improve player’s mental health, based on scientific research and professional assistance. As players explore the game, Goodville uses mini-games, dialogues, and quests to educate users on how to stabilize their well-being.

Recently, their user acquisition team was preparing Goodville for a major push and needed a long-term partner for both their user acquisition and monetization. Katerina Dudinskaya, Chief Marketing Officer at Stork Limited, describes how Stork Limited, LevelPlay mediation partners, utilized the ROAS optimizer to increase ROAS by 100% and used the Ad Quality tool to drop negative ad feedback by 66%.

Starting from scratch

“To promote our new wellness game, we knew that we needed to create a comprehensive user acquisition plan. We consulted with the ironSource team, who recommended we first do our research and identify the best traffic opportunities with the best ROAS. After a few weeks of data gathering, we prepared to launch the ROAS optimizer, available to us as LevelPlay clients. We started a ROAS optimizer campaign with a day 7 goal.

Enjoying our success

Once we were live, the ironSource team helped us monitor our performance across geos and gradually increased the target to approach our goals. During this waiting period, we kept up strong collaboration and communication - discussing updates to our performance on a weekly basis.

It turned out that the ROAS optimizer was exactly what we needed - soon, our installs doubled. As our day 7 ROAS increased, we managed to scale while still maintaining high quality users. In fact, ironSource became and still is one of our biggest traffic channels for Goodville.


Utilizing Ad Quality

Since we were focused on boosting our user acquisition, we also wanted to improve those users’ ad experiences inside Goodville. We were spending too much time keeping track of our ad feedback ourselves, so we decided to try out ironSource’s Ad Quality tool.

We found the tool to be convenient to use, enabling us to effectively monitor and filter negative in-game ads inside Goodville. In fact, with Ad Quality, negative ad feedback from our users dropped to a third of what it was before, and we didn’t lose any revenue in the process.


Continuing our growth

Thanks to this collaboration with the ironSource team, Goodville: Farm Game Adventure launched with a bang - and we could help improve users’ wellbeing with unprecedented scale. In fact, ironSource has also been helping us on the monetization front with waterfall optimization recommendations.

As our scale grew, we wanted to see what else ironSource has to offer. We recently integrated Ad Quality to improve our users’ ad experience and look forward to expanding our LevelPlay portfolio with other products.